Hey there, folks! Is Y’all ready to hear about Edward Matthew Lowe, the eldest son of the one and only Robert Lowe?

Well, hold onto your horses ’cause this guy is something else! Eddie, as his mates call him, is cut from the same cloth as his old man.

He’s got brains, he’s got style, and he’s got a story that’ll knock your socks off! From the bustling streets of New York City to the rolling hills of California, Eddie’s making a name for himself in a big way.

So sit tight, grab a brewski, and get ready to dive into this epic tale of ambition and family ties!

Who is Edward Matthew Lowe?

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Edward Matthew Lowe, the mate, is the eldest son of the legendary Robert Lowe, known for his brilliant mind and all-around genius.

He is an American photographer, explorer, and reality television personality. Born into a family of intellectual heavyweights, Eddie, as his mates call him, is no exception.

He’s got brains to spare and a personality that shines brighter than the Sydney Opera House.

Edward’s a bloke who’s got it all going on. He’s got that classic Aussie charm, with a sharp wit and a heart of gold.

He’s known for his dapper style and his knack for making everyone around him feel right at home.

Edward’s the kind of guy who’s always up for a good laugh and a yarn over a cold one at the local pub.

Is Edward Matthew Lowe a lawyer?

Yes, Edward Matthew is also a lawyer. He has worked as a law clerk in the Russ, August & Kabat. Presently, he is serving as the head of US talent at Komi after being an intern at William Morris Endeavor.

The American actor is also a nature lover. He loves traveling to different places and taking photographs.

Edward Matthew Lowe, is Famous For?

Alright, mates! Let’s talk about Edward Matthew Lowe, the bloke who’s made quite a name for himself.

You see, Eddie, as his mates like to call him, happens to be the elder son of none other than the legendary Robert Lowe, a bonafide American actor.

But Edward isn’t just riding on his old man’s coattails, nah! He’s got his claim to fame.

Edward Matthew Lowe has carved out his path in the entertainment industry.

He’s a rising star in his own right, making waves with his acting prowess and charm.

Moreover, He’s been gracing both the small screen and the big screen, capturing the hearts of audiences across the globe.

This bloke’s got talent running through his veins, and he’s determined to leave his mark.

Edward Matthew Lowe and Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe’s Son Edward Matthew Lowe pic
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Now, let’s dive into the heartwarming bond between Edward Matthew Lowe, the elder son of the legendary American actor Robert Lowe.

You know what they say, mates: like father, like son! These two blokes share a special connection that goes beyond their shared love for the entertainment biz.

Edward Matthew Lowe and his dad, Robert, have a bond that’s tighter than a kangaroo’s pouch.

They’ve got that good ol’ father-son camaraderie mixed with a touch of Hollywood magic.

You see, Robert has been a guiding light for Eddie, passing down his wisdom and experience in the acting world.

But it’s not just all about work for these two. They’re not just a couple of showbiz robots!

They enjoy spending quality time together, whether it’s catching a footy match, going for a ripper road trip, or simply having a yarn over a cold one at the local pub.

Edward Matthew Lowe Age

How old is Edward Matthew Lowe? Matthew Edward Lowe is 30 years old as of 2023, he was born on 24 September 1993, in Los Angeles, California USA.

He is Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff’s eldest child – Rob is a famous actor, and Sheryl is a makeup artist.

Edward Matthew Lowe Height

Edward Matthew Love is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall. At this standing, he looks really nice.

Edward Matthew Lowe Education

Coming to his academics, In 2012 Matthew attended Duke University, and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in History with a minor in Political Science.

Currently, he is studying law at Loyola Marymount University.

Edward Matthew Lowe Mother

Edward’s mom, Sheryl, was born on 20 June 1961, in Los Angeles, California US.

She is the owner of “Sheryl Lowe Jewellery.” Matthew and John Owen are seemingly close.

The “Lowe Files” allowed them to spend more time together and bond.

In June 2017 he told People magazine, ‘It really just felt like a fun trip we were on, and cameras just happened to be around.’ His cousins are Mabel Painter Lowe and Fiona Hepler Lowe.

Edward Matthew Lowe’s Siblings

Edward Matthew Lowe’s younger Brother, John Owen, was born on Nov. 6, 1995.

“My boys are my greatest achievement,” Lowe told PEOPLE in 2018.

“I can only take half of the credit — maybe not even half! The rest goes to my wife Sheryl, who’s been just an amazing partner.”

The family is very close, traveling together and sharing glimpses into their dynamic on social media, like the summer trip they took in 2022.

Lowe posted a photo of him and his sons on Instagram, captioning it, “Lowe boys on the Med.”

Edward Matthew Lowe Wiki

Robert Lowe’s Son Edward Matthew Lowe pic

While Edward Matthew is a well-known face, as we just learned that both his father and younger brother are well-known personalities.

Although Edward’s name is not yet associated with Wikipedia, his brother and father are on Wikipedia.

Edward Matthew Lowe’s Girlfriend

As per our sources, He has been in a relationship with Christina Tribull, whom he met in 2015.

Christina is also an alumnus of Duke University. She is an actress popularly known for Game of Life.

What Does Edward Matthew Lowe do for a living?

Edward Lowe is an actor and photographer. He has always had a passion for acting since childhood.

He started acting when he was only fifteen, also he is known for his appearance in the series Comedy Central Roast (2008).

However, his fame skyrocketed when he appeared in the non-fiction television series called The Lowe Files. The first episode of the TV series aired on 2 August 2017.

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