Petra Bagust (born on 14 April 1972) is a New Zealand television presenter and radio host.

In this article, we learn about Petra Bagust and her age. height, net worth, and some facts related to her.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Petra Bagust
  • Birth Date: 14 April 1972
  • Birth Place: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Net Worth: $1-7 Million
  • Profession: Television presenter and actress
  • School: Epsom Girls’ Grammar School, Christchurch
  • University: University of Canterbury,
  • Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Hamish Wilson
  • Children: three
  • Nationality: New Zealanders (Kiwis)
  • Residence: New Zealand

Who is Petra Bagust?

Petra Bagust Image

Petra Bagust is a renowned TV presenter and actress, and she belongs to Newzealand. She is famous for her passion and talent to engage with the public.

She is considered an elite class and a famous personality in New Zealand.

She is also the most popular Television Presenter. As a TV presenter, she has been enjoying her admirable profession for 20 years.

Cry TV (A local TV station in Newzeland) was the first platform from which she initiated her television profession.

Her fame on television started in 1996 on the TV3. After that, her career had a long journey.

She also hosted real estate shows, live events, game shows, and a lot of national and international travel shows. She also hosted Cola Christmas in the Park for several years.

From 2008-2010, she hosted a great program “What’s Really in Our Food?”.  She got an award for “Best Presenter” in three consecutive entertainment programs for three years.

She also hosted radio programs on Newstalk ZB…

Petra Bagust Age

Petra Bagust is 51 years old as of 2023, born on 14 April 1972.

She is a prominent New Zealand television presenter and radio host, known for her contributions to the world of media and broadcasting. Her engaging presence has made her a beloved figure in the industry.

Early Life of Petra Bagust

Petra Bagust was born on April 14, 1972, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her mother’s name is Judi Bagust she has not revealed her father’s name.

The TV personality credits a lot to her mom for being her supportive mentor.

Further, Petra has also shown a strong connection with her father. This came to us after some of her statements in a video. She said: My dad has taught me many useful things.

I learned how to hammer a nail straight, sleep through house renovations spin a great yarn at the dinner table (stories 34 to 51 are my favorites), pick the perfect site, cook a one-pot feast, snorkel in the ocean, and catch a fish.

Petra Bagust dad image
Petra Bagust with her Dad

She further added;

I learned how to fix almost anything, build the winning bridge (in the balsa wood bridge-building competition), drive a car, change a tire, have adventures in regular life, how to play mental card games, how to start and almost finish a job (“the last 10 percent takes 90 percent of the effort”).

Adding more, she said that:

I also learned that giving yourself a grandiose title really helps set the tone and that real men can wear pink. I learned to stay calm in emergencies and to be generous with my heart and my time. And I learned the absolute joy of grandads. Hip hip hooray for Captain Super Grandfather Daniel.

She completed her early education in Christchurch. She then enrolled in the University of Canterbury, where she got a degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts in 1995.

Petra Bagust Husband and Daughter

Petra Bagust is a well-known television presenter. I know that you have a keen interest to know about her personal life. Petra follows Christianity. She married Hamish Wilson in 2000.

He is a cameraman. They have three cute and gorgeous children. Their names are Venetia(daughter), Theo(son), and Jude(son).

Petra and her husband spend most of their time with each other. Although there were some ups and downs in their marriage life, it is sustained for a longer period.

They also had to go to the marriage counsels, due to bad relations with each other.

Petra Bagust family image

The main reason for clashes was the choice of a career. She resigned from morning television.  She tried her best to make her marriage life happier.

Once, she said that she and her husband are working continuously on their relationship and learning from each other.

In an interview, Petra said that they learned from marriage counseling using code language to end a fight; however, she hadn’t revealed the code that they use. She said it laughingly.

This couple also has a strong relationship with Mom and Dad. Having some clashes in their relationship, there are a lot of great things in their life.

The most significant thing is that they care about each other. There is discipline, love, and sympathy in their relationship.

Petra Bagust Net Worth

Petra Bagust, a recognized and professional Television Presenter is a highly reputable Television Presenter. Her basic source of income is the media industry and sponsorships.

Her current estimated net worth is $2 Million USD.

In other words, she has earned more than $2,000,000 USD. This is the total estimated amount till 2023.

Apart from this, she also takes part in many charity works. She collected seventy-five thousand dollars as an ambassador in a charity cycle which was forty-two km long.

Social Media Appearance

Petra Bagust is a famous and revolutionary television personality. As she belongs to the media industry, so for this reason, her social media appearance is on a high scale.

You can find her on Instagram where she posts pictures on a regular basis. She can also be followed on Facebook.

There is also some rush of their followers on Twitter. She is the source of inspiration and motivation for a lot of people. Indeed, she has a deep social media influence.

Petra Bagust Facts to Know

  • Petra Bagust is a renowned TV presenter and actress from New Zealand.
  • She was born on April 14, 1972, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and is currently 51 years old.
  • Petra Bagust began her television career in 1996 on the local TV station Cry TV.
  • She has hosted various TV shows, including real estate shows, live events, game shows, and travel shows.
  • Petra Bagust also hosted “What’s Really in Our Food?” from 2008 to 2010.
  • She has won the “Best Presenter” award for three consecutive years in entertainment programs.
  • Petra Bagust is a qualified education instructor and has continued her career in education after her divorce from her husband.
  • She is married to Hamish Wilson, a cameraman, and they have three children together: Venetia, Theo, and Jude.
  • Petra and her husband have worked on their relationship through marriage counseling and have a strong bond.
  • Petra Bagust’s estimated net worth is around $2 million USD, and she is also involved in charity work. She is active on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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