Daniel Jinich is the husband of Mexican celebrity chef Pati Jinich. He is a well-known Mexican businessman and tycoon.

Daniel rose to prominence following the nuptials to Pati Jinich.

He is best known for the James Beard Award, and Emmy-nominated series Pati’s Mexican Table. Let us take a closer look into his life, career, and more about Daniel Jinich.

Who is Pati Jinich’s Husband Daniel Jinich?

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Daniel Jinich was born, of part-Mexican descent in the early 1970s in the United States of America, and is a businessman, but perhaps best known for being the husband of chef and television personality Pati Jinich.

He’s been successful in his business endeavors but has remained out of the spotlight while his wife has attracted a lot of attention in the culinary world.

Daniel Jinich Early Life, Education, and Career

Very little information is known about Daniel, as his life wasn’t really in the spotlight until his association with Pati Jinich.

Nothing is known about his childhood and his family, but he apparently became interested in pursuing a business career at a young age.

After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in Business Administration.

Then he furthered his studies at Harvard Business School to gain a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

He began his career working as an investment professional with Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst.

Then he joined ACON Investments, LLC in 2000, and rose in the company to eventually become a General Partner, after which he became the Managing Partner of the whole organization.

He also expanded his business efforts and was voted as Chairman of the Board at Injured Workers Pharmacy, LLC. Daniel also now serves as a director at BioMatrix Holdings, LLC, holding numerous high positions in these corporations.

Despite all of these achievements, he didn’t have much of a public face, unlike his wife, preferring to keep his endeavors private.

Daniel Jinich’s Wife Pati Jinich

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Aside from Pati’s work as a chef, she is also a cookbook author and writer of columns on food. Her fame really took off with her television series entitled “Pati’s Mexican Table”, which she has been working on since 2007.

This has earned her an Emmy Award nomination and won her a James Beard Award for excellence in cuisine.

She’s published two cookbooks in her career, including “Pati’s Mexican Table”, and “Mexican Today”. Pati is the resident chef at Washington, DC’s Mexican Cultural Institute.

There she runs her live culinary program “Mexican Table”. Pati’s been invited to cook in numerous popular television shows.

Some of them are “All Things Considered”, “The Today Show”, “The Chew”, “CBS This Morning”, and “The Splendid Table”. Her writing has been featured in several publications such as “The Washington Post”.

A few of her notable appearances include cooking President Barack Obama’s Cinco de Mayo dinner at the White House.

She was also invited in 2018 to cook for James Beard’s Cinco de Mayo dinner held at his house.

Daniel Jinich Relationship and Marriage

Very few details have been shared about Pati and Daniel’s relationship. It is known that they married in 1996, even before she became popular in various culinary circles.

They do their best to keep their personal lives and their family out of the spotlight.

The couple has three children and the parents have been credited for being able to raise a family despite having so many commitments.

Pati has mentioned that her children remain her priority. She has stated multiple times through social media that they are her whole world.

According to several sources, the children enjoy their cooking very much, and the youngest is a big fan of chocolate. The middle child is a lot quieter while the eldest is currently in college.

The family has maintained their Jewish traditions, as their mother is known to have been raised in a Jewish Mexican family.

Many fans believe that the children may follow similar steps as their mother, and learn how to cook like her, but there is also a possibility that they may pursue business like their father.

Daniel supports his wife as she continues to be a public personality when it comes to Mexican cuisine, as well as her Jewish heritage. He is also known to be a food enthusiast.

Daniel Jinich on Social Media

Pati Jinich’
source: famous-chefs.com

One of the reasons why there is little information on Daniel’s past and present endeavors is due to a lack of any strong on-line presence.

He does have a private Facebook account, but it has not been updated for a long time, or it is likely that most of his posts are reserved only to friends.

He does have executive profiles on-line detailing his work as a Managing Partner of Acon Investments.

According to his profiles, he manages more than $15 billion in investments and has offices in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Washington, D.C.

His wife on the other hand is very active online, similar to numerous television personalities.

She often appears in photos with her children and also posts a lot of her food-related endeavors, including new recipes, and some of her on-camera work.

Her Twitter and Facebook accounts have videos of her cooking and have attracted a lot of followers. She is considered one of the most decorated chefs with a focus on Mexican food.

Pati Jinich also incorporates popular cuisine from other locations as well.

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Daniel Jinich’s Net Worth 

Daniel Jinich is a managing partner and general partner at ACON Investments in Washington, D.C.

The Mexican businessman started his career from a humble beginning and kept climbing up the business ladder to earn his today’s position.

Moreover, he had investments in many other companies, including HM Capital Partners LLC, Grupo Coin Spa, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst.

Currently, Daniel serves as a managing partner at Acon Investments in the Washington District of Columbia.

Daniel received a payroll of $225,000 to $238,330 annually. This means his present net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023.

Daniel 55, lives in a large home decorated with Mexican art and surrounded by hydrangeas in Chevy Chase. Daniel moved to Dallas with his wife 20 years ago for his career. At the time, Pati was not a cook.

And, in the meantime, he helps his wife Pati Jinich in preparing varieties of cuisines. His three kids are frequent characters on Pati’s TV show and in her cookbooks.

Pati Jinich runs a TV show, “Pati’s Mexican Table,” that earned over 65.5 million audiences in the United States.

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