Sophia Urista is a budding singer who earned the moniker “Urinating Singer” after peeing on a concertgoer’s mouth.

While her band member was sorry, many people were concerned about her strange and inhumane actions during the show.

Urista had previously maintained a solid reputation in the music business. When Sophia came on The Voice’s stage to captivate the audience, she initially gained notoriety.

More significantly, Miley Cyrus, the singer, was astounded by her and loved her more than anyone in the crowd.

This article examines Sophia’s life story, covering her upbringing, professional development, and the infamous deed that catapulted her to fame.

Who is Sophia Urista?

Sophia Urista
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Sophia Urista is an American rocker, songwriter, and singer who gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons. The performer threatened the reputation of her band by going a little too far with a stage act.

This singer has served as the bandleader of the renowned New York-based cover band Brass Against despite all of those challenges and tribulations.

On the other side, this vocalist is also known for penning several popular songs.

The following are only a handful of them: Stinkfist, The Pot, Wake Up, Arms of Love, Killing in the Name, Everything About You, Know Your Eney, Walk, Testify, Letarlus, Sleep now In the fire, and several others.

Sophia Urista Age

Sophia Urista, the accomplished rock singer, is 38 years old as of 2023, born on November 1, 1985, in the United States. In her late 20s, Sophia gained prominence in the music industry, showcasing her powerful vocals and stage presence.

Early Life of Sophia Urista

Sophia Urista-
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Sophia Urista was born on 1st November 1985 and is 38 years of age as of 2023. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States, and holds American nationality.

Urista belongs to Afro-American ethnic background and follows the Christianity religion as her belief.

Sophia has reportedly always wanted to work in show business, but her parents disapproved. Sophia had a lifelong passion for singing.

Even though her parents never encouraged or supported her, this woman was destined to be a singer.

With $700 in her pocket and million-dollar goals in her heart, she decided to move to New York City at the age of 21 to pursue her dreams.


In the American city of Detroit, Michigan, she completed her education. Sophia graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree.

She was a medical student at a university, according to trustworthy sources.

Did she complete her education? Has she received her degree? We don’t know. But given her talent for singing, we think she may have interrupted her education.

While attending university, she continued to be active in her singing career. She once participated in a musical event as a performer.

Sophia Urista Career

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Career In Acting

In 2014, this well-known vocalist began her career as an actress. Fortunately, she was able to get a part in the well-known John Wick.

She gained fame for her role in John Wick after that. A few years later, she was hired for a different position in sales.

A few years later, Love Magical featured this beauty once more. Ursula seems to have both the talent and a terrific voice to succeed as an actor.

Career In Singing

Before “The Voice,” she participated in the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and received coaching from Quincy Jones. Sophia competed on The Voice in every round up to her elimination.

Lead singer for the band “Brass Against,” Urista, is currently writing new music. She also became well-known for her work as an MC at renowned clubs like Duane Park and The Box.

She made an appearance at Rockwood Music Hall’s Brooklyn Afropunk Music Festival. Likewise, she held her performance at the Irving Plaza, PunchDrunk, and Simpsons.

Sophia Urista Personal Life

Sophia Urista does not have a boyfriend rather, she has a girlfriend, with whom she has been living together, a Peloton fitness instructor named Jess King, since February 2015.

The full name of Jess King is Jessica King. She is a senior exercise instructor for Peloton as well as a certified life coach and a social media influencer.

Jess was a dancer in the past, but she gave up dancing to work as a fitness instructor.

Sophia and Jess recently revealed they would get married in September 2020. With her solo single “Everything About You,” Sophia got Jes engaged.

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What is Sophia Urista Net Worth?

Sophia Urista estimated net worth is $7 million approximately as of 2023. Hee estimated net worth for the previous year 2022 was $6 million approximately.

She has released several jams throughout her career and for which she consistently receives royalties.

Apart from that her popularity gets her huge brands begging for her to promote their brand and do endorsements.

That is also another source of her income. As well all know she also does love concerts frequently.

Urista’s estimated annual salary is around $1 million approximately. There are future possibilities for increasing her net worth.

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Sophia Urista Height & Weight

Sophia Urista is a gorgeous personality with curly hair which are honey brown. She has a warm skin undertone and a natural complexion.

Urista is quite tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm and weighs around 55 kg or 121 lbs. She wears a shoe size 7 US.

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