There are many famous peoples available in the world who are mostly celebrities and entrepreneurs. But here Philmar Alipayo is such an amazing champion who consists special talents in him.

The surfer has a wonderful story that makes people familiar with him and his life. The man is not only talented but even motivates thousands of people for their life.

He turns into a great influencer after people find his journey from zero to the peak of his success. Below we have his biography in detail that shouldn’t be missed by you.

Philmar Alipayo Biography, Education, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Height, Children
NamePhilmar Alipayo
Nick NameChepoxz
Birth Date17 August 1992
Birth PlaceSiargao, Philippine
Age29 Years
Net Worth$300,000
Height5'11'' feet
Famous forBeing the husband of actress Andi Eigenmann
SchoolA Local School
ParentsFather- Not Known
Mother- Not Known
Siblings3 including PJ Apilayo
Martial StausMarried
WifeAndi Eigenmann
ChildrenDaughter - Lilo and Ellie
Son - Koa

Who is Philmar Alipayo?

Philmar Alipayo is one of the most popular and renowned Filipino surfers. He is widely famous for being the boyfriend and now fiancé of actress Andi Eigenmann.

Despite being a surfer, Philmar is a famous social media celebrity and influencer of the Philippines.

He has won numerous awards and even has created a world record through his surfing talents.

Philmar Alipayo photo
Philmar Alipayo image

Philmar is also interested in fishing, running and is an enthusiast of basketball. Moreover, Philmar has immense popularity on his social media platforms where he uses to be active always.

He loves posting pictures with her wife and children. Let you know below about Philmar Alipayo full life story, including his biography, education, age, wife, height, children, and much more.

Oceans connects me to everything I know – Philmar

Early Life of Philmar Alipayo

Philmar Alipayo was born on 17 August 1992 in Siargao, Philippines. His parents (father and mother) were very supportive regarding Philmar’s choices.

They had been always seen encouraging him for his future. Philmar has also a brother, name PJ Alipayo (born on 12 November 1993) is also among the top surfers of the Philippines.

Philmar completed his elementary education at a local school in his native place. He was not so far interested in studies because of his curiosity about being a cham surfer.

However, his favorite subject was PE in his school. He further pursued his education and did his graduation. After all, he was only a single thought in his mind, that is surfing.

Philmar Alipayo Career

Philmar Alipayo says that he started his surfing career when he was just 10 years old. He says that my uncle first taught me about it and he also trained me.

His uncle, Yok-Yok was also one of the best surfers of his time. He trained day and night and put all his efforts into Philmar to get the peak of his goals.

In 2016, Philmar became the 2nd surfer of Asia. This wasn’t a domestic success but a continent-level achievement. He surpassed several countries’ surfers. The same year, he became the champion of the West Sumbawa Pro 2016.

Philmar Alipayo photo
Philmar Alipayo image

Later, Philmar contested in several tournaments and started winning there. His efforts and hard work blossomed when he won the 19th Siargao National Surfing Cup in 2017.

He became the first-ever Filipino champ of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) to win this. This is a world record by him.

In 2017, Philmar achieved a very big success as he became the number one surfer in the Philippines. He is currently at the 6th rank on the men’s shortboard division of the PSCT.

Philmar is achieving more and more success with his extraordinary talents.

Despite doing surfing, Philmar also likes to customize bikes. Even he also used to give free surfing training to the coming tourists at the Harana Surf Resort.

His favorite surfing spots in Siargao are Tuason Point and Cloud 9. Further, Philmar co-owns a lodging house in Baler, Aurora which is the top surfing spot in the Philippines.

PhilmarAlipayo Personal Life

Philmar Alipayo married Andi Eigenmann after getting engaged in 2020. The couple were dating for a long time. Philmar and Andi first met during the vacation Andi on Siargao.

They shortly came closer because of some undisclosed reasons. One day, Philmar proposed to Andi for becoming her life partner and husband. Happily, Andi Eigenmann accepted the proposal with love and prosperity.

Philmar Alipayo photo
Philmar Alipayo and Andi Eigenmann image

Then Philmar posted a very hearted message on his Instagram. That was, she said YES. I love you so much. So happy to spend the rest of my life with you.

Promise to take care of you, Ellie, Lilo, and our coming baby number three and to make you more and more laugh every day. They announced their engagement on 20 December 2020.

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Philmar Alipayo Net Worth

Philmar Alipayo estimated net worth comes to around $300,000 as of the year 2021. The talented surfer has a number of sources through which he earned this huge capital. Being the husband of a celebrity, he gains much more than others and this led him to earn more and more.

Philmar also used to play tournaments and thereby can earn from there also. However, he does not give a lot of importance to money in his life. He just wants a happy life.

Philmar Alipayo Children

Philmar and Andi welcomed their first child on 23 July 2019. They named her Lilo. Now, she has become one of the cutest celebrity babies in the Philippines.

On 17 January 2021, they welcomed their second child and named Koa. On this day, Andi greeted Philmar with a very warming love letter. She says that

Mahal, here we go again. Hope you are as happy as I am that our baby is on the way. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for always being my side and for being my biggest support.

And for helping me to be strong and brave and inspiring me to be the best parent I can be to our kids.

I am the happiest since you asked me to be yours forever and to be your partner in life, as we go through this experience with you. My kids are very lucky to have you as their father. I love you.

Philmar Alipayo photo
Philmar Alipayo Family image

Andi Eigenmann was earlier in a living relationship with Jake Ejercito, a Philippine actor. In fact, they had a daughter, named Ellie. Jake is still used to spending his time with his daughter, Ellie.

Even, Philmar also lives with her without any problem. This shows the humbleness and love of Philmar towards the happiness of his stepdaughter.

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Philmar and Andi Eigenmann Popularity

While talking about the popularity of Philmar and her wife Andi, we shouldn’t forget their YouTube Vlog channel. They opened their channel on 10 December 2018 and started posting videos related to their lifestyle and surfing.

They didn’t receive much engagement in the beginning. But after their marriage, the channel performed a J Curve growth and now it has over 2.3 million subscribers.

Apart from YouTube, both Philmar and Andi Eigenmann are famous on social media platforms. Philmar has over 400k followers on Instagram and over 374k followers on Facebook. Similarly, Andi has to.

Being an actress, she owns more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram and over 5.6 million on Facebook.

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The Bottom Line

Philmar Alipayo is one of the most successful and renowned surfers in the world. Although, this is also true that he became more famous because of her girlfriend and now wife, Andi Eigenmann.

But the truth is also that he has achieved several achievements on both national and international levels. He has been recognized as the best surfer in Asia. Despite this, he has created a world record.

One of the biggest learning that comes from his biography is that he has achieved the mastery of his goal. It never matters what your profession is, what you actually do.

But the thing matter is where you are. So, be always at the peak of your goal.

Hope you loved the biography, education, age, wife, height, and children of Philmar Alipayo. We will be thankful to you if you share your feedback with us.

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