A young rising star, Taliah Webster is an American actress and dancer. She is best known for her appearance in the film Good Time (2017) and Caper (2019).

As of August 2021, Taliah is only appeared in 3 films, including a TV series. Although, this is just her start as the actress is performing extra-ordinary in all of her roles.

She could be soon seen in big films and TV series. Being her fan or a story enthusiast, you just need to know about this star. So, begin her biography below that you can’t find all over the internet.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Taliah Webster
  • Birth Date: 23 May 1998
  • Birth Place: United State
  • Age: 23 Years
  • Height: 5 Feet, 5 Inches
  • Estimated Net Worth: $300,000 USD.
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: USA

Early Life of Taliah Webster

Taliah Webster

Taliah Webster was born on 23 May 1998 in the United State of America. She has not revealed her parents’ names as she becomes very secretive when anything comes to her private life.

In fact, she hasn’t revealed a lot about her educational background. However, it is well-known that she attended the Theater Arts Production Company School, also known as TAPco, on New Year. Not much information is available about this star. However, we have succeeded to cover every available thing about her.

Her Acting Career

Taliah Webster made her film debut in 2017 in the indie crime film Good Time and played her role as Crystal. She gained a lot of fame after appearing in this movie.

In fact, she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female. Thereafter, she appeared in a short horror-comedy film Hair Wolf in 2018. In this film, she played a supporting role as Eve.

Her appearance in these two films led her to gain a lot of fame and followers in the industry. Following her great performance, she got a chance to appear in a TV series titled Caper released on 1 January 2019. She played a great role as Jewels.

Talking about her social media appearance, she is available on Instagram and Twitter. She has more than 2.9K followers on Instagram and over 145 followers on Twitter.

She is quite inactive on her social media handles as she is still pursuing her career. But we all believe that she would be seen as a great actress in the coming years.

Taliah Webster Personal Life

Taliah Webster is a rising star who is putting all her efforts into making her bright future. Currently, she is looking for opportunities that can upgrade her acting career to another level stage.

As of now, she has looked very skillful in all of her films and TV series. If we talk about her marital status, she is still unmarried. Also, she is single and has no boyfriend as of 2021.

Taliah is currently focusing on her career and avoiding things that can divert her from her route. However, this is not confirmed by her that either she is single or not. As we saw earlier, she is a very private lady and never likes to talk about her personal life. Anyway, she is doing great and would be famous openly in the coming periods.

Taliah Webster Net Worth

Taliah Webster has not revealed her net worth and even not any organizations have talked about this. The reason behind this is her career as a fresher. She is not that famous and that’s why her earnings are undisclosed.

But if we estimate her net worth, it would come near $300,000 USD. But again, this is not the real one and wouldn’t be said correctly until she will talk about it.

Taliah’s future looks really bright in terms of money. When she will become famous, she can also do brand promotions and advertisements to earn an abundant amount of capital for her.


  • Caper (TV series) – as Jewels in 2019
  • Hair Wolf – as Eve in 2018
  • Good Time – as Crystal (as Taliah Lennice Webster) in 2017.

The Bottom Line

Taliah is not only an actress but also a dancer as she has mentioned in her Instagram bio, as of August 2021. She could be an inspiration for many young actors in the next few years. Currently, she is looking for new films and TV series through which she can represent her skills in a dashing way.

It’s been more than a year since she hasn’t appeared in any film. Anyway, Taliah is a great actress of all time and would be always in her fan’s hearts.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Taliah Webster. Let you share your feedback and information about her.

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