Tyler Tarot (born on 28 March 1989) is a famous YouTuber who has grabbed enormous fame and popularity across his country and in overseas countries too.

His great work and skills have made his fans curious about him. And that’s why we’re here with his complete life story, which shouldn’t be missed by you.

Let’s read his biography to know his age, net worth, birthday, real name, and a lot more.

Profile summary

  • Name: Tyler Tarot
  • Birth Date: 28 March 1989
  • Birth Place: Canton, Georgia US
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Net worth: $1 million
  • Profession: YouTuber
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Mother: Yaya
  • Sister: Mariah
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: United States

Who is Tyler Tarot?

Tyler Tarot is a prominent YouTuber known for his Tarot card readings and predictions on zodiac signs.

Due to Tyler’s great knowledge of horoscope signs he is widely known as an astrology guru and expert.

Tyler is now the most popular tarot reader and is also listed as one of the richest YouTubers. People love his content as his predictions about every single zodiac sign are accurate.

He not only makes videos on YouTube, but also takes bookings of tarot and zodiac sign readings on Facebook, phone calls, and other apps.

This proves that Tyler is a famous and prominent personality predominantly known for his Tarot readings, perceptions, and belief on zodiac signs that keep his followers engaged and believe in his astrology readings.

Early Life of Tyler Tarot

Tyler Patrick was born on the 28 May 1989 in Canton, Georgia, US. The 32-year-old YouTuber holds an American nationality.

He was brought up to his mother Yaya in Canton and grew up with his sister Mariah Patrick. There is no information disclosed about Tyler Tarot’s education.

Tyler Tarot Age

Tyler Tarot is 34 years old as of 2023 as he was born on June 28, 1989.

At this age, he has become a well-known YouTuber, known for his amazing content that has garnered a massive following.

Rise to Stardom

Before getting fame Tyler Tarot started working at the age of 16, he used to work at a pizza job and also had a job in a car factory in Texas.

He worked till the age of 27 and practically Tyler did not progress in his life and did not earn much money for his necessities.

Tyler Tarot decided to open his YouTube channel after being inspired by a tarot who confided him about his life and future ahead.

He started to believe in Astrology because it related to his life, he searched the whole tarot community on YouTube, Tyler learned about astrology and zodiac signs, researched from books and online sights.

On 24 September 2016 Tyler opened his YouTube channel and posted videos on zodiac signs and their predictions.

He gained 800 subscribers in a day and 3.7 likes on his first video that was posted on 22 November 2016. Tyler Tarot gives readings and predictions on zodiac signs and people seemed to be inclined towards his content.

More on his YouTube Career

Moreover, his videos are predominantly about predictions on zodiac signs such as predicting their love life, future, and outcomes,  pulling a tarot card for people, and warning them about their future.

People started to appreciate and enjoy his content that Tyler attained 40 thousand subscribers and achieved more than 5 million insights on YouTube in May 2017.

Later on, Tyler launched a game app on the play store about fortune-telling on 26 May 2017. Now Tyler Tarot is mainly known for his tarot card reading and horoscope vlogs.

Likewise, Tyler’s YouTube videos constituted of great knowledge for horoscope signs and conception about every zodiac sign engaged more people to glimpse on his content.

Furthermore, when he got more famous for his astrology videos. He also started to get booked on Skype and phone calls for tarot readings.

Currently, Tyler Tarots has earned total insights of more than 147 Million views on YouTube with 505 thousand subscribers on YouTube which is a huge success.

He is one of the richest YouTubers stars and is also listed as the most popular YouTube star born in the US.

Tyler Tarot Personal life

Tyler Tarot is most probably single and not in any relationship. He has not revealed his relationship status and remains quiet about this topic.

Although there are multiple rumors regarding his personal life, these rumors are not authentic as he hasn’t attested to this news.

He is not dating publicly, but he may be seeing someone in secret, and details have not been made public yet. So it’s probably not secure to leap to inferences.

Tyler Tarot Net Worth

Tyler Tarot estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2023. His source of income is through his profession as a YouTuber.

Being a famous YouTuber, he might be earning in various ways, like being associated with the advertising industry or the brand ambassador of different companies.

Social media appearance 

Tyler Tarot is an eminent YouTube star and holds many social media followers. He is spectacularly a well-known personality.

Talking about his social media follower number they are broad and usually in thousands. Let’s take a look at his social media handles with his follower count.

  • Instagram — 10.4 thousand followers
  • YouTube — 505 thousand followers
  • Facebook — 14.2 thousand followers

I hope you loved reading the biography of Tyler Tarot. Share your feedback with us and let us know your experience with her story.

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  1. I think Tyler has no energy just strong personality people have shown him the way he’s a devil worshiper i will challenge him to a live energy read i will show him true power and energy

    • His energy is negative. Curses to much its disgusting. How can someone a normal person of society want to sit down and listen to the garbage that comes out his mouth. Just do the reading nobody wants to hear F-This and F-That.

      • Ma’am..If you dislike the content why are you watching….you literally took time out whenever to post a negative comment..What did you gain from this..His number of subscribers say that we Love his fucking energy..Find something else to do with
        your time..Beech..Beeech..Beeech..I always have time..You do realize that the hate you give is attractive to other..They’re gonna go watch him..

        • Sherilee Owen Reply

          I think your Awesome your story is inspirational to us all! I am Intuitive, would like to take tarot lessons from you Tyler! THE HATERS WISH THEY WERE YOU

    • Uninterested Reply

      This comment is for the Kekie Lee person, who is also negative energy.
      I didn’t expect someone that doesn’t even know you to use such words against you because you were posting about someone else, that is not even named Kekie Lee.
      Is Kekie Lee Tyler’s internet body guard or something? Is she getting paid, or protecting him for free.
      He brags about his money, she should be getting paid to insult others for him, right?
      If Tyler says F-This and F-That and someone posts it in a comment, are they right or are they wrong?
      That’s what you go after, the facts, are they right or wrong?
      How can anyone know what tyler says without watching one video, to see if he says it?
      We don’t know until we see for ourself. Who trusts what they read on the internet?
      it’s rumor until proven to be true with our own investigation.
      Youtube is public not private, so it’s not trolling to see what he says to investigate.
      If someone wants to see what Tyler is like, they have to watch him say it!
      I don’t have to challenge you to ask anyone, how does someone find out what someone else does unless they see it, Kekie Lee.
      I didn’t use low vibration tactics to call any names, or attack your character.
      Call a spade a spade and if you work for Tyler, disclose that at the onset, so we know who we are dealing with.
      Last I checked Sara could post her opinion just as freely as you posted yours.

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