Hospitals are meant to save human lives, and most of us treat healthcare workers with supreme respect because they have spent all their time on us, sacrificing their desires and families.

But what if? The hospital became a mortuary for people, and the person who wanted to save their lives became a grim reaper.

Here comes the story where a nurse unknowingly killed an older woman by injecting her with the wrong medicine.

Yes, this article is all about Radonda Vaught.

Let us see the details of Radonda Vaught and her husband and what happened to them.

Who is Radonda Vaught?

radonda vaught

Radonda Vaught is a former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse who rose to fame by committing homicide. And her case became so famous because Radonda’s careless behavior led to the death of her patient.

She injected a different fatal medicine into the patient, Charlene Murphey, who died due to that injection.

Thus, Charlene Murphy complained to the police, and the case became viral because Radonda Vaught gained a certain amount of support from the general public and, at the same time, received so much hatred and criticism as well.

The homicide incident happened in 2017.

And recently, the final judgment was released, stating that Radonda Vaught’s nurse license was banned so that she won’t be able to serve as a nurse for her whole life, and in addition to that, she’s been given 3 years of probation.

Even the judgment attracted lots of criticism; thus, Radonda Vaught’s name can be seen in the daily newspaper headlines.

Radonda Vaught Case Study

Let us see the full details of the incident to Radonda Vaught.

On December 24, 2017, a 75-year-old woman named Charlene Murphey was admitted to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center due to bleeding in the brain vessel.

And doctors have taken all the steps to save her life, and the one medicine they have prescribed for Charlene is “versed.”

Versed is a liquid medicine, but the nurse responsible for injecting the drug unknowingly injected a deadly paralyzing drug named “vecuronium.”

Who is the Vecuronium Nurse?

The nurse who gave the deadly medicine to that 75-year-old woman is Radonda Vaught.

Radonda’s mistake is unforgivable for three reasons:

  • The versed medicine will be in liquid form, and the vecuronium will be in powder form. How can I tell the difference between the two forms of medicine?
  • As vecuronium is a powerful paralysing drug, the package contains many warnings before usage. Even Radonda didn’t see those warnings.
  • The process of injecting vecuronium and versed is completely different because the medication procedure for injecting vecuronium is to shake the medicine well before using, but this is not the case for versed.

Even Radonda was unaware of the medication procedure.

But her one careless mistake took the life of a 75-year-old woman because that medicine caused breathlessness for the patient.

She died after 3 days due to brain death after admission to Vanderbilt University Medical Center on December 27, 2017.

And Radonda was immediately fired from the hospital.

Where is Radonda Vaught now?

radonda vaught-

Randonda Vaught was arrested for her mistake because Charlene Murphey’s family members immediately complained to the nurse.

And the case was taken to court, where the judges first decided to give a very harsh punishment of an 8-year jail sentence.

But after hearing the statement of Radonda Vaught, the verdict changed because Radonda fully apologized for her mistake and pleaded with the judge.

“I will never be the same person,” she testified. “When Ms Murphey died, a part of me died with her.”

This was Randonda’s statement to the judges.

And another stance of this case is that whenever a medical professional commits a mistake, the medical board will first handle the case. Still, here the Radonda case was directly sent to the criminal court.

Which in turn leads to lots of tussling between prosecutors and medical professionals.

What Happened to Radonda Vaught?

The court canceled Randy Vaught’s medical license and the jail sentence, and Randy received only three years of probation as a punishment.

And the patient Charlene Murphey’s son, Michael Murphey, also played a major role in the trial because he stressed to the judge to leave simple punishment for Radonda because he had told the judge only these simple statements.

“Knowing my mom, the way my mom was and stuff, she wouldn’t want to see her serve any jail time. That’s just Mom. Mom was a very forgiving person.”

His statement added extra emotional support to Radonda.

Let’s take a look at some Radonda Vaught facts.

What exactly does a Vecuronium Nurse do for a living?

Radonda Vaught was a realtor before she became a nurse, and she is running her own Horny Outdoor Apparel shop.

In addition to that, she has worked in the hidden holler farms, where she takes care of the farm animals.

What is the Age of Radonda Vaught?

Radonda Vaught is 39 years old as of 2023 and from Bethpage, Tennessee.

Is Radonda Vaught a good nurse?

Radonda Vaught finished her nursing studies at Western Kentucky University in 2015, and she was a very accomplished and bright student.

She has not had any black marks in her nursing career, except for the vecuronium case.

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Who is the Husband of Radonda Vaught?

Radonda Vaught’s husband’s name is Ed Vaught, and he is working overseas, which is why we couldn’t see him accompanying her during her trial periods.

And there is not much information about her husband.

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Bottom Line

Radonda Vaught has learned her lesson, and what she did was a grave error; becoming a medical professional is difficult; it is more about people’s lives.

The end!

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