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Shamar Mcco Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career

Today’s article is going to be about Shamar Mcco, whose disability didn’t stop him from becoming a TikTok star. We are going to talk about everything about him in today’s article.

You may have a lot of questions about him, so grab a seat and get into this article as we are going to answer all your question about him.

So, let’s begin the article by knowing in short who Shamar Mcco is.

Let’s dig in!

Shamar mcco Profile Summary
NameShamar mcco
Birth Date6 March 1997
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Age25 Years Old
Height6 Feet 2 Inches
Net Worth$1 million USD
ProfessionSocial media star
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Shamar Mcco?

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Source: YouTube

Shamar Mcco is an American Social media star. The dancing, lip-sync, and comedy videos he posted on his old mccoshamar TikTok account made him a social media star. His supporters helped him gain more than 500,000 app followers.

He started the account in May 2020

His videos mostly included lip-syncing, dancing, and comedy skit videos. He used to sometime pose as a woman too and post videos in feminine attire and makeup.

Early Life of Shamar Mcco

 Shamar Mcco was born on march 6 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Much is not known about his childhood or schooling as he likes his private life to be private and not open to the public.

But we did some research and collected some information about his early life.

Shammo went to a local high school in Atlanta. He graduated and passed out of high school with pretty good grades. He was just an average student in his school and took part in some little extracurricular activities.

The whereabouts and information about his parents also haven’t been open to the public. The name of his father and mother or what they did for a living hasn’t been known yet.

But this much is known that they raised Shammo with, love and care and never let him felt little for his disability. They stood with him and gave him support in everything he did and provided him with everything he asked for.

His childhood hobby isn’t known much but he spent his childhood mostly playing in the streets of Atlanta.

He had a liking for making videos and getting famous since his childhood.

Shamar Mcco Career

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Source: Social Media

Shammo made his TikTok account in may of 2022 and since then he has posted around 400 of short video format videos. He has gathered around 500k TikTok followers which is a big amount in a small amount of time.

He posts mostly lip sync videos, dance videos and short comedy skit on his account of 500k following and over 10 million likes combined from all his videos.

He had a slow growth initially but things started changing when his video on trey Songz-doorbell blew up and gathered him hundreds of followers and millions of views.

Under the alias Queen Shamar, he has made music available. On YouTube, his Queenshamarr Mcco channel has amassed over 10,000 subscribers.

Additionally well-liked, his shamaar.mcco.56 Instagram account has more than 20,000 followers.

He haves a long career ahead of him as a social media star. He haves a pretty good growth on all his social accounts and there’s also a good chance of his music career also getting pretty good.

Shamar Mcco Personal Life

Shamar Mcco is a very private person this can be said as much isn’t known about his personal life.

Now his fans may have questions on the topic of Shamar Mcco girlfriend? Well, much is not known if he is dating anyone as of now or not but he isn’t seen with anyone and there can be chances that he is part of LGBT and may prefer men.

Well bringing his dating life question to an end, he is single as of now and there’s no one associated romantically with him.

He haves no children as of now neither from a baby mama or adopted.

Shammo is not known to have much collaboration with other tiktokers. He also seems to be very camera-shy person. He isn’t seen much in public either as all this suggests that he wants his privacy kept safe.

His hobbies include video-making, singing, and traveling. He isn’t very much about what’s going on in his personal life.

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Shamar Mcco Net Worth

Similar to YouTube and Instagram, TikTok enables influencers and video creators to make huge sums of money through paid content like product placements in videos.

Many of the app’s content producers have been making millions of dollars!

One of the lucky people to get hold of this opportunity is Shamar Mcco. He has grossed a net worth of around $1 million USD. His main sources of earnings are his YouTube channels and music videos.

His TikTok sponsorships and brand endorsements and advertising revenue from Photo sharing app Instagram.

His net worth as of 2021 was around 700k USD, which shows really good and steady growth. His monthly earnings are around $40k USD.

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Physical Appearance

Shamar Mcco haves a long jaw and suffers from a disability that makes him look a bit different. He stands around 6 feet 2 inches or 1.9 meters. He weighs around 80 kg or 190 lbs.

He has black eyes and shaved head. He has a pretty strong body frame and most probably has a jacked physique.

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