Skye Tantaga (born on April 29, 1986) is a famous American personality who is best known as she was the previous wife of a well-known YouTuber named Onison.

Let you see how they got engaged in a relationship and know the full story of Skye Tantaga.

So, without any delay, just get into this amazing biography and grab whatever you need regarding her life.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Skye Tantaga
  • Birth Date: April 29, 1986
  • Birth Place: United States of America
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m)
  • Profession: Former YouTuber
  • School: Public US State University
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Marriage Date: August 5, 2005
  • Ex-husband: James Jackson aka Onision
  • Nationality: American

Who is Skye Tantaga?

skye tantaga

Skye Tantaga is a famous American personality who is best known as she was the previous wife of a well-known YouTuber named Onison.

They married, but the marriage couldn’t last for a long period. She got fame due to her matrimony with Onison who is a very famous YouTuber.

She is only 35 years old and comes from the United States of America. Most of the aspects of her life are unrevealed.

She is not so active on social media in addition, however, Skye is active only on Twitter. She has not told me about her assets.

She has no professional or distinctive career and most probably her net worth may be associated with her former husband.

Early Life of Skye Tantaga

Skye Tantaga was born on April 29, 1986, in the United States of America. There is no information regarding her education.

It is just known that she got her education from a Public US State University. The exact education details of schooling, collegiate or higher studies are still unrevealed.

We also don’t have information about her parents and family members. We will update it as soon we get this information.

It is also yet to be known how she spent her early life and what was her and her family’s origin.

Skye Tantaga Personal Life

Skye Tantaga is the former wife of a famous YouTuber Onision. Onision is an incredible YouTuber and he is famous for his astonishing creativity and acting competencies.

She has been a remarkable YouTube sensation with more than two million followers, he mostly makes amusing and production videos.

Skye Tantaga and Onision married on August 5, 2005. Their marriage agreement collapsed and was hooked up for a couple of years. More specifically, Skye and Onison separated after five years of relationship in 2010.

When Onison was in the United States Air Force, she met with him for the first time. They spent five years with each other having romantic life before their relationship moved to the next level.

Their marriage remained between 2005-2010. Many of their YouTube recordings show their love and intimacy and they looked like a happy couple.

It is said that they are distanced due to different life preferences, maybe it is just a rumor. It is also said that their cause of separation was differences in decisions.

In a nutshell, they divided as they didn’t want to continue their matrimony and couldn’t continue marriage life. There is no information regarding her recent relationships, dating, or hookups.

We are trying our utmost to find this information and we will update you as we find out.

Skye Tantaga Net Worth

Skye Tantaga’s estimated net worth is yet to be updated. Actually, she has not revealed her total assets like others. 

Regarding her wealth, her former husband James Jackson aka Onison could have a major role in it, as her husband is a very famous YouTuber.

Skye Tantaga’s main source of income was her YouTube channel named Tantaga and which was a famous channel through which she earned money. She later deleted that channel.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her earnings data. Yet the information regarding her net worth is pending and soon we will update it.

She has another YouTube channel FellFromTheSkye. Her new YouTube channel is also growing and with time subscribers are being increased.

Recently there are more than 8.63k subscribers and it shows that her income would be increased maximally.

Social Media Appearance

According to our deep research, Skye Tantaga who became famous due to her husband’s fame is not too renowned on social media platforms.

Maybe she is not active on these social media platforms or she doesn’t want to become famous.

She was famous on her YouTube channel, but after deleting her channel, it looks like she doesn’t want to be well-known.

We just find her only on Twitter with her actual ID but she had kept this account protected. On that account, she uploads her nice videos and images.

She has only about 500 to 600 followers on her Twitter handle, as of late 2021.

Bottom Line

Skye Tantaga comes from America and she is a very famous personality. She is known as a YouTuber, but it is not just the reason for her fame.

She was the former wife of a very famous YouTuber named Onison. Due to certain reasons, their marriage agreement ended in a few years and they got separated.

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