Are you guys more interested and thrilled to see the goals of American football players? Then do you also extend your ears to hear rumors or scandals about the players?

In this article, we will discuss the marriage scandal of the former American football player Tiki Barbers and his ex-wife Ginny Cha.

Tiki and Ginny were among the most celebrated couples in the past, but Tiki’s sudden cheating ruined their lovable relationship.

Some groups of people supported Tiki, while others supported Ginny. What happened between that couple? Who is Ginny Cha, who is appearing in the headlines?

We will see through it.

Who are the Tiki Barbers?

Tiki Barbers
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Tiki Barbers is a former American football player who played for the New York Giants as a running back in the National Football League.

He is a very talented player. After he announced his retirement from sports, Tiki joined the NBC channel as a correspondent in 2006.

He was invited to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame to recognize his sporting talent in 2011.

Apart from being a famous and popular player, his marriage cheating case was not less popular. It was seen in the news headlines for two years, with his marriage problems and divorce trials.

In this way, his first wife, Ginny Cha, became a famous personality.

Who is Tiki Barbers’ Ex-Wife Ginny Cha?

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Ginny Cha is the ex-wife of the former famous American football player Tiki Barbers, a fashion publicist who has closely worked with many fashion brands.

She was the love of his life; for him, Ginny even took a career break to care for his children, but in turn, she got a big treasonous attitude from her husband.

But Ginny has boldly faced all the situations and stood as a strong lady.

What happened between those two inseparable pairs?

Tiki Barbers and Ginny Cha Cheating Story

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Tiki Barbers married his university sweetheart, Ginny Cha; they got married in 1999 and were a happy couple for 11 years.

And the thunder struck down when Ginny heard of her husband cheating on her.

Initially, Ginny Cha thought it was a mere rumor, but unfortunately, it turned out to be the truth.

Let us see the incidents that led to this big problem.

After Tiki Barbers announced his retirement, he started working as a correspondent on NBC and was doing a show named “The Today Show.”

During that show, there arrived an NBC intern named “Traci Lynn Johnson.”

Traci and Tiki met on the show; they became very close friends, and sometimes Traci babysits Tiki’s babies.

Thus, their relationship kept increasing in closeness. Then the rumor started spreading in the sports world.

In one of the Sports Illustrated magazine issues, Tiki shared that he and Tracy would hide in his agent Mark Lepselter’s attic once to prevent getting caught in front of the media.

His statement clearly shows that Tiki had a romantic relationship with Traci. But Tiki didn’t accept that, and Ginny couldn’t tolerate his infidelity. Thus, she decided to divorce Tiki.

But Tiki strongly said he wasn’t in a romantic relationship with Tracie; he turned the allegations against Ginny.

Thus, their divorce cases dragged on for two years before they finally divorced.

After eight days after divorcing Ginny, Tiki married Traci in a simple marriage ceremony.

Then how can a person move on to their next marriage within 8 days if he didn’t love Tracy in the first place?

Thus, Tiki’s act clearly shows that Tiki cheated Ginny. But the greatest irony and the saddest part is that Ginny was expecting twins when her husband was in an illegal relationship with Tracy!

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What is The Age Difference Between Tiki Barbers And Ginny Cha?

When Tiki married his second wife, Traci, their age difference was the talk of the town because Traci was only 23 when she married 37-year-old Tiki. Thus, the age difference is 14 years.

Let us see the age difference between him and his first wife, Ginny.

Even though Ginny and Tiki studied at the same university, during that time, Ginny was a freshman, and Tiki was a sophomore. Thus, their age difference will be around 3 to 4 years.

Let us see some biography details of Ginny Cha.

What is the Age of Ginny Cha?

Ginny’s exact date of birth is not available, but approximately, she will be around 43 to 45.

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Who are the Parents of Ginny Cha?

Her parents are Win Cha and Nga Cha, and she has one sibling named Myong Cha.

How many kids did Ginny Cha and Tiki have?

They have four kids: Atiim Kiambu Junior, Chason, Riley, and Ella. Riley and Ella are twins, and they were born during their parents’ separation.

We hope everyone understood the reasons behind the separation of celebrity couple Ginny Cha and Tiki Barbers.

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