Taylor Dearden (born on February 12, 1993) is more continually famous as Taylor Dearden is an American actress.

In this article, we will read about Taylor Dearden’s age, height, weight, net worth, career, fame, Instagram, nationality, job, husband, boyfriend, children, parents, family, and facts.

Who is Taylor Dearden?

Taylor Dearden Cranston is more often popular as Taylor Dearden is an American actress. She is popular for her prominent role as Ophelia in the MTV show Sweet/Vicious.

Afterward, she rose to further fame by playing the role of Chloe Lyman in the second season of the Netflix mockumentary American Vandal.

Early Life of Taylor Dearden

Taylor Dearden was born on February 12, 1993. She was welcomed in Los Angeles. California, U.S. As of now, she has spent 30 years of her life. Taylor was born into a family of actors.

Her mother Bryan Cranston and father Robin Gale Dearden both are actors.

She is one of the well-educated actresses. She did her graduation from the University of Southern California in 2015. She completed her graduation with a BA in theatre.

The Journey of Taylor Dearden

Taylor Dearden has been working in acting for more than a decade now. Her parents are actors and their profession had a great influence on her so she decided to pursue a career in acting.

She started her career as a performer in the year 2010. In the first year, she appeared in one of the episodes of Breaking Bad called “No Mas”.

From 2011 to 2016, she has been featured in different short films Dearden played the character of McKenzie in the web series 101 Ways to Get Rejected.

This web series was based on two seasons and it runs from 2013 to 2014.

This show was created by fellow USC student Susie Yankou and it was directed by Mike Effenberger. She was seen in the MTV show Sweet/Vicious in 2016.

In this show, she put life into the character of Ophelia Mayer. This show was written and created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and it was claimed critically for portraying campus sexual assault.

It was liked by critics and reviewed Dearden’s work positively but unfortunately, the show was canceled after its first season.

In 2017, she was seen in the film The Last Champion. Cole Hauser was also a part of this show. Cole was playing the role of former Olympic wrestler John Wright.

Dearden appeared in the second season of the Netflix mockumentary American Vandal in the year 2018.

She was witnessed in the character of Chloe Lyman along with other co-stars such as Griffin Gluck, Travis Tope, and Tyler Alvarez.

Besides, her acting we have seen Dearden adopting all the forms of being an artist. From filmography to web series, we have seen her all three types.

As far as her television work is concerned, in 201o she was seen in Breaking Bad episode “No Mas” as a sad-faced girl.

Then she returned to television in 2016 and did Sweet/Vicious as Ophelia Mayer which comprised 10 episodes and lasted till 2017.

In the next year, she acted as Chloe Lyman in eight episodes of American Vandal.

About filmography, it came to the surface that Dearden has been doing films since 2011. Her first short film was Calling including her as Caroline following her second short film that was named Red Handed.

In this short film, she acted as Jo and she worked as a Co-executive producer too.

Her third short film was The Fourth Wall released in 2013 in which she was seen in the role of Danielle. Then after a break of one year, she returned to films in 2015.

Her first short film as a director was The Cigarette. Some of her other short films are Smash Face as Helen (2016), and Heartthrob in the character of Cleo in 2017.

She recently participated in the short film The Last Champion as Joanna Miller in 2020.

Dearden has some pending projects too. In the coming time, we will be seeing her in the series, To Whom It May Concerns with the stage of pre-productions.

Being an actor, she has been successful in saving her from being involved in any sort of controversy. Also, she has managed to keep the rumors at a distance.

Taylor Dearden Personal Life

Taylor Dearden’s relationship status is single currently. Till now she never shared any about her partner or dating history.

Although she shares a very strong relationship with her friend Lexi Klein that has been with her since childhood.

People may go through her social media accounts to know about her love life but there is nothing in this regard that they can get from her accounts.

She is active on Instagram with more than 10k followers and her Instagram posts suggest that she likes dogs and feels happy to spend time with them whenever she is free.

Her Twitter account is also active with over 4.8k followers.

Taylor Dearden Net Worth

Taylor Dearden has been able to maintain her career as a successful celebrity. Through her entertainment and acting, she has gathered an estimated net worth of $3 million USD.

Apart from acting, she also makes money through her production works.

If talking about her father, he is a successful actor, director, and producer his net worth is $40 million. At all, she is financially stable and holds the potential of a luxurious life.

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