Have you guys watched the Netflix series “Wrong Side of the Tracks”? Do you love the Vietnamese character played by Nona Sabo?

Isn’t Nona Sabo just perfect? She is!

But after the release of the series, everyone was more intrigued to know more about the real ethnicity and nationality of Nona Sabo because she played a Vietnamese role in that movie and she has Asian facial features.

So what is her real nationality, and how did she end up in the Spanish movie?

For all the details about Nona Sabo, please read the full article.

Who is Nona Sabo?

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Nona Sabo is a Spanish actress who rose to fame by acting in the Netflix series “Wrong Side of the Tracks.” And it was released last year, and season 2 is going to be released in 2023.

Thus, there are more expectations for Nona Sabo because she played the lead role of the bold granddaughter Irene to a veteran officer, Tirso Abantos.

Her acting skills were much appreciated by many film critics.

Moreover, Nona has been in the entertainment field for many years because she started her acting career at a very young age by appearing in advertisements and music videos.

As a result, she has gained a lot of experience, which she uses in her Netflix series.

Nona Sabo Age

The “Wrong Side of the Tracks” actress was born on March 3, 2000, making her 23 years old in 2023.

In a few days, Nona is going to celebrate her birthday, and we are wishing her all success in this new upcoming year.

And she was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Nona Sabo Nationality and Ethnicity

Nona Sabo was born in Thailand, but she was adopted by a foster mother named Mei Sobo when she was only 2 years old.

Her birth name is Nona Sabo, but her foster mother changed it and gave her a surname.

Mei and Nona shifted to Spain after that. Then she grew up in Spain’s only region.

Nona Sabo is thus of Spanish nationality, with Thai ethnic ancestors.

Nona Sabo Religion

Our favourite actress, like her mother Mei Sabo, practises Christianity.

Nona Sabo Real Biological Parents

There is no information about the real parents of Nona Sabo; as of now, we have only collected her foster mother’s details.

Even so, there are no further details about her foster father. Nona has to still open up to the general public, but it is a good thing that she has proudly accepted the situation and is living with her foster mother.

Sometimes, the past may haunt people.

Nona Sabo Career Details

source: starktimes.com

Nona Sabo began her career as a child artist, appearing in numerous advertisements and music videos.

Then she entered the modelling industry, and her fame reached a significant level.

When the filmmakers of Wrong Side of the Tracks were looking for an Asian character to play Irene, they came across an advertisement for Nona and invited her to attend the film’s audition. She attended it and came out with flying colours.

She was selected to play the Vietnamese character “Irene.”

Nona Sabo “Wrong Side of the Tracks”

Nona Sabo’s first bigger project was the Netflix series Wrong Side of the Tracks, in which she played the role for 24 episodes.

And she got the chance to play along with big actors like Jose Coronado, Laura Ramos, Manolo Caro, Itziar Atienza, Mara de Nati, etc.

This movie revolves around the concept of how a veteran grandfather saves his granddaughter from drug dealers.

Jose Coronado played the role of that grandfather. This series has been a huge success, winning the Almera International Film Festival award.

Nona Sabo Boyfriend

Nona Sabo is dating Carlos Uraga, who is the CEO of the Nantek company. But there is no information on when this pair met each other.

But as of now, they are making their public debut in the media.

There is no information about her past relationships; Nona is the person who maintains the clearest relationship records without any love scandals or controversies.

Nona Sabo Social Media

Nona Sabo is an active Instagram user who has managed to amass around 163K followers.

And she has now posted around 3000 posts, the majority of which are always on the internet’s trends.

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What is Nona Sabo Net Worth?

Nona Sabo’s net worth is estimated to be around 500 thousand dollars as of 2023. Even though she has acted in only one series, it has become a hit.

And in 2023, the next season is going to release as well; thus, Nona might have earned lots of money from that Netflix series alone.

In addition to that, Nona is a popular model who has also appeared in advertisements, etc., and she is an emerging social media celebrity as well. So, she will be getting lots of brand endorsements and advertisements, etc.

Henceforth, she might have earned all this money by herself.

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Nona Sabo Height

Nona Sabo has a great, hot, jaw-dropping figure, and she is about 165 cm or 1.65 meters and 5.5 feet tall and weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs.

Her skin is a light caramel colour, and she glows.

She is a stunning Asian woman with black and brown hair and black pupils in her eyes.

The end!

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