How about introducing a change and talking about any different profession and activity rather than acting, dancing, and singing? How about discussing journalism.

Journalism is defined as the activity of creating, gathering, presenting, and assessing information and journals are the products of these activities.

These journals are then read by people and they hold their opinions over them.

Understanding the craft of a profession is a crucial point. Journalism has existed in the world since the day humans get the idea to communicate.

In general words, journalism is a form of communication in which you connect with the world through writings. It is one of the widely accepted ways of expressing one’s viewpoint.

A name related to journalism comes to my mind. The name is Stefan Gehrer.

I would like to share its journey with you of becoming a journalist.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Stefan Gehrer
  • Date of Birth: 1967
  • Place of Birth: Austria
  • Age: 56 years
  • Profession: TV journalist and presenter
  • School: High School
  • University: the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Columbia School of Journalism, and Duke University
  • Education: French, and Business Administration
  • Father: Fritz Gehrer
  • Mother: Elisabeth Gehrer
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Residence: Austria

Who is Stefan Gehrer

Stefan Gehrer

Stefan Gehrer is a television journalist and presenter of Zeit im Bild based in Austria. He has been presenting the informative magazines Akutell in Austria and Mittag in Austria since 2019.

For two years from 1992 to 1994, he worked as the ORF Teletext and his job as an editor for Zeit im Bild began in 1995.

Early Life of Stefan Gehrer

Stefan Gehrer was welcomed into this world in 1967. He was born in Austria. As of now, he has enjoyed 54 years of his life.

He was born to the family of future Minister of Education Elisabeth and Fritz Gehrer as their son.

He is highly educated and graduated from high school performing military services.

After high school, he went to the University of Vienna to study French and in addition to French, he studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

He completed his French study in 1990 and took five more years to complete business administration (1995).

His educational journey began to expand and in 1996, he was admitted to the Columbia School of Journalism, and in November 1997, he settled in Duke University in North Caroline.

Along with his studies, he began to work.

He was working as an editor of Vorarlberger Nachrichten in Vienna and Austria Press Agency in Bregenz.

He was also volunteering at the ORF center in Kuniglberg and ORF regional studio in Vorarlberger.

The Journey of Stefan Gehrer

Stefan Gehrer hold the path of editing as a professional in 1992. From 1992 to 1994, he did the editing for ORF Teletext and 1995 for Zeit im Bild.

In 1999 he started journalism and represented the economic climate section for the ORF business magazine named Euro Austria.

He worked as an ORF correspondent from Brussels between 1998 and 2000. He continued working and in 2005 he was appointed as an ORF correspondent in London.

From October 20002 to 2003, he was representing time in the picture at 7:30 pm. The timing changed in 2008 and he began doing it at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

He took the self-control of main news at 7:30 pm when Rainer Hazivar shifted to Austria 1 in November 2018.

However, he was replaced by Johannes Marlovits in 2019, and from that time Stefan began to represent information magazines Mittag in Austria and Aktuell in Austria.

His services continued and in 2012, he did commentary on the opening event of the 179th Oktoberfest in Munich in Lederhosen.

He was checking shirts with a liter of beer and pretzel on the moderation table.

Stefan Gehrer Personal Life

Stefan Gehrer Television presenter

Stefan Gehrer hasn’t talked about his personal life openly with his audience.

He is currently single with no children. There is no news of the current relationship or if he was previously engaged.

However, it is interesting to know about the personal life of his mother Elisabeth Gehrer. Elisabeth Gehrer, a primary school teacher married Fritz Gehrer in 1964.

The couple moved to Bregenz, Vorarlberg where she became a housewife. The family of this couple was completed by three sons, among them, one is Stefan the journalist of ORF.

Stefan Gehrer Net Worth

Stefan Gehrer just like his personal life hasn’t revealed his net worth. His assets, salary, income, and wealth are under calculation.

However, it is known that his basic source of living is his job of being a journalist.

Moreover, Elisabeth Gehrer has an impressive wealth of $1 million. After moving to Vorarlberg, she decided to step into politics in 1980 and began her career as a regional politician in Bregenz.

She worked at various political positions in Vorarlberg till 1995 and in 1995, she was appointed as Federal Minister.

She announced her stepping down in the Austrian Legislative election in 2006 and succeeded in her motive in January 2007.

She got success over Johannes Hahn and Claudia Schmied in these elections.

She also worked as the scout leader and National Commissioner of Rangers and teamed Woodbadge pieces of training in 1976.

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