Paul Qualley (born in 1958) is a former model but is best known as the ex-husband of the extremely popular actress Andie MacDowell. 

In this post, we will read Paul Qualley’s age, height, weight, parents, wife, children, wedding, and net worth.

Paul Qualley Profile Summary
Name Paul Qualley
Birth Date1958
Age65 Years Old
Height6 Feet 1 Inches
Net Worthapprox $3 Million
Father Lee James Qualley
MotherPatricia Ann Rondou
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex WifeAndie MacDowell
ChildrenJustin Qualley, Rainey Qualley, Margaret Qualley

Who is Paul Qualley? 

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Paul Qualley is best known for being the ex-husband of the glamourous actor Andie Mcdowell. 

Paul did try his luck in the acting and modeling industry but all his fame is due to his marriage of 13 years to Andie. 

His entire career was based on modeling and acting. Though he did not become that hit of a name in the modeling industry, he did well enough to fend for himself a satisfying and independent life. 

Early Life of Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley’s full name is Paul James Qualley. He was born in the year 1958 and is 65 years old in the year 2023. 

The exact birthdate is not quite known as he is not a very open person. He was born in the United States of America and is of Norwegian ethnicity. 

He was born to Patricia Ann Rondou (his mother) and Lee James Qualley (his father). 

He was brought up as a Christian and his parents too followed that religion. 

There are no authentic details about whether he had any siblings or not. Even information regarding his schooling and college life is not at the forefront. 

However, he does look like an educated man and carries himself with much decency. 

His career pursuits are what make him successful. 

Paul Qualley Career 

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Paul Qualley is a model by profession. He even tried venturing into movies. 

Paul had decided to become a model at a very early age. It seemed as if he was born for it. 

His chiseled face and body postures were the exact requisite for modeling. His friends and family were quite encouraging about his dream and supported him fully. 

During his early career, he reportedly worked with many different brands and famous companies. However, the details of those companies are not known. 

The American started becoming successful in his modeling career when suddenly he no longer felt interested in his passion. He wanted to try his hand at something else. 

He decided to venture into the contracting business out of nowhere. 

Paul then started his own ranching company named Paul Qualley Ranch which was located in  Montana. 

It is not clear how his ranching business is going as he has kept it under the radar for quite some years. 

For reasons personal to him he has decided to be out of media focus and leads a very private lifestyle. So it’s hard to say what kind of a life he is living. 

Paul Qualley Personal Life

Paul Qualley was married to the hotshot actress of Hollywood, Andie Mcdowell. He is now divorced. 

Paul’s personal and professional life both has been influenced by his marriage to Andie. His name and fame only rose due to her. 

They once loved birds who were each other’s soul mates. What seemed like a fantasy marriage soon became a hellfire for him and the couple soon became strangers who didn’t know each other. 

Andie too featured in named brands such as Calvin Klein and Loreal. She has acted in many movies and won many awards. 

However, it was not the same with her husband. 

Paul Qualley and Andie Mcdowell’s marriage lasted for nearly 13 years before breaking up.

They had met for the first time when Paul was shooting for GAP AD services. They soon got interested in each other and were attracted to each other. 

They became friends and bonded well and decided to get married in 1986. After 13 years, they got divorced in 1999. 

However, the reason for the divorce is not clearly known but it is suggested that they had irrevocable differences. They have not been together since then. 

Paul and Andie have three children together. 

They have one son, Justin Qualley born in 1986, and two daughters namely Rainey Qualley, born in 1990, and Margaret Qualley born in 1994. 

Nothing is known about Paul Qualley’s love life since their divorce. He kind of lives the life of a recluse. But for the sake of their children, the couple shares a cordial relationship. 

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Paul Qualley Net Worth 

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Paul Qualley’s net worth is estimated to be between $ 1.5 million to $ 3 million. 

All his wealth has been gathered by working as a model and an actor in the film industry. He may also have worked part-time in some modeling agencies. 

Also, his ranch company may have been doing well and given him a considerable amount of income. 

He does well for himself and lives a comfortable and independent life. 

Also, his marriage to Andie had given him monetary profits. Overall, it can be safely assumed that he has enough money to get by throughout his life. 

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Physical Appearance 

Paul Qualley has a good physique and stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch or 187 centimeters and has a weight of around  77 kg or nearly 169 lbs. 

He has nice blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

Since he is a model he likes to stay fit and fine and is a very attractive man. 

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