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Who is Paula Harwood? Peter Gallagher’s Wife Biography and Story

Here is the story of Paula Harwood who is widely popular for being the wife of Peter Gallagher. She is really an amazing wife and mother of two children.

Paula is overflowing in people’s hearts for her honesty and kindness. She is also an inspiration for thousands of women and is influencing massively.

Let you take a glance at her story and know why she is so famous.

Who is Paula Harwood?

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Paula Harwood is a popular name in the Hollywood industry, despite being involved in it. She is famous for being the only wife of the reputed actor Peter Gallagher.

The duo tied the knot in 1983 and it’s been more than 37 years since they are together. Such relationships are not very rare in the Hollywood industry.

And this is also the reason why Paula Harwood is famous immensely.

In fact, she is the mother of two successful children, a son, and a daughter. Let’s get into her biography and know everything from the beginning.

Early Life of Paula Harwood

Paula Harwood was born on 1 August 1996 in the United State to mysterious parents. She is a very secretive person when it comes to her family and past life history.

However, this is officially known that she attended TUFTS University, Medford, a privately funded research University. This is also the place where Paula met her future hubby Peter Gallagher.

Hence, it is one of the best places for her that she can never forget in her life. They are currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Paula Hardwood Career

Paula Harwood is a former TUFTS alumni and amateur dramatics actor. Besides this, there is no information available regarding her profession. She was one of the most supportive persons in Peter Gallagher’s career.

Paula has always stood with peter in every challenging period. This is how they got engaged in a lifetime relationship.

Later, Peter became a renowned actor, musician, and writer. He has appeared in over 70 films and in television series.

He was born on 19 August 1955 to his father, Thomas Francis who was an advertising executive, and his mother, Mary Ann, was a bacteriologist.

He is of an Irish Catholic background and grew up in Armonk, New Year.

Paula Harwood and Peter Gallagher

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Paula Harwood married Peter Gallagher on 7 May 1983 in an amazing ceremony. They were first met while studying at the privately funded research University, TUFTS University.

They shortly came closer and became a strong friend.

After few weeks, they fell in their love and started dating. The couple decided to tie the knot on May 7, 1983, after dating for several years.

Paula and Gallagher welcomed their first child, a son named James Gallagher who was born in 1990. He is now a director and writer best known for Love (2019) and Paulette (2021).

He is a rising director and could be seen on big stages very soon. The couple then welcomed their second child, a daughter on 23 July 1993 and named Katheryn Gallagher.

She is now a popular singer and actress best known for her portrayal of Bella Fox in the Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill.

Paula Harwood Net Worth

Paula Harwood’s net worth has not been disclosed as she has no profession. She is working as a housewife and caring for her husband and children from her true heart.

While talking about her husband’s net worth, stands around $10 million US dollars. He is really a great actor and musician. However, he has mostly earned it through his acting profession.

Paula is also a charity supporter and campaigner in her own right. Hence, she spends some amount on charities to help needy people.

Paula is also available on Instagram with the id name pakahaga. She has a private account where she has about 400 followers.

The Bottom Line

Paula Harwood couldn’t become a great actress and even couldn’t achieve any position. But still, she is one of the bests wives and mothers in the world.

She sacrificed her career for her husband and for her children. What would be bigger than this? And now, she is also receiving similar returns. This is what Karma says.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Paula Harwood. Let you share your feedback on what you think about this couple.