Rachel Buffett, born on July 20, 1987, is an American actress renowned for her roles in productions like Alice in Wonderland.

Widely recognized as the “Disney princess,” she initially gained acclaim for her acting skills and talent early in her career.

Have a look at her biography to know everything about her.

Rachel Buffett Profile Summary
NameRachel Buffett
Birth Date20 July 1987
Birth PlaceOrange County, California
Age36 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'6''
Centimeter: 167cm
Meter: 1.67m
WeightKilograms: 55kg
Pounds: 121Lbs
Net Worth500 and 600 thousand dollars
Marital StatusEngaged
FianceDaniel Wozniack

Who is Rachel Buffett?

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Rachel Buffett is an American actress known for her roles in Alice in Wonderland. She is popularly known as the Disney princess.

Another significant aspect of Rachel’s life is the murder case of her fiancé, Daniel Wozniack. That murder case was popular and more like Jeffrey Dahmer’s.

In her early career, every one appreciated her for her acting skills and her talent.

But her fame started to tarnish when she tried to save her fiancé, Daniel Wozniack.

Even Rachel was sentenced to jail for assisting Daniel Wozniack. She kept a low profile in her life after being released from prison.

Early Life of Rachel Buffett

Rachel Buffett was born in Orange County, California, on July 20, 1987. She belongs to the Caucasia family, and she is of American nationality.

There needs to be more information about her parents and siblings. We will update the section as we get the information from a legit source.

We never got to know her educational details. On the other hand, Rachel was nearing the end of her psychology degree when she was arrested.

As a result, she may have studied some science courses in high school.

Rachel appears to have a brother, but no information about him can be found on the internet.

Rachel appeared to have had a strong interest in acting films since childhood and had a soft spot for Disney princess characters.

It appears that the universe heard all of her dreams.

We will update this section with more information in the future.

Rachel Buffett Age

As of 2023, Rachel Buffett is 36 years old, having been born on July 20, 1987.

Her life has been marked by both success in her early acting career and the subsequent challenges and controversies surrounding the murder case of her fiancé, Daniel Wozniak.

Rachel Buffett Career

Rachel Buffett-

Rachel Buffett started her career working in small, minor roles in films.

Everyone recognized her acting skills, and then she went the audition for the role of Alice in the movie “Alice in Wonderland.”

The film crew liked her performance, and in addition to that, her physical features were perfectly suited for the “Alice” character.

Then she acted in the Alice in Wonderland movie, which was a major hit. In another Disney project, she was selected to play the role of Princess Ariel.

All those characters raised her to fame; everyone treated her as a princess.

She had the opportunity to work on television shows such as Dateline NBC. After that, she appeared in the 20/20 television series.

In the television series mentioned above, Rachel appeared as the fiancé of Daniel. And those shows were broadcast in 2016.

Why is it such an important thing? Daniel brutally murdered his two neighbours and was sentenced to death in 2016.

Even Rachel, attending her court trials at the time, bravely attended those television shows.

But every critic bashed her for being the girlfriend of the brutal murderer.

Still, Rachel used that show to prove her innocence to people; unfortunately, that didn’t work for her.

Rachel Buffett Case Verdict

Rachel Buffett’s fiancé, Daniel Wozniack, suffered from a severe financial problem, and the following year, Daniel and Rachel decided on a grand wedding.

As he was out of money, he was planning to steal the money from his neighborhood.

Because one of his neighbors was an Afghanistan army veteran, Sam Herr, and he saved all his service money in his bank account. And he was living with his friend Julie Kibuishi.

Daniel planned to murder Julie Kibuishi, and he pretended that Herr had sexually assaulted her, prompting her to murder him (Sam).

But nothing went as planned, so he dismembered Herr’s body into many pieces, including the torso, leg, and hand. And he threw them near the surrounding areas so he wouldn’t get caught up by the police.

After performing all the murders, he transfers their saved money to his account.

But the police identified his murder plot story and arrested him in 2010. Daniel was also charged with a crime in 2016.

Meanwhile, Rachel was also part of the trial, but all her statements were made with the notion of saving her boyfriend, and she hid all the true incidents that occurred in the murder case.

However, the prosecution discovered this, and Rachel was convicted on two counts of accessory after the fact and lying to police.

And Rachel was sentenced to jail for 44 months, and she was released in 2019.

However, Rachel’s sentence was reduced to 36 months, and she may have been released by this time.

According to online sources, some people state that Rachel was released from jail, but there is no official information about that.

Rachel Buffett Net Worth

Rachel Buffett has an estimated net worth of $600,000 USD as of 2023. She was once a Hollywood movie star, so she could have earned this amount.

On the other hand, Rachel was not shown in movies or films while imprisoned. Because no one would like to cast a prisoner in their movies.

All her achievements were overshadowed by her jail terms. If she had been truthful in the court trials, the scenario might be different for her.

Rachel wanted to save his fiancée from his case, but unfortunately, both lost their lives.

Rachel Buffett Fiancé

Rachel Buffett’s fiancé’s name was Daniel Wozniak, and he is currently transferred to the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. A date for his execution has yet to be set.

Thus, it shows that Daniel is still alive and that Rachel Buffett got released from prison.

Love is a feeling that should improve the lives of two people, but it must remain true to its moral values.

True love cannot save a murderer in the name of its own. Thus, Rachel made a mistake by trying to save Daniel.

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Rachel Buffett Physical Appearance

Rachel Buffett’s height measurement is 5 feet, 6 inches, 167 cm, or 1.67 m. Her weight measurements are 55 kg or 121 lbs.

Rachel’s blonde hair and dark brown eyes were perfectly synchronized with her princess characters.

That’s it for the princess story.

What are your thoughts on Rachel’s attempt to save her murdered boyfriend? Comment on it.

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