Remember Dora the explorer from your childhood?? Then you must also have learnt there was a live action adaption of it!?

Yes, so you must be really interested into knowing who played Dora in the movie???

In this really interesting article, we are going to cover all about Savannah La Rain, the girl who played Dora in the movie.

Who is Savannah La Rain?

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Savannah La Rain is an Australian actress. As of 2022 she is 17 years old.

She is well known for the character of Bodhi Mercer she performed in the “Surviving Summer” Netflix original series. She is, however, best known for playing Ash in the 2022 movie “Bosch & Rockit.”

In 2014, she began her acting career with the TV series “Wurrawhy.” She then made an appearance as Naia in the comedy-drama series “Mako Mermaids” shortly after that.

Savannah is an Aquarist by Zodiac. The characteristics of Aquarians include independence and mystery.

Nobody is quite like an Aquarius, and because they are all so distinctively different from one another, it can be challenging to categorise them as a whole.

Even the flattering adjectives you may bestow upon an Aquarian may be avoided because they dislike labels and may be avoided altogether. All these traits are seen in Savannah.

Early Life of Savannah La Rain

Savannah La rain was born on January 9, 2005, in Australia. She was raised and brought up in Brisbane, Queensland.

Much is not known about her parents as she likes to keep her life private. Hence, the name and occupation of her parents are not known t public.

But still, we know this much that her biggest support and lifeline in her life are her parents. They supported and loved her on every stage of life and gave her unconditional love and affection.

Now coming to her education, she is still in high school. Celebrities rather don’t reveal name of their education institution till they pass out from there.

This case is same with Savannah, she also doesn’t want to speak much about her school as it can compromise her privacy.

We know this much that she is in last year of her high school and will pass out next year.  She ddid very good in her early school life and was good at academics and sports.

Moreover, she also took part in many other extra and co-curricular activities.

After passing out of high school, she will most probably pursue a degree in media or fine arts.

Since childhood she was very keen about acting and modelling.

Savannah La rain Career

savannah la rain
source: Instagram

Savannah La rain is very well known for her portrayal as Dora in the movie “The lost city of gold”.

In Big Shot Season 2, she recently worked her first job as “Kate,” a rookie to the Sirens High School basketball squad.

In the Australian surfing series “Surviving Summer” on Netflix, she plays the lead character of “Bodhi Mercer,” and she also plays the supporting lead part of “Ash-Ash” in the Australian feature film “Bosch & Rockit.”

Winning five international awards for her 2018 performance as “Elke” in the short horror film “Here There Be Monsters.”

Numerous reviews were written about her, one of which stated, “Savannah Foran-McDaniel created a performance deserving of an Oscar.”

In Season 3 of the children’s television series Mako Secret Island from 2014 to 2017, she graced our screens as the Young Mermaid “Niai” and as a “Bad as Ballerina” on Nickelodeon Slime Cup.

Savannah La Rain Personal Life

Savannah doesn’t likes revealing much about her personal life. Like many celebrities for privacy reasons, she doesn’t make everything out to public.

Savannah La Rain Boyfriend

Talking about her dating life as an actress she is seen with many people. But there’s no hint of anyone being special to her.  We went through her socials and everything and no one special was found.

So, its safe to assume that she is single as of now. But it can also be like that’s he doesn’t wants to keep her relationship totally hidden from public eye.


Now coming to her interests Savannah is an Animal lover. Her favourite season is Summer and she loves the beaches and fruit flavoured ice creams.

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Savannah La Rain Net Worth

Savannah La rain estimated net worth stands around $1 million USD. Her main sources of income are her career as an actress and film star.

Coming too her monthly income it stands around $20-30k USD. As of 2021, her net worth stood around $700k USD. So, judging by her financial growth she can hit the $2 million mark in 2-3years.

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Savannah La Rain Physical Appearance

Savannah is a tall woman standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall or 1.8 meter tall, which is more than average even for men. So, we can say Savannah is a really tall woman.

She weighs around 50 kg or 110lbs which is healthy weight for a woman of her age. Furthermore, she is slim and has’ brown hair and eyes. Her fashion sense is also really good and looks very good on her.

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