Have you watched the reactionary or commentary videos on YouTube? Do you prefer movie genres or informational genre commentary videos?

Okay, enough with the questions; let us return to our main topic: Noah Samsen, a YouTube star who rose to prominence due to his ability to explain societal issues from a left-wing perspective.

Here in this article, we discuss detailed information about Noah.

Noah Samsen Profile Summary
NameNoah Samsen
Birth Date4 September 1997
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington, United States
Age25 Years Old
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Net Worth500 thousand dollars
Profession YouTuber
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Noah Samsen?

noah samsen images
source: Instagram

Noah Samsen is a well-known YouTuber with 299 thousand subscribers on his “Noah Samsen” YouTube channel.

The Noah Samsen videos focus on the social evil issues that are prevailing in society. He boldly took up the topics of rape culture, abortion rights, body shaming, and the misogynistic behavior of men.

Even though he joined YouTube in 2007, he got famous for his commentary videos.

Earlier, he used to upload some vlog videos, but it didn’t go well on the audience side, so he changed his way of presenting the video. It helped him become a YouTube star.

Apart from the main channel, Noah Samsen has 2 additional channels in the name of

  • Noah place
  • Samsen jams

Early Life of Noah Samsen

Noah Samsen was born in the United States on November 4, 1997. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Noah Samsen, 25, appeared to be living a happy early life. According to information on Noah Samsen’s Instagram account, Noah has a brother and a younger sister.

Noah posted some of his family photos around 9 years back. We couldn’t retrieve the names of family members of Noah.

Noah Samsens got his good looks from his father. His father looks like his twin brother. Noah’s mother looks like a simple, caring lady.

Noah loved his little sister a lot. At least there will be an 8–to–9-year age gap between Noah and his little sister.

Noah Samsen was a guy who loved football games a lot, so he played for his school team, “Tides.”

From his earlier days, Noah has always had a love for cats. Even now, we can see his Instagram posts flooded with cat images. Oh noah, the cat lover!

Noah Samsen Career

noah samsen image
source: Instagram

Noah Samsen started his YouTube journey on July 31, 2007. During his initial period of being a YouTuber, he faced many backlashes. His vlog videos didn’t reach him well. Then he focused on the interest in the sketches and short edits.

Then Noah Samsen changed his focus to socio-political issues. He started publishing the videos in commentary format to make the issues more interesting. The new way of approaching social issues attracted many people.

Noah Samsensen’s video titled “The Practical Guide to Leftist YouTube” hit one million views with 76 thousand likes. That video is the most watchable video of Noah, and the interesting fact is that the video duration is about an hour. The video went viral because of his commentary skills.

Noah Samsen’s YouTube channel average is 100 k to 700 k views.

The topics of the videos include racism, body shaming, democracy, feminist ideologies, abortion rights, misogynistic behavior, and straight people.

So sometimes people react the same way to him. Yes, some YouTubers make commentary on Noah’s videos, but criticism helps the person to learn new things and helps them to upgrade themselves.

On the internet, negative things reach more people than positive ones. Even his critics’ videos are making him more popular.

Noah Samsen has opened his new YouTube channel named “Noah Life,” where the channel has gotten around 3 thousand followers, but he has uploaded only one video to that channel.

Noah Samsen’s third YouTube channel named “Samsen Jam” has a different theme. We can see a completely different version of Noah on the channel. Yes, Noah sings his fans’ favorite songs in a YouTube live program.

Noah Samsen Personal Life

Noah Samsen is not dating anyone, as per the sources online. Currently, he is single. He might have had some earlier relationships.

However, a rumor has been spreading across Instagram that he is bisexual, and we all know how quickly rumors can spread.

There is no official confirmation from the side of Noah. If there is any official news regarding his reality and sexuality, we will update the information here in this article.

Until then, we request that everyone not believe the circulating rumors. As fans of Noah, we have to support him.

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Noah Samsen Net Worth

Noah Samsens’ net worth is estimated to be around 500 thousand dollars. He earns approximately $300 per video.

Noah also streams his videos on the Patreon and Discord servers, so he earns money from these platforms in addition to YouTube, but the amount of his earnings is unknown.

Noah Samsen is also an Instagram influencer with 24.9K followers as of October 26, 2022. So, he will get more promotions and brand endorsements, which will help him add to his net worth.

His humorous way of tackling complex issues helped him to gain $500,0000 dollars because talking about sensitive issues involves many controversies and governmental investigations.

Still, he cleverly manages everything with his oratorical skills.

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Physical Appearance

Noah Samsen is not just a humorous guy but also a handsome, attractive, striking man with six packs. Please believe me when I say Noah hides all of his beauty behind his eccentric t-shirts!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the body measurements of Noah Samsen. We will update it in the article as soon as we get the genuine measurement details.

After thoroughly scanning his Instagram profile, Noah weighs approximately 70 kg and has a height of 170 cm. Try not to fall for him.

Noah has a strong gym body with six packs and broad shoulders.

Noah has a little Asian look that he might have gotten from his father. Even in his early teen years, he seemed to be a fitness freak.

Noah Samsen’s thickened mustache and lengthy hairstyle blend nicely with this humorous commentary profession. His grey eyes and the tattoos on his hands enhance Noah’s looks.

We conclude that this 25-year-old millennial’s work is much appreciated, and we wish him all success in his professional journey. His voice for social issues will be heard even after centuries.

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