Richie Shelton (born on 6 July 1966) is the brother of an American country music singer and television personality Blake Shelton.

In this article, we learn about Richie Shelton, his age, net worth, personal life, net worth and some facts related to her,

Richie Shelton Profile Summary
NameRichie Shelton
Birth Date6 July 1966
Age 24 Years Old (at the time of death)
Father Ronnie Musgrove
MotherDorothy Shackleford
Half-SiblingBlake Shelton and Endy Shelton
Girlfriend Redena McManus

Who is Richie Shelton?

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Richie Shelton was the older brother of Blake Shelton, an American celebrity. Though Riche is half-brother of Blake, they share a beautiful bond.

At 14, Blake Shelton faced the most difficult time in his life. Yes, he lost his big brother in an accident.

On November 13, 1990, Riche Shelton, his girlfriend Redena McManus, and her 3-year-old son Christopher McManus were traveling through the rural area of Ada in Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend collided with her car against the school bus. Within a fraction of a second, the collision became severe, and the 3 people inside the car died on the spot.

According to the online police reports of the accident, the school bus students and the bus driver were not even injured in the accident.

Thus, the exact cause of the accident is unknown even now. No further investigations were being carried out into this case.

Blake Shelton revealed his brother’s secret on a television show. It has been 32 years since Riche left this world.

Blake Shelton added his trauma of dealing with the death of his brother.

Blake Shelton shared that, after hearing the news of the death of his brother, he couldn’t manage his loss so he could call Richie’s phone to make sure he was alive, and he was waiting to hear the voice of Richie.

“But the poor kid did know that no one was going to pick up his brother’s phone.”

Early Life of Richie Shelton

Richie Shelton was born in the United States on July 6, 1966. His star was Cancer. Cancer is a sign associated with sensitivity and appreciation of the little pleasures of family and food.

In most Cancer Zodiac signs people will be more compassionate and caring. Doesn’t it have the qualities of a big brother?

Richie had the strongest bond with their family members too.

Richie’s parents were Dorothy Shackleford and Ronnie Musgrove. Richie was the only son of this Musgrove family.

When Richie was 2 years old, his father and mother decided to separate from each other for certain unknown reasons, and his mother, Dorothy Shackleford, took the responsibility of taking care of Richie.

Dorothy married Richard Shelton again. Surprisingly, most children love to take up their biological father’s surname, but Richie was a mature guy. He accepted his mother’s new reality and even changed his name to Richie Shelton.

Then the Shelton couple had two children, Blake Shelton and Endy Shelton. Thus, Richie had one half-brother and one half-sister.

Richie had grown accustomed to his new family and had become one of them, showering love on everyone.

Both Richie Shelton and Blake Shelton had similar musical favorites. Both the brothers liked country music a lot. Richie Shelton’s mother married Mike Shackleford for the third time, but the couple didn’t have any children.

In 2019, Richie Shelton’s mother, Dorothy Shelton, died. And in 2004, Richie’s father, Ronnie, died.

 Richie Shelton’s career

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Blake Shelton was born into a well-to-do family. Still, his professional details are unavailable because Blake Shelton is very specific about maintaining his brother’s privacy so we couldn’t find any details about Richie Shelton’s career.

On November 13, 2022, Blake Shelton will observe his brother‘s 32nd death anniversary. On that day, we can expect more information to be revealed because, on his 25th death anniversary, he shredded the lasting bonds with his brother.

Readers, have you ever noticed how, after the death of a loved one, we tend to forget their birth anniversary? This is the harsh reality of death.

If genuine information is revealed, we will update this article without fail. If any readers know about Richie personally, step out and share the details. Believe us; we want to know about the life of that big brother too.

Richie Shelton’s one picture is going viral on the internet. In it, Richie was wearing an American military uniform with the USA national flag behind him.

It implies that Richie Shelton might have served in the US Army. But even that single piece of information is not yet confirmed.

Richie Shelton Net Worth

Richie Shelton’s estimated net worth is not available at this moment, as he died at the young age of 24. He might not have procured large chunks of money.

His brother, Blake Shelton, is earning a million because he is a famous American singer. In the future, we will update the net worth of Richie in this article.

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Richie Shelton Girlfriend and Son

Richie Shelton had a girlfriend named Redena McManus, but his girlfriend had a 3-year-old son, Christopher McManus.

It shows that he might have been in a relationship with a married woman or a single woman who got separated from her boyfriend.

Richie and his girlfriend died simultaneously and in the same location. We hoped the couple might have joined hands in heaven.

As Richie was the hero to his brother, Blake Shelton, he couldn’t digest that he had lost his brother. Thus, he wrote a song named “Over You” by taking inspiration from his brother Richie.

Here are some lines from the “Over You” song

“It sinks in, you know when I see it in stone.  Because you went away. How dare you? I will miss you. They say I’ll be okay, but I’m not going to ever get over you. This shows his love for his brother.”

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Physical Appearance

Richie Shelton’s body statistics measurements are unavailable, but on seeing his older pictures, he seemed to have had broad shoulders and a perfect fit, and a stronger body.

He had long brown hair, an oval face, sharp black eyes, and a nose.

Richie Shelton looked like a 1990s movie star. His posture and body language looked like those of a movie star already stealing many people’s hearts. But sadly, he was gone too soon.

Does the article seem so heart-warming? The death of Richie Shelton shattered the happiness of his family.

So, live your life to the fullest, and start sharing and expressing your love for those you care about. Do you want to share some sweet messages with your loved one?

Richie Shelton Facts to Know

  • Richie Shelton is Blake Shelton’s half-brother.
  • At the age of 14, Blake Shelton tragically lost his older brother, Richie.
  • Richie Shelton, his girlfriend, and her son died in a car accident in 1990.
  • The exact cause of the accident remains unknown.
  • Richie Shelton was born on July 6, 1966, under the Cancer sign.
  • Richie accepted his mother’s new marriage and changed his last name to Shelton.
  • He had one half-brother (Blake) and one half-sister (Endy).
  • Both Richie and Blake shared a love for country music.
  • Richie’s career details are not available due to Blake’s efforts to protect his privacy.
  • Richie Shelton’s net worth is unknown, as he passed away at a young age, but his brother Blake is a successful singer.

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