Timmy Thick (born on August 21, 2002) is a famous social media personality from the United States who became famous by posting provocative pictures.

At first, he became famous in 2016 after he posted some selfies of himself twerking, which were sexual on his Instagram account TIMMYTHEBARBIE.

These videos quickly made him famous, with people talking about him and making him a popular social media celebrity. He is popular for posting provocative pictures and videos on social media.

Continue reading to learn about this interesting personality Timmy Thick.

Profile Summary
NameTimmy Thick
Birth Dateborn on August 21, 2002
Birth PlaceNew York City
Zodiac SignLeo
Age21 years old as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 4′ 11″
In Centimeter: 150 cm
In Meter: 1.50m
WeightIn Kilogram: 48 kg
In pounds: 106 lbs
Net Worth$30,000 USD as of 2023
Professionsocial media personality
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is Timmy Thick?

Timmy Thick
Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick is an internet star who became popular through his Instagram page. It is arguable whether it is popularity or negative popularity because in his Instagram page, he mostly published obscene content.

He began emerging as a popular star on social media in 2016. Timmy Thick is also known as Juju Belaire in some of his social media accounts.

Later he even had to take down the page because of its inappropriateness and consequential backlash. He is also popular on YouTube and across other social media platforms you may find him posting obscene pictures of himself.

One has to say that he is making use of the impact of the internet to get quick publicity and probably even the opportunity to earn income. You may even find pictures of him that surprise you and make you wonder at times.

The content might even question the morality of highly principled people. But in this day and age you are nobody to judge anybody else because we live in a free world.

People make their choices in life and propagate whatever persona of theirs that they find comfortable to let the world know. Timmy Thick has chosen to present himself in the way he finds attractive and comfortable and he is raping the results of it.

Whatever you might judge he also has followers and supporters who are sustaining him in the social media space. Timmy Thick is a pseudonym and not his real name which he has kept private.

Some reports claim that his real name is Justin but there is no solid evidence proving it. Even in that case, there is also no clue about what the last name is.

Irrespective of who he is and what his background is, Timmy Thick has made a unique and sometimes strange space for himself in social media. There were multiple occasions when people reported obscene content on his Instagram page, and it had to be disabled.

Early Life of Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick was born on August 21, 2002, to parents who are publicly unknown in New York City. There is not a lot of information available about early life, family, siblings, among others.

Except that he was born and raised in New York City, there isn’t too much information available about him. In social media there is also hardly anything about his private life or his childhood.

He has maintained a unique form of privacy when it comes to his personal life. This is a bit strange at times, but one has to accept that reality could be different from person to person.

Once in his content, he expressed how much he is influenced by Nikki Minaj and loves her sense of fashion. Therefore, one might even think that his choice of colorful wigs and the exposure of his body might be inspired by the style of Nikki Minaj.

Timmy Thick Age

Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick is 21 years old as of 2023 because he was born on August 21, 2002.  He is very young and ambitious, pursuing his goals the way he knows best.

Timmy pretty much has taken the risky road to what he intends in his life. Therefore, he has been facing criticism and objections from many quarters, but he seems to not be affected by it.

To see it from a different perspective, he has stayed true to his real self and personality in life and on social media. He has been unfazed by the public outcry and brickbats he has been receiving.

Timmy Thick Height and Weight

Timmy Thick pic 2

Timmy Thick is 4 feet and 11 inches tall which is equal to 150 centimeters or 1.50 meters. He has a weight of 48 kilograms which is equal to 106 pounds.

Timmy is a short person which makes his overall appearance quite cute. In fact, his height and weight complement each other well giving him an interesting appearance in general.

One of the reasons why people liked him was his short stature and the shows he put forward with his body attracted people to him.

Timmy Thick Career

Timmy Thick is a social media personality and star from New York city who became famous through his Instagram.

On social media, he is known for his pictures which border on provocation and sexual content. Timmy dresses up with colorful nails and wigs and gives vibrant and sultry poses, which are published on social media pages.

From showing his body with makeup and dresses, he used to consistently post such pictures on his social media platforms. This has helped him with whatever popularity he has achieved till now, but it also soon subsided.

Public opinion and reporting of his page for obscene content disabled his page several times. Therefore, his fame is short-lived and nobody knows where he is now.

He also shows great humor in his content on social media which also sometimes deviates to the “dirty” zone. Nasty elements in his social media content were subjected to reporting many times.

Irrespective of all that he also had a unique audience who followed very closely. Due to some unknown reasons, he is not using any social media platforms anymore.

During his heydays on social media, he had several thousands of followers across his social media accounts across platforms.

Timmy Thick Girlfriend

Timmy Thick is single and not in a relationship as of 2023. He is young but had relationships previously but not now.

His state of personal life is not open to the knowledge of people around him. Nobody knows about his personal life and who his near and dear ones are.

Timmy has looked like a lonely person who is looking for easy ways to fame. Indeed, he has succeeded in achieving fame the way he has pursued it.

Soon, he will find the right person to spend his personal life with because people are different and there is a match for everyone out there.

Timmy Thick Net Worth

Timmy Thick has an estimated net worth of $30,000 USD as of 2023. There is nothing much to share regarding his net worth because at the moment he is not on any social media platforms.

Social media was his main source of income and during that time he had a fairly large fan following. Though he received severe criticism, there were also fans for his content who praised his confidence.

When he received attention, people also started questioning his sexual orientation. Dressing, talking, presentation, and Timmy’s appearance were judged by the public.

Engagement of the public with his social media ensured that he received some kind of income from it. As of now, he is totally inactive on any social media and nothing much is there to comment on any other activities he is involved in.

In conclusion

Timmy Thick has a bit of a unique personality with his own exclusive way of thinking and presentation. Using social media, he gained fans and haters alike, after all no publicity is bad publicity in the modern world.

Hope you had fun and some learning from this article. If you liked it, share with us your feedback in the comments section below.

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