Here we brought this amazing life story of British Boxer Pat McCormack, who has stunned millions of people after his Olympic victories.

The so popular boxer was selected to perform in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and represented his country winning a silver medal.

Let’s know everything about this inspiring person and learn from his life.

Who is Pat McCormack?

Pat McCormack

Pat McCormack is one of the known British boxers who stunned everyone after his victory in the Olympics. He is the Gold Medalist in the commonwealth Games in the year 2018.

He performed in the men’s light welterweight event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is nicely known for smashing his opponent’s face in such a way that they can’t even stand properly.

McCormack has already won millions of hearts. Despite this, he has not stopped himself from achieving further in the coming years.

Pat McCormack Age

Pat McCormack is 28 years old as of 2023, born on June 8, 1995. He is a renowned British boxer known for his impressive victories in the Olympics, including winning a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Let’s see how he started this dream and made it true.

Early Life of Pat McCormack

Pat McCormick was born on June 8, 1995, in Sunderland, United Kingdom. He grew up with his parents and his parents always supported him in every step of his career which is also his strength.

When he was young, he always has a dream to represent his country and make his parents proud. Therefore, he joined Birtley Boxing Club at the age of 26 to fulfill his dream.

With his hard work, he became England Boxing Elite Champion in the year 2014 as well in the year 2015.

Then, he performed in many events and won medals consecutively.

Pat McCormack Career

Pat McCormack pic

At the age of 26, he started his career in boxing and joined Birtley Boxing Club because he always wanted to present his country and make his parents proud, and for that, he worked so hard.

With his outstanding performance, he became one of the known British boxers. He is the two-time ECU silver medalist from the North East.

Apart from boxing, he also performed in other competitions & occasions and won many of them. In the years 2015 and 2016, he became England Boxing Elite Champion which makes his parents proud.

After that, he won the 69 kg Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in the year 2018, and in the same year, he won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

He scooped another top prize in the EDC Olympic Boxing Qualifiers.

He participated in the World Championships in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and got a silver medal after dropping a break-up choice in the middle.

Additionally, he decided to participate in a Video game after the 2016 Olympics and planned to participate in the 2020Tokyo.

With his outstanding performance, many people became his fan and well-wishers and some of them follow his style. People keep an eye on his social media.

In Tokyo Olympics, he beats Bobo-Usmon Baturov and Aliaksandr Radzionau, before getting into the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, he has defeated by Cuba’s Roniel Iglesias.

Pat McCormack Awards

  • 2017 European Championships
  1. Won a silver medal in the welterweight.
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games
  1. Won a Gold medal in the welterweight division whilst competing.
  2. Got the top prize in the Ecu Olympic Boxing Qualifiers
  • Olympic games
  1. Won a silver medal in boxing.

Pat McCormack Personal Life

Pat McCormack is currently single and is not in any sort of relationship. The Olympic silver medal winner has yet to open up about his girlfriends and dating life.

However, as per his social media life, we are very less to say he would be dating someone. But this is also a fact that we are just seeing what we are getting to see.

Still, Pat McCormack is dedicated to his career and focuses to make himself better. The so hard-working boxer is sure going to achieve bigger in the coming years.

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Pat McCormack Net Worth

Pat McCormack estimated net worth is $5 million as of the year 2023. He has mostly earned it through his boxing career.

Besides this, he has been awarded a lot and has also been honored by various organizations.

Apart from this, Pat can also earn through his social media handles by doing paid promotions and advertisements. The boxer has even the opportunity to make a huge amount through endorsement deals.

However, he mainly focuses on himself to train better, instead of running for money. Because he knows he had enough money to live a stable life.

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The Bottom Line

With his hard work towards success, he became popular and people started following him on his social sites.

At the age of 26, he started his career in boxing and joined Birtley Boxing Club. With his hard work, he became a part of the England Boxing Elite Champion. He performed excellently over there.

In the years 2014 and 2015, he became the England Boxing Elite Champion, and in the year 2018, he won 69 kg Commonwealth Games Gold Medal, after that he won many medals.

He has become an inspiration for the people out there with his outstanding performance. We hope you enjoyed reading the biography and life story of Pat McCormack.

Now, it’s your turn to let us know how you felt about this article, by providing your feedback below in the comment section.

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