The world is obsessed with anti-aging treatments and looking youthful. People are more concerned about looking youthful over being youthful and so the cosmetics industry is booming.

However, we may have come across people who embody their youthfulness not in just their looks but in being youthful.

If you are a film nerd you may be knowing Rolonda Rochelle who is a famous actress who has played well-known characters.

Apart from being a talented actress, she is popular for her youthful appearance given the fact that she is over 50 years. Although if one might look at her may think she is in her 30s.

Rolonda Rochelle shares various information about her lifestyle and mental state and she is quite popular for it.

Here we will go through the life story of Rolonda Rochelle including her career, personal life, and much more.

Who is Rolonda Rochelle?

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Rolonda Rochelle is a well-known actress who portrays Grandma Tilda in the Big Fifty documentary, a DC-based production that is solely based on OCTET.

She is well known for her amazing social media images. Rolonda doesn’t appear to be in her 50s in the beautiful images of her.

That is why she is so adored by her admirers and followers. Age doesn’t define your beauty, as she correctly points out in the title.

She also works as a realtor and is a travel, lifestyle, and brand influencer.

Early Life of Rolonda Rochelle

Rolonda Rochelle was born Rolonda Wright on 5th September 1967 and is 55 years of age as of 2022. She was born in Georgia, United States, and holds American nationality.

She belongs to African-American ethnic background and follows Christianity religion as her belief.

Her early years and her parents have not received much attention. Rolanda recently shared a photo of a message she sent to her father on Father’s Day on her Instagram account, demonstrating their growing bond.

Similarly, we have no idea about her siblings as of now given the fact that she is quite a private person.

Rolonda Rochelle Career

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Famous actress Rolanda Rochelle portrayed Grandma Tilda in the Big Fifty film. Based on the real-life events of Delrhinda Hood, Big Fifty.

Her part in the documentary was mostly defined by her grey hair, which suited her persona perfectly.

She is well-known for playing Kourtney’s cougar lover in comedic skits about the trip. Kourtney is a comedian and social media influencer who creates short comedic videos that she shares on Instagram.

She worked as a premium real estate agent in Atlanta. In her bio on social media, she identified herself as an actor and a supporter of aging.

She is well-known and best recognized for the Instagram videos she posted with Kountry Wayne.

Volunteer Activities

Rolanda Rochelle also served as a CASA volunteer and received training to defend the rights of neglected and abandoned children.

Additionally, there is an update regarding her role as Connie in the 2022 film “why women trip,” which is still in production.

Social Media

Popular social media user Rolanda Rochelle is known for her catchy Instagram captions that have gone viral.

With her stunning and amazing social media photos, she has astounded a lot of audiences and people.

Rolonda has more than 690k followers on Instagram with the handle @rogirll. She has over 390 postings, most of which are images of her in stunning attire and lively poses.

Additionally, she posts brief amusing videos on Instagram. Her films typically focus on everyday issues like relationships and raising kids.

She receives a lot of love and respect for the pictures she posts on social media, and people adore her grey hair. Fans also adore the beach photo of her sporting vintage-style bikinis.

Her toned physique is what captivated the fans. Healthy eating habits and frequent exercise are the key factors.

Although she does not use Twitter, she does have a YouTube account with over 6 thousand subscribers. On Facebook, she has over 60K fans under the handle Rolanda Wright.

Rolonda Rochelle’s Personal Life

Rolonda Rochelle
source: Instagram

Rolanda made a point of stating that she is unmarried. She has a daughter with whom she has shared on Instagram denouncing quality and injustice for black women.

Rolonda has not yet made many intimate revelations about her husband or relationship.

She has a very private nature. Currently, she is residing in Atlantia, Georgia, according to her Instagram photographs.

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What Is Rolonda Rochelle’s Net Worth?

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Rolonda Rochelle estimated net worth is $1 million approximately as of 2022. She primarily earns through her acting career and brand collaborations.

Her yearly income is estimated to be around $76,000 approximately according to media sources.

Currently, she is living a luxurious life with her daughter in Georgia, United States.

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Rolonda Rochelle’s Height & Weight

Rolonda Rochelle is an extremely beautiful personality who radiates youthfulness. She is still healthy and active at this age, standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm with a well-kept figure.

Her nutritious diet, which includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, is the key to her toned physique.

Nevertheless, she enjoys a glass of wine, which is her preferred beverage. She carries about 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Her wide smile enhances the beauty of her personality, and she has a pair of dark brown eyes.

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