Shahid Anwar (born on 22 December 1994) is a successful entrepreneur and e-commerce seller who has won millions of hearts through his remarkable success.

If stories like his biography fail to inspire someone, it’s doubtful that any person in this world could serve as a source of inspiration for them.

So, without any further delay, let’s read his biography and move ahead to achieving a successful life like him.

Who is Shahid Anwar?

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Shahid Anwar is a famous Pakistani-American entrepreneur, e-commerce seller, mentor, and social media sensation. He is known for his unique way of motivating people in this world.

Shahid is among those great people who have seen failures more than successes. He is among those people who have sacrificed their childhood, family, and entertainment to build their bright future.

Apart from that, Shahid Anwar also works in the real estate field and the stock market.

From starting his journey with a $15 USD monthly salary to making millions of dollars annually, he has come a long way.

Follow us further and get ready to read one of the most inspirational and life-changing stories of this world.

Early Life of Shahid Anwar

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Shahid Anwar was born on 22 December 1994 in Peshawar, Pakistan, in a regular family. His father used to do a watchman job in Saudi Arabia.

He left school in the 9th grade because he felt it wouldn’t help him achieve his dreams. His dad was upset with him for this decision, but when Shahid shared his dreams with his mom, she supported him.

He traveled to Karachi on a local bus with only PKR 3,000 from his mom. At first, things were tough, and he thought about going back home.

But when he considered his financial situation, he decided to stay and face the challenges.

Childhood Works and Initial Learnings

Shahid Anwar with his dad
Shahid Anwar with His Father

In Karachi, Shahid worked as a laborer, earning PKR 4,000 each month. However, he felt unsatisfied with such a small income.

So, he shared his plan with his mom to go to Malaysia. To make this happen, she had to borrow money from relatives.

In 2013, Shahid moved to Malaysia, spending about PKR 1 Lakh.

At the airport, he met a helpful Pakistani who guided him to the new country.

Later, a Bengali man assisted him in getting a job. Shahid, along with eight others, shared a room, sleeping on the floor.

Life wasn’t easy for him in Malaysia, but he never thought of going back home. He worked for two years until a significant moment changed everything.

Life-Changing Moment

One day, his boss told him to wash his car, but Shahid refused, stating that it wasn’t his job. In response, his boss slapped him hard, making him rethink his life.

From that day on, Shahid decided he wouldn’t work for someone else. He wanted to create his own company. It was like a new Shahid Anwar was born that day, with a determination to build his own path.

Early Career

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Shahid Anwar then went to Thailand and stayed in a hostel with a bunk bed.

He noticed many Pakistanis running small shops on the streets, but he wasn’t interested in that type of work.

So, he applied for an online visa and moved to Dubai, where he shared a room with his brother’s friend along with seven others.

Although he secured a job in a cafeteria for AED 3,000, he turned it down. His father scolded him, calling him Begairat (Shameless or Immodest), but Shahid embraced these words, finding them motivating.

He asked his father for a visa to Saudi Arabia, but his father refused. However, his mom helped him get one.

His Life in Saudi Arabia

Shahid was happy when he landed in Saudi Arabia, especially since his father came to pick him up. He found a job at Al-Madina Hypermarket as an operational manager, earning SAR 2500.

Despite having a job, Shahid wasn’t content and wished to be fired every day. After six months, he returned home, informing his parents that he quit.

His father scolded him and told him to leave the room with his luggage. Shahid then reached out to his older brother, who invited him to stay with him.

There, he discovered his brother living in a clay house with 15-20 people and stayed there for a month.

Turnaround Period in His Journey

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One day, Shahid was scrolling through his phone like we all do. Suddenly, he discovered and was amazed by the wholesale prices of the products.

Excited, he approached a local shoe supplier, asking for a sample to kickstart sales. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper suspected him of theft. Shahid then proposed taking only the left shoes to prove himself.

For a whole month, he visited numerous supermarkets, trying to sell his product, but no one showed interest. Every day, his brother and roommates taunted him, calling him Mochi Khan (Cobbler).

Thereafter he decided to visit the hypermarket where he used to work. There, the purchase manager not only agreed to do business with him but also placed an order for 1000 pairs of shoes.

This marked a turning point in his journey.

Utilizing His Selling Skills

Shahid then had an idea: why not use his own money to buy the shoes, sell them to the hypermarket, and keep the profits instead of going through a supplier for a small commission?

He approached his brother, asking for SAR 7000.

When questioned, Shahid explained he needed the money to buy and sell shoes, promising to return the amount within a week. However, his brother refused.

Sadly, Shahid turned to his roommates, convincing each of them to lend him SAR 7000 after two days of persuasion.

With SAR 7000 in hand, he purchased 1000 pairs of shoes at SAR 7 each, totaling SAR 7000. He sold them to the hypermarket for SAR 22 per pair, the same place where he made the initial deal.

Encouraged by the success, Shahid decided to take a store in the hypermarket and sell the shoes himself.

Taking a bold risk, he bought 2000 more pairs of shoes, stocking them in his store. The first two days brought no sales, causing stress.

However, the hypermarket manager called suddenly, informing Shahid that all his products had been sold.

This success astonished him, and he gained newfound confidence. Going from earning SAR 7000 each month, he leaped to earning SAR 80,000 monthly through this entrepreneurial journey.

With this success, he opened around four stores across the country.

Shahid Went to America

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Shahid Anwar aimed to expand his business and increase his earnings. He applied for an American Visa and was fortunate to receive it.

Afterward, he advised his father to return to Pakistan and take a break since he had already dedicated his life to the family. Shahid promised to pay his father a salary equivalent to what he earned in his job in Saudi Arabia.

He went to America, landing in New York with no one there to welcome him. Once again, he found himself in a new country without any familiar faces.

Initially, Shahid faced challenges with the American government, consistently questioning his immigration reasons.

Eventually, he had to hire a lawyer to resolve the issue, as they were considering sending him back to Pakistan.

The legal process took six months and cost him around $50,000 USD. Returning from detention, he didn’t even have money for a taxi.

Shahid then started working for Uber, putting in 16 hours a day. However, the profits didn’t meet his expectations.

He tried securing a place in the cloud kitchen, just needing a small space for himself. Unfortunately, almost 20 restaurants rejected his applications.

Finally, he found a cloud kitchen through Google, willing to rent a space for $3,000 USD. Shahid agreed and signed the contract. In the first month, he made sales of $30,000 USD, with a profit margin of around 30%.

Inspired by this success, Shahid decided to open his own restaurant called Halal-Hut in Sterling. In the first month, the earnings reached $40,000 USD. Following this, he expanded, opening three more locations across the United States.

Entry of COVID-19 in His Journey

With the onset of COVID-19, the American government imposed restrictions on dining services in restaurants. Shahid’s revenue plummeted to $7,000 USD, and that too was coming from online orders.

Facing financial strain, Shahid found it difficult to cover the restaurant rent and staff salaries. As a result, he had to make tough decisions, closing two of his restaurants and selling the third one.

Once again, he found himself at a low point, contemplating his life and financial situation. In his moments of distress, his brother suggested that he explore TikTok and Instagram for some relief.

On TikTok, Shahid came across videos where people discussed dropshipping and e-commerce businesses, claiming to have made millions of dollars.

Stunned by these success stories, Shahid wondered why he wasn’t engaged in these endeavors when others were reaping substantial profits from them.

Journey With Amazon

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Inspired by successful e-commerce sellers, Shahid Anwar created an account on Amazon Seller Central and began selling with a loan he obtained from Alibaba’s Pay Later service.

Learning from YouTube, Shahid faced significant losses in his early days with Amazon. To generate income, he initiated a cloud kitchen from his home, receiving a substantial number of orders—around 150-300 per day.

However, this didn’t sit well with his neighbors, who complained about the strong smells emanating from his home. As a result, he lost the lease for his apartment and found himself back at his apartment.

Again, Shahid returned to Amazon, using the money he earned from the home cloud kitchen.

He launched his product, the Evil Eye Ankle, through the JungleScout tool and a supplier for it through

He purchased the product for 30 cents each with a total order value of $400 USD. And you know what, Shahid sold each item for $15 USD.

Initially, his first product had no orders for six months. However, this time around, all of his products sold within two days of being sent to Amazon Warehouse.

This was his first success in the e-commerce industry.

Rise as an Amazon Wholesale Seller

After gaining valuable experience on Amazon, Shahid Anwar invested in an Amazon Wholesale business course from a mentor.

This marked a turning point as he began selling various items such as Colgate, Barbie brushes, and similar branded products on Amazon.

Expanding his product range, Shahid ventured into religious products, exploring all possibilities within this category.

His next move involved launching a product researched through Jungle Scout — Eyelashes Blue, a product popular among girls for enhancing their eyelashes.

The response of this product in America was exceptional.

Building on this success, Shahid implemented a strategy to launch successful products not only in the United States but also in Canada and Australia.

This expansion meant managing three shipments for three different countries.

Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Shahid took a significant step by launching his own brand for eyelash products.

This strategic move allowed him to further grow his business and establish a brand presence in the market.

Further, Shahid utilized his e-commerce experience and skills and earned millions of dollars through his various businesses.

Shahid Anwar Future Plans

Shahid Anwar has big dreams for his future, both at work and in his personal life. He wants to have his very own private jet, which is like a super cool airplane just for him.

Shahid is also a really awesome teacher. He loves the idea of teaching as many students as possible.

Right now, he has more than 50,000 students in his class. They’re learning all the cool stuff he has learned throughout his whole life.

His main goal is to help everyone be independent and make money for a better life. He thinks it’s super important.

And guess what? Shahid has some really cool dreams, like owning his own yacht (a fancy boat), going to the moon, and a bunch of other fancy stuff. He has got a lot of exciting ideas for his future.

Shahid Anwar Personal Thoughts

Shahid Anwar has more critics than fans, mainly because of his unique way of motivating his followers.

He often refers to them as “Gareebo,” which means poor. However, his goal is for his followers to understand why they are called this and then work hard to change it.

His main idea is to help everyone become financially successful, independent enough to let their parents enjoy life, and more.

Shahid Anwar strongly believes that the education system in Pakistan isn’t good enough to make its students millionaires. This is why he passionately urges people to open their eyes to the realities.

While some may find his motivational approach unconventional, many intellectuals argue that his intentions and vision are clear.

Shahid Anwar Net Worth

Shahid Anwar house

Shahid Anwar has an estimated net worth of $90 million as of 2023. He got this money in many different ways.

Mostly, he made money from selling things online, especially on Amazon. Further, he also earned through his real estate business and the stock market.

Shahid spent $50,000 USD on mentorship to learn about running a salon business. Now, he teaches others about it and charges $1000 for every 60 minutes.

He has already had around 500 people pay for this, so he made $500,000 USD from teaching for 60 minutes each time.

Shahid recently made his home look even fancier by adding expensive things. He even put a fancy fountain in front of his house.

People saw him flying in a helicopter over Sydney, Australia. He owns cool cars like Ferrari Roma, Bentley, and G Wagon.

Right now, he lives in a super fancy palace in the United States, which is valued at over $6 million.

Final Words

Shahid Anwar has an important message for all of you who follow him. He says, if you want to be successful in life, make sure you are around people who are already successful.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a mentor who has already achieved success.

When someone says something negative to you or tries to bring you down, use it as motivation.

Turn those negative words or actions into something positive and use them to become very successful in what you do.

We hope you enjoyed reading this biography. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this article.

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