Peter McMahon (born on 6 June 1954) is an Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Engineering Physics. Cornell University, Stanford University, Ithaca, New York, United States. 

As impressive as his LinkedIn bio says, he is much more of an impressive person in real life. 

His achievements and work say a whole lot more than what he puts on. 

A devout researcher working on the physics of computation including quantum, optic, and neuromorphic computations, he is an enigma of a person.

A real gem in the field of research and an idol for many many aspiring researchers. 

Peter McMohan Profile Summary
NamePeter McMohan
Birth Dateborn on 6 June 1954
Age69 Years Old
University Stanford University,
Marital StatusUnmarried
NationalityEngland, UK

Who is Peter McMohan?


Peter McMahon is an Asst. Professor, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University, New York, USA. 

Peter McMahon received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with a Physics minor, from Stanford University in 2014, for research done on quantum information processing using optically controlled spins in semiconductors.

He then performed his postdoctoral work in the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford until he joined the faculty in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell.

He has his own lab known as Peter’s Lab where he along with his fellow researchers creates marvels in physics. 

A list of his awards are: Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering 2021-2026, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar (Quantum Information Science) 2020-2022, and Google Quantum Research Award 2019

Early Life of Peter McMohan 

Peter McMohan’s exact birthdate is kind of a mystery as of now.

Yet it can be ascertained that he was born on 6 June 1954 in The United States of America. 

He is 69 years old as of 2023.

He was born to Christian parents and follows the religion of Christianity. The names of his parents are not known as he does not stay on social media like celebrities.

Also whether he does have any siblings or not is known. 

His early education was completed in the States and from his very childhood, he started showing his interest in the field of scientific discovery. 

He further continued his studies in the field of physics. 

Peter did his B.Sc. (Engg) Electrical and Computer Engineering; M.Sc. (Engg) Electrical Engineering; M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Cape Town, 2003-2008. 

Then further completed his M.S. in Electrical Engineering, at Stanford University, in 2008-2010.

His other achievements are having a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Physics minor), Stanford University, 2010-2014, and  Postdoctoral Fellowship, Applied Physics, Stanford University, 2014-2019. 

Peter McMohan Career 

Peter-McMahon image

A professor and researcher by profession, Peter has set up his own lab known as the McMohan lab. 

The McMahon Lab researches the physics of computation, and how physical systems can be engineered to perform computation in new ways that provide benefits over current CMOS-based von Neumann processors.

Their particular emphasis is on quantum computation, but the lab also explores other candidate future computing technologies that are classical, including photonic computing and neuromorphic computing.

The lab’s explorations of classical unconventional computing technologies are also driven by a curiosity about how computations in the real world can potentially be impacted by them, with optimization and machine learning as focus areas.

His Researches

Some of their major areas of research are: 

  • Complex Systems, Network Science, and Computation
  • Advanced Materials
  • Condensed Matter and Material Physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optical Physics and Quantum Information Science
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Semiconductor Physics and Devices
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Scientific Computing
  • Data Science
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Optimization
  • His publications

1.T. Onodera*, E. Ng*, P.L. McMahon. “A quantum annealer with fully programmable all-to-all coupling via Floquet engineering”, npj Quantum Information 6, 48 (2020).

2. L.G. Wright, P.L. McMahon. “The Capacity of Quantum Neural Networks”, arXiv:1908.01364 (2019). Hamerly*, T. Inagaki*, P.L. McMahon*, D. Venturelli, A. Marandi, T. Onodera, E. Ng, C. Langrock, K. Inaba, T. Honjo, K. Enbutsu, T. Umeki, R. Kasahara, S. Utsunomiya, S. Kako, K. Kawarabayashi, R.L. Byer, M.M. Fejer, H. Mabuchi, D. Englund, E. Rieffel, H. Takesue, Y. Yamamoto.

“Experimental investigation of performance differences between Coherent Ising Machines and a quantum annealer”, Science Advances 5, 5, eaau0823 (2019).

3.P.L. McMahon*, A. Marandi*, Y. Haribara, R. Hamerly, C. Langrock, S. Tamate, T. Inagaki, H. Takesue, S. Utsunomiya, K. Aihara, R.L. Byer, M.M. Fejer, H. Mabuchi and Y. Yamamoto.

“A fully programmable 100-spin coherent Ising machine with all-to-all connections”, Science 354, No. 6312, 614 – 617 (2016). (all his research work information has been taken from

Peter McMohan Personal Life 

As per sources, Peter McMohan is not yet married. He is fully into his research works and is married to his scientific ventures. 

His personal life does not have many details as he was never caught in any rumors of a relationship or even some affairs.

Peter has a clean chit and is fully devoted to work. 

According to him, he may someday have his life shared when someone will understand his love for science will always be greater than anything else. 

Also since he is a very private person, it would take a lot to gather any information from him. 

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Peter McMohan Net Worth

His net worth is not disclosed to the public. Rest assured being a professor he earns a good livelihood. 

Also, so many of his papers are published, which made him rise in fame and money. However, he is interested in his works and not in money and fame. 

His website can be accessed TheMcMohanLab. 

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Physical Appearance 

Peter has a well-built physique. He is of average American height. However, the exact details about him are not available. 

He has a round face, sports a nearly bald look, and has shiny blue eyes. 

He seems like a kind and jovial person. 

But how does his look even matter when he is such a great boon to the world? His works speak volumes and he is happy with the life he is living. 

Thank you for reading the article about the researcher, Peter McMohan, and hope you found it informative. 

Please feel free to share any other information about him and add to this article in the comments section below. 

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