Terri Gowdy (born on 11 September 1964) is Trey Gowdy’s spouse and a former beauty extravaganza winner. She was once topped off the ‘Miss Spartanburg.’

Likewise, she shared a mesmerizing life story of her that we all should know, Furthermore today, in this article we are all set to enlighten her life with you all.

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Terri Gowdy Profile Summary
NameTerri Gowdy
Birth Date11 September 1964
Birth PlaceGreenville, South Carolina
Age60 Years Old
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Net Worth$1 Million
UniversityBaylor University
EducationBachelor Of Arts in History
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandTrey Gowdy
ChildrenWatson, Abigail

Who is Terri Gowdy?

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Terri Gowdy is Trey Gowdy’s spouse and a former beauty extravaganza winner. She was once topped off the ‘Miss Spartanburg.’

She was also a one-time second runner-up of the ‘Miss South Carolina procession.

As of January 2019, she was a primary school teacher in the Spartanburg School District 6.

She came to the limelight as the wife of politician Trey Gowdy.

Early Life of Terri Gowdy

She was born on 11th September 1964, in Greenville, South Carolina, USA in a God-fearing family and daughter to Frank Pat and Pat Dillard.

As of the year 2023, she is 60 years old.

Terri has spent most of her life in Spartanburg, South Carolina. However, she has not publicly disclosed any information about where she went to school.

Meanwhile, her husband succeeded from Spartanburg High School in 1982 and Baylor University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in history.

Terri Gowdy Career

Terri Gowdy is a certified teacher who has assisted her in building her family. The couple met at a church youth headquarters and got married in 1989. Also, her spouse helps her initial Christian significance in their children.

Miss South Carolina

Furthermore being known as the wife of Trey, Terri is prominent for her participation in the ‘Miss South Carolina exhibition, where she made up to the second runner-up.

Terri Gowdy Personal Life

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Terri and Trey met each other through a church youth group. They ultimately married and cheered their two children.

They have one son named Watson and one daughter appointed Abigail. Trey marked Abigail’s 20th birthday through an Instagram post dated 18 February 2017.

Terri Gowdy’s family

The former congressman’s wife is three years older than her husband, who was born in 1961. As an animal lover, she enables her family to keep three dog pets, a Bailiff, Judge, and Jury.

Trey and Terri Gowdy’s children are Watson (son) and Abigail (daughter). Watson was born in 1983 and researched at Clemson University, then Washington School of law.

His sister was born in 1988 and planned to study law upon succeeding at South Carolina University.

The family would often receive threats since their father was a prosecutor before coming to be a politician later.

Terri Gowdy’s Husband, Trey Gowdy

Terri’s husband, Trey, was born Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III on 22 August 1964 in Greenville and put forward in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

He was born to his mother, Novalene, and his father, Harold Watson Gowdy Jr. As a teenager, Trey functioned at a local market.

He also worked as a deliveryman before the Herald-Journal newspapers. After succeeding from Spartanburg High School, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Baylor University in 1986.

However, He overdue obtained a law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1989.

An amazing kick to Trey’s career

Trey began his legitimate career working as a clerk in the South Carolina Court of Appeals. After clerking for state and national judges for a few years, he came to be a federal prosecutor in 1994.

He attended as a prosecutor for over a decade in the U.S. District Court in South Carolina.

From 2011 to 2019, Trey attended as the U.S. representative for South Carolina’s fourth congressional district.

During that time, he fulfilled several committees, comprising Judiciary Committee, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Trey Gowdy’s Leading Investigations

He rose to significance after leading investigations into the 2012 Benghazi attack on the U.S. duty that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

Nonetheless, on 31 January 2018, Trey issued a statement saying that he intended not to go for re-election and retire from Congress.

He said, “Whatever mastery I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I celebrate our magistrate system more than our political system.

As I look back on my career, it is the jobs that both seek and award fairness that is most rewarding.”

In 2019, he joined Fox News as a contributor. On 12 May 2021, Fox News declared that Gowdy would be hosting a live Sunday news show from early June 2021.

Trey is also an author. He circulated a book, ‘Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade,’ on 18 August 2020.

Terri Gowdy’s Social Media

Trey Gowdy’s wife does not have social media counts. Accordingly, only a few photos of her are available online.

Also, most of them are pictures she took with her family, but Terri Gowdy did not upload them online.

Terri Gowdy Net Worth

Terri Gowdy has an amazing lifestyle, And her husband supports her majorly, here. According to our online research, She has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of the year 2023.

And previously, 1.5 million as of the year 2022. And the major source of her net worth is her academic career and trey’s extreme prestige.

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Physical Appearance

Terri Gowdy Height Terri stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches ( 1.75 meters or 175 centimeters) and weighs 173.8 lbs. ( 79kgs ), She has been a part of a beauty pageant.

However she must be a beautiful lady at the age of 60 she has a pear-shaped figure, and she keeps maintaining her personality.

Similarly, she is quite conscious about what to eat or avoid, According to a number of her pictures, Terri has blonde-colored hair and her eyes are dark brown.

Well, We share the great former educator, an enormous beauty pageant winner, and wife of Tery Gowdy, Terri Gowdy in the article. We hope you enjoyed reading her brief but amazing biography.

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