Sara Stenholm (17 August 1971) is an author and journalist by profession. currently, she is working as a reporter and host of the Good Morning World!

His father Olle Stenholm was also a journalist and he was the son of the school director Britta Stenholm and Uno Stenholm

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Profile Summary

  • Name: Sara Elisabeth Stenholm Pihl
  • Birth Date: 17 August 1971
  • Birth Place: Taby, Stockholm
  • Age: 52 years
  • Profession: Journalist and Author
  • Father: Olle Stenholm
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Residence: Sweden

Who is Sara Stenholm?

Sara Stenholm
Image – Pablo Dalence/Sveriges Radio.

Sara Stenholm is an author and journalist belonging to Sweden. She worked as the correspondent of Sveriges Radio in New York and currently she is working as a reporter and host of the Good Morning World!

In 2004 she shined out as the secondary author of Homofamiljer, along with Cecilia Stromberg.

Early Life of Sara Stenholm

Sara Stenholm was born on 17 August, 1971. She was born in Taby, Stockholm. She is the daughter of Olle Stenholm. She spent her childhood in the United States while his father was appointed a job in Washington.

Sara Stenholm has not mentioned her family members except his father. She didn’t disclose the name of her mother and other family members.

Neither she told the name of her educational institutes while it is known that she is a radio journalist and author.

The Journey of Sara Stenholm

Sara Stenholm began working as a radio correspondent in New York from 2004 to 2007. She superseded Lena Bejerot in the post.

She also served as a reporter at Sveriges Radio’s editorial offices in Stockholm and Sundsvall. Following reporting, she took part in the radio program Efter tre both as a host and a producer.

Sara Stenholm shifted to home in Sweden after Daniel Alling succeeded in the role of SR correspondent in New York in 2007.

She then started reporting at the P1 program Good Morning world. In this program, Lena Bejerot worked as one of the producers of the program.

Sara Stenholm was the host of the Swedish podcast special “USA Election podcast” after which new US presidential elections were held in 2016.

After the election, the name of the show was changed to US podcast and continued podcasts on weekdays on American politics.

Sara Stenholm and Cecilia Stromberg’s book Gay Families was established in 2004. They were then reported to be registered partners.

This is a book covering the information about how you can start a family even if you don’t belong to a nuclear family.

Sara Stenholm followed the footsteps of her father and became a journalist. His father was a journalist too. Stenholm worked as a correspondent in Moscow from 1971 to 1973.

For two years from 1974-1976, he worked at the fact editorial office of TV’2.

He was a very famous journalist and achieved great success in his life. He took the interview of Soviet nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov.

Andrei Sakharov raised his voice and criticized the lack of liberties in the Soviet System.

As a result of this interview, Stenholm was expelled from the show but received a Grand Journalist Prize. He became the foreign director for Rapport in 1979 and maintained this position till 1987.

In 1990, he was appointed as the chairman of the Publicist Club and remained at the honor till 1994. For ten years until her death, Stenholm served as the Chairman of the Poppius School of Journalism.

Sara Stenholm Personal Life

Sara Stenholm is an unmarried woman. People want to know about her personal life, what’s going in her life at this time.

Although Sara is a journalist she hasn’t revealed anything about her family members or her marriage.

She is currently single and not dating anyone. There is no news of her marriage neither she has any child. Seems like Sara is focusing on her career as a reporter and journalist.

Sara Stenholm’s father Olle Stenholm died in 2007 and was buried in Stockholm.

Sara Stenholm Net Worth

Sara Stenholm’s net worth has been increasing significantly since 2021 however, she has not mentioned her exact salary, income, assets, and net worth.

It is expected that her net worth will increase further in the future.

Sara Stenholm has kept her private life personal. She focuses on her work and likes to be conservative and we didn’t see her in many interviews.

Earning a huge net worth is all about your fate and your industrious work. If you are capable of earning, no one can stop you from earning.

I hope this biography will prove informative for you.

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