Nicholas Haden (born on May 5, 1951) is a famous American actor who has appeared in various movies and TV shows.

In this article, we will read everything about Nicholas Guestn age, height, weight, parents, siblings, wife, children, net worth, and facts.

Who is Nicholas Guest?

The Hon. Nicholas Haden-Guest more commonly known as Nicholas Guest is an actor by profession belonging to America.

He has appeared in various television roles and movies including Headmaster Patrick James Ellite in the teen sitcom USA High.

He began acting in 1978 and from 2000 he has been primarily working as a voice actor.

Early Life of Nicholas Guest

Nicholas Guest

Nicholas Guest was born on May 5, 1951, in New York City, U.S. Currently, he is 72 years old. He was born to the family of Peter Haden-Guest and his second wife Jean Pauline Hindes.

Peter Haden-Guest was a British United Nations diplomat who later became the fourth Baron and Jean Pauline was a former vice president at CBS for casting.

He had no religious upbringing as his both parents turned into atheists.

Guest spent his childhood in the United Kingdom. The actor Christopher Guest is his brother and brother-in-law of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

He is the half-brother of Anthony Haden-Guest who is a British-American writer.

Nicholas Guest has many interesting things to tell about his early life and other family members. His maternal grandparents emigrated from Russia and they were Jewish.

Guest’s paternal grandfather the 1st Baron Haden-Guest was a politician of the labor party who converted to Buddhism and his paternal grandmother’s father was a British founder named Colonel Albert Goldsmid who laid the foundation of Jewish Lads, the Maccabaeans, and Girls Brigade.

His uncle was David Guest who was a Communist Party member and a lecturer too and he was killed in International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.

Nicholas Guest Career

Nicholas Guest’s acting career is very vast.

Starting with filmography he appeared in many animated series such as Rave Master in the role of Hebi, The Big O Army policy, The Mummy playing the character of Ardeth Bay, Ben 10 as Clancy, Justice League Unlimited in the role of Dino Trooper and Justice League as Luminus.

Then it comes to Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles in the character of Major Zander Barcalow, the series Godzilla is also included in this list.

In this series, he was seen in the role of Chad Gordon, and in Batman: The Brave and Bold as The Question, Martian Manhunter.

Some of Guest’s live-action roles are in Building Maintenance: and a Home Man as Nicholas, Sons of Anarchy for the voice of John Teller, Power Rangers: Time Force playing Taylor, and in Sleepy Hollow for 2 episodes in 205 as General William Howe.

Nicholas Guest has been working in films since 1980. His first film of the same year was The Long Riders as Robert Fund. He then worked continuously from 1998.

Rise to Fame

In 1998 he was seen in the movie Twice Upon a Time in the role of Bed and Breakfast Manager.

After 1998, his next significant project was in the 2006 movie Over the Hege as Additional voices and till 2018 he performed continuously.

He was witnessed in Scooby-Doo! And Batman: The Brave and the Bold playing the role of Martian Manhunter in the same year 2018. He has also acted as a father in a music video.

This music video was released in 1989 titled Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerosmith. After music videos Guest showcased his talent in video games.

The first video game in which he acted as Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist come out in 1993 as Srini/ Hop Singh.

Then in 1996, his video game was The Jungle Book as sergeant Polk. The third one was Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption (2000) in the role of Christof Romuald and Titanfall 2 (2014) as General Marder.

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Nicholas Guest Personal Life

Nicholas Guest is a family. He has married twice. Firstly, he married on 11 May 1980 with Jill Ellen Demby but unfortunately, they separated in 1989.

This couple has a daughter Julia Demby Haden-Guest who was born on September 23, 1988.

In the same when he separated from Demby he married for the second time on November 26, 1989, to Pamela Ann Guest. Pamela Ann Guest belongs to the same working field as Guest.

She works as a casting director and an actress. Nicholas Guest has his second daughter with Pamela who is named Elizabeth Haden-Guest born on 30 May 1990. She is also an actress just like her father.

Let’s know about their family. Nicholas Guest is the heir at law to the title of Baron Haden-Guest in the British Peerage.

He is ineligible to win this title because his brothers Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis who are the Lord and Lady Haden-Guest and Ruby Guest and Annie Guest are adopted.

When he will succeed to the barony he would be titled as the 6th Baron-Haden Guest. As he is the child of Baron he is styled as The Honourable Nicholas Guest.

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Nicholas Guest Net Worth

The renowned American actor Nicholas Guest has an amazing net worth of $4 million. This is the fruit of his hard work he has about 200 acting credits on his name start the start of his career in 1987.

His age was only 27 when he started acting.

At all, Nicholas has stabilized his financial position enough. He holds all the potential that he could do and can do for a luxurious life.

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