Paulina Char emerged in the social media spotlight as the younger sister of actress Sofia Carson from the Disney film The Descendants.

She is an established social media personality who has more than 236k fan followers on Instagram. Paulina has been sharing some amazing content on her social media handles.

She is also an executive in the beauty sector and works on the makeup product development team at Tower 28 Beauty.

In this article, we are going to read about Paulina Char’s life story including her career and personal life.

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Paulina Char Profile Summary
NamePaulina Char
Birth Date21 July 1995
Birth PlaceFlorida, USA
Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionExecutive at Tower 28 Beauty
Father José F. Daccarett
MotherLaura Char Carson
Sibling Sofia Carson
Marital StatusUnknown

Who is Paulina Char?

paulina char images
source: Instagram

Paulina Char is the only sister of one of the most famous actresses and singers in the American media and entertainment industry, Sofia Carson.

Although, Paulina didn’t choose the career path like her sister’s she is doing great in her respective career field.

Paulina is a beauty and makeup product developer and loves her work so much. From a young age, she always had a huge interest in beauty and makeup products.

Besides her traditional career, she is also a social media personality and shares various content on her social media handles such as Instagram.

Paulina Char Age

Paulina Char, the Instagram star, is currently 28 years old as of 2023, born on July 21, 1995, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, under the zodiac sign Cancer.

Early Life of Paulina Char

Paulina Char was born on 21st July 1995 and is 28 years of age as of 2023. She was born in Florida, United States, and holds American nationality.

Paulina follows the Christian religion. Her parents, her father is José F. Daccarett, and her mother is  Laura Char Carson who is Colombian-American.

Paulina’s mother is related to the Char family of Colombian politicians. However, there’s no insight available about Paulina’s early education as of now.

Paulina’s relationship with her sister Sofia Carson:

You can see how close Sofia and Paulina are by visiting their Instagram accounts. The sisters frequently share photos of one another on social media, and Paulina frequently attends red-carpet events as Sofia’s plus one.

In one interview Sofia stated:

“My sister is my best friend,” Sofia told Hola! “I admire that she carries her heart on her sleeve. I admire her fire and I admire her strength. I admire that she always has been and always will be, unapologetically herself.”

“She continued, “Pau and I are different in so many ways … and I think that is precisely one of the reasons we are so close. It’s as if, together, we balance each other perfectly.

But, in our hearts, we share so much more: we share the same values and morals, passed down to us by our family. We share the fire that we inherited from our extraordinary mom.”

Paulina Char Career

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source: Instagram

Paulina is an executive at Tower 28 Beauty, where she contributes to the development of the company’s makeup lines, and she works in the beauty sector.

She revealed that ever since she was a young child, she has had a deep love for cosmetics and beauty products.

Paulina used to play around with her mother’s collection of makeup. She told Hola! Magazine:

“I would beg my parents to please get me every new product I would see on infomercials! It’s truly always been a part of me.”

Paulina told Hola! Magazine in July 2021. how much she loved her work:

“I think there’s something so special and fulfilling about creating a makeup product from start to finish and then seeing it in the world being loved by people,”

“Every time I walk into a Sephora and I see our products doing so well and so loved will forever be a highlight of my career. And doing it with our incredible team at Tower 28 beauty, which I love so much, makes work fun!”

Paulina Char Personal Life

Paulina Char has never shared any insights into her personal life. She maintains discretion about her personal life.

However, until she shares information regarding her dating life it will be absurd to make any assumptions on our own.

All we can do is wait until Paulina feels comfortable discussing her private life online or we get some information for the same from media sources.

Paulina Char’s Net Worth

Paulina Char estimated net worth is $1 million approximately as of 2023. However, there is no proper information about her income sources.

If she might have any online business or other streams other than being social media personality and make-up product developer, that income is not included in the estimated net worth.

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Paulina Char Height & Weight

Paulina Char has a gorgeous personality. She has a resemblance to her sister Sofia Carson. She has a great physique and brown eyes that are well-complimented by her sharp facial features.

Talking about her height and weight there’s no information available about them as of now. However, we will update you guys if we happen to receive the data for the same.

Overall, Paulina has strong feminine energy and a beautiful look and is doing great in her career which makes her glow even more.

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