Otmara Marrero (born on March 1, 1989) is among the top emerging actresses in America. She has appeared in a lot of films and TV series, ultimately winning millions of hearts.

In this article, we will read about Otmara Marrero’s biography, wiki, age, height, weight, parents, family, wife, children, career, net worth, social media, and facts.

Who is Otmara Marrero?

Otmara Marrero is a famous actress, who comes from the United States of America.

She is a young actress who performed in various featured films, such as Graceland, off the Rails, My Daughter’s Dilemma, Instant Gratification, and so on.

It is said that Otmara’s fame and credibility are being enhanced with time and she will be a great Hollywood actress in the upcoming years.

She also got some famous awards from the film industry. She has earned a huge amount of wealth and her fame increases day by day.

Otmara Marrero

Early Life of Otmara Marrero

Otmara Marrero was born on March 1 1989 in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. Her family was Cuban-American. She spent her childhood in another city in Florida Hialeah.

She was raised by her mother and father-in-law. The information related to her parents is not revealed by her.

Regarding Otmara’s education, she attended a school in Miami. It is said that she was an active student, especially when she participated in extra-curricular activities like sports.

She has an aptitude for acting from school life, maybe due to participating in those activities her acting skills were also nourished.

It is not known whether she attended college or university. Most of her early life is unshared by Otmara.

Otmara Marrero Age

Otmara Marrero is 34 years old as of 2023 as she was born on March 1, 1989. She’s known for her work as a talented actress, having appeared in numerous films and TV series, steadily gaining recognition and a strong presence in the industry.

Otmara Marrero Career

Otmara Marrero is a famous actress in America. She also remained a dancer for an American professional baseball team Miami Marlins. She is also an imminent Hollywood actress.

She has been interested in acting since her childhood. She also appeared in the American drama television series Graceland, which debuted in 2013.

There she played a small part and it was her first experience performing on screen.

Including acting in Graceland, Otmara has appeared in several other movies that raised her fame and credibility in the film industry.

Professionally, she started her acting career in the film Instant Gratification. Then, she appeared in Off the Rails.

She also appeared in the American streaming drama series Startup in 2016.

Otmara’s extraordinary acting in the comedy-drama film Off the Railshelped her to get a brilliant award from the USA, and a Commendation award at the Liverpool International Film Festival.

She also appeared in the American romantic drama film, Clementine.

Rise to Stardom

Her role in the Clementine enhanced her fame among the public and helped to establish a more a stronger place in the film industry. Here also, she got a progress award due to her great performance.

This award was given to Otmara at the Downtown LA Film Festival. She also appeared in a short film Connecting.

Apart from the mentioned role, Otmara also performed in the drama My Daughter’s Dilemma. She is also best known for playing a unique role in Crackles.

The role she played was Izzy Morales, which is considered a breakthrough role she played. It upheaved her credibility in the industry.

This was also a big turning point in the life of an upcoming Hollywood celebrity, as this debut was a hit in the industry and made Otmara the best actress in the film industry.

Apart from her, this series also starred Edi Gathegi and Adam Brody.

Otmara Marrero Personal life

Otmara Marrero PIC

Otmara Marrero is single right now. She is neither dating anyone nor in any relationship. This is confirmed by different sources, as she keeps her private life away from the public.

She is seen with different male actors, but it would not be right to say that Otmara has a relationship with any of them. This type of rumor is faced by celebrities like her.

According to some reports, she has been in at least one relationship in the past, most probably she dated, but it is still not confirmed. The timeline of Otmara’s relationships, dating history, and hookups are unrevealed.

She keeps her private life out of the approach so that she may save herself from whispers and rumors.

We will keep track of her personal life and soon give an update about it. Like relationship status, other perspectives of Otmara’s personal life are also untold.

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Otmara Marrero Net Worth

Otmara Marrero’s estimated net worth is $5 Million US Dollars in 2023. This is an estimated amount as she never exposed anything about her net worth.

The estimation is done through a lasting process involving different analyses and sources.

We are quite sure about Otmara’s net worth. Her main source of income is her broad and successful career in acting, as she has appeared in numerous featured films and TV series.

Being a famous actress with and huge fan base, Otmara might be earning from other diverse ways like she might be associated with the advertising industries or the brand ambassador of different companies, as there are thousands of her followers on different social media handles.

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Social Media Appearance

Otmara Marrero is a renowned American actress who holds thousands of followers behind her. She is astonishingly a well-known personality.

Regular updates about her actions and roles can be checked through her social media handles.

It is noted that Otmara regularly updates her social media handles and uploads different photographs to capture the attention of the audience.

Talking about her social media follower number they are vast and commonly in the thousands.

Let’s take a gaze at her social media handles with her followers count:

  • Instagram — More than 78.5 thousand followers
  • Facebook — More than 3.7 thousand followers

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