Porcia Mann (born on 26 July 1987) is an American blogger, television personality, and popular of being the daughter of American actor and singer David Mann.

In this article, we learn all about Porica Mann including her life, career, husband, age, net worth, and facts related to her.

Porcia Mann Profile Summary
NamePorcia Mann
Birth Date26 July 1987
Birth PlaceTexas, USA
Age36 Years Old
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionBlogger, Television Personality
Father David Mann
MotherTamela Mann
SiblingDavid Mann Jr, Tia Mann, Tiffany Mann, and Sonya
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandLyhnard Morrison
Children Maddison, Kennedy, and Rhiley

Who is Porcia Mann?

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Porcia Mann is a famous blogger and television personality best known for being the daughter of David Mann.

Also, Tamela Mann and David Mann Sr. are two of Hollywood’s main public symbols.

The duo has been wedded since 1988 and has five children altogether.

Two of the children, encompassing Porcia Mann, are from David’s prevail bonding. In accessory to this fact, Porcia is a mother of three girls, along with a blogger.

So, now let’s examine more about Porcia Mann’s life in this article below.

Early Life of Porcia Mann

Porcia Mann was assumed on 26 July 1987 in Texas, USA. Porcia’s biological mother never wedded David Mann, Porcia’s father.

Furthermore, Tamela overdue adopted her and her younger sister, Tiffany Mann.

Tamela takes her children to the housing and church, where she rises whenever she has relief.

Also, she enjoys indicating to them the trace where she used to go on Sunday morning strolls.

We’re now pierced for evidence about her studies and graduation. Similarly, we will update this site as soon as we attain any relevant evidence on the matter.


Porcia Mann father name is David Mann, and her mother’s name is Tamela Mann, who is her (Stepmother).

Yet, she has four siblings, David Mann Jr (Step-brother), Tia Mann (Step-sister), Tiffany Mann (Real Sister), and Sonya (Tamela’s niece).

Porcia Mann Age

Porcia Mann is 36 years old as of 2023, born on 26 July 1987.

She has made a name for herself as an American blogger and television personality, carving her own path in the world of entertainment and media.

Additionally, being the daughter of American actor and singer David Mann has likely provided her with unique insights into the industry, contributing to her success and career at her current age.

Porcia Mann Career

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Porcia Mann began her livelihood as a well-known blogger and television celebrity.

Also, she is a Hollywood royalty best understood for splashing alongside her father David Mann, in the BET series. It’s a Mann’s World.

She operated for Tillymann Inc., her family’s business, before enlisting the It’s a Mann’s World cast.

In expansion to the fact, she also has a YouTube channel where she provides make-up advice.

Moreover, She has maintained a certification in judiciary reporting outside of her entertainment employment. In conclusion, Porcia Mann has had a lot of success in her years as a skilled blogger.

Social media Handles

Porcia Mann, a prominent blogger and television star, has many followers who admire her. Also, she has 66.4 K Instagram followers on her @porcia_mann account and is prominent for her stunning photographs.

Porcia Mann is also enthusiastic on the YouTube channel appointed Porcia Mann, having further than 17.2 K subscribers.

Porcia Mann Husband

Being a prominent blogger and television star, People adore her for her impeccable understanding of style.

Also, hundreds of photos and video recordings have existed uploaded to her accepted Instagram account. But, aside from that, Porcia Mann protected herself in great form.

Also, many people are curious about Porcia Mann’s connection status, namely whether she is single or wedded.

So, founded on our investigation, we can tell you that Porcia Mann is Wedded to Lyhnard Morrison.

Even though she was born by the name of Porcia Mann, she now happens by the surname Porcia Morrison, which is the surname of her spouse.

Porcia and Lyhnard traded rings on March 17, 2018. Moreover, Morrisons have three daughters: Maddison, Kennedy, and Rhiley.

Further, Porcia prefers to keep her private life, despite being a unit of the famous Mann family.

Typically, her Instagram followers see photos of her children. Porcia seems to be a loving mother to her three gorgeous kids.

She also likes touring with her husband and, for the most fraction, her pals.

Porcia Mann Net worth

Net worth is the full value of all capital owned by somebody and their corporation.

To put it another path, your net economic worth is the same as your net worth. The entire value of Porcia Mann’s assets parallels her net worth.

Moreover, you’ve newly heard a lot about Porcia Mann and want to realize how much money she has.

If this is the circumstance, our website will supply you with the necessary evidence.

Porcia Mann’s net worth is rated to be at $3 million as of the year 2023.

As a result of her prosperous career as a blogger and television star, she has amassed a sizable fortune. Nonetheless, given her age, that is a substantial quantity of money.

Also, Porcia’s father David, meantime, has a net worth of $6 million as of the year 2022, which he has earned via his professional employment as an actor, comedian, and singer.

In the upswing, we wish her the best of luck in her future efforts.

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Physical Appearance

Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about her body measurement detail including her height weight, and the vital stats yet, ails in the media, however, we will shortly update this article once get the information, accordingly.

Likewise, looking at her physical appearance, Porcia has a dark skin type with curly brown hair and a dark brown part of her eyes.

Well, Above all, Porcia Mann is best remembered as a well-known Reality star, and here we share Porcia Mann, a super-talented Reality star, in this article.

Porcia Mann Facts to Know

  • Porcia Mann is an American blogger and television personality.
  • She was born on July 26, 1987, in Texas, USA, making her 36 years old in 2023.
  • Porcia is best known as the daughter of American actor and singer David Mann.
  • She has five siblings, including a step-brother and step-sister, and a younger sister named Tiffany Mann.
  • Porcia became a mother of three daughters and is also a successful blogger.
  • She started her career working for Tillymann Inc., her family’s business, before joining the cast of the BET series “It’s a Mann’s World.”
  • Porcia also has a YouTube channel where she provides makeup advice and tips.
  • In addition to her entertainment career, she holds a certification in legal reporting.
  • Porcia Mann is married to Lyhnard Morrison, and they have three daughters together: Maddison, Kennedy, and Rhiley.
  • Her estimated net worth as of 2023 is $3 million, earned through her career as a blogger and television personality.

We hope you enjoyed reading her brief but amazing biography.

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