Terrie Diaz is the spouse of Joey Diaz who mainly likes to keep herself away from the spotlight.

Her inherently private and reserved nature keeps her largely out of the public eye, with her sole claim to fame being her marriage to Joey Diaz.

Continue reading to know the curious personality of such a person Terrie Diaz, the wife of the very famous popular comedian Joey Diaz. 

Terrie Diaz Profile Summary
Name Terrie Diaz
Birth Date19 Fab 1963
Birth PlaceNashville, USA
Age60 Years Old
Net Worth$1.5 Million
ProfessionFinancial Advisor
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJoey Diaz
Marriage Date25 November 2009
ChildrenMercy Soa Diaz
ResidenceLos Angeles, USA

Who is Terrie Diaz?

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Terrie Diaz is the celebrity wife of Joey Diaz who unlike some of her kind prefers to work completely away from the limelight. She is a very private person and reserved by nature. 

This is the reason why there is so little information about her and her life. Her only claim to fame was her marriage to her husband Joey Diaz. 

Early Life of Terrie Diaz 

Terrie Diaz was born in the mid-1980s most probably in the late 1980s in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America. 

Some even say that she was born on February 19, 1963, and is 59 years of age as of today. 

Her exact date of birth is not available due to her low-key nature. She may be in her 50s as of 2022.  Born Catherine nee Murray, she took up the surname Diaz when she got married. 

She has done her schooling in the States and may have finished college. 

She did take up random jobs early on to support her income before moving to Los Angeles for better opportunities. 

Information about her parents and siblings is not really known. But she and her family are whites of American nationality. 

Terrie Diaz Career

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Terrie Diaz is said to have served as a financial advisor at a law firm in the United States. Later she also worked at a club after completing her graduation from college in the 1990s. 

She does have an Instagram account under the name, terrie_diaz. However, her account is private. 

She has around 1000 followers on her official Instagram account. So it is not sure whether she earns from her social media handles as well. 

Terrie Diaz Husband

Terrie Diaz has been married to his husband Joey Diaz since a decade.

They got married on the 25th of November, 2009, and have a beautiful daughter together named Mercy Soa Diaz. 

Mercy Soya Diaz was born on 8 January 2013 and is currently 9 years old. 

The family lives in Los Angeles, California as of 2022. 

Joey had a wife before marrying Terrie. They split up in 1991. The ex-couple had a daughter together. 

Another interesting fact is that even Joey Diaz is a private person. So there are no interviews or talks about their personal life.

It is not exactly known how they met or how they fell in love. But it is sure that their wedding was attended by close friends and family. 

They make sure that just like their lives are private, even mercy’s life is shielded from the spotlight. 

The couple has been together so long can be truly said to have found love with each other. 

Their love life however was not always a merry ride as Joey once got addicted to cocaine. Yet he overcame it and made the marriage a successful one. 

Terrie helped him get over the addiction to build the lovely family that they are today. 

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Terrie Diaz Net Worth

Terrie Diaz’s net worth is not actually revealed to the public forum. However, her rich husband’s net worth is claimed to be $6 million as of now. 

Terrie is a mysterious individual who hardly exposes any information about herself or her family. 

She still is estimated to have a lot of money to herself and does enjoy a good lifestyle with her husband. 

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Physical Appearance 

There is literally no authentic information about her body measurements. However, it can be said that she sports light brown or burgundy-colored short hair. 

She has a very fair complexion with big blue eyes. Her thin-set lips do make her quite gorgeous and beautiful. 

The family does appear on Joey’s official website Joeydiaz.net.

His wife joined the podcast Terrie Diaz- a mother’s day special to tell the world about the love he has for her and how she is the backbone of the family. 

So here is some of the rare information about the very reserved family of the Diaz. Share with us some more information if you have one. 

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