Valleria Carruyo is a hot, cute, and hard-working social influencer who is consistent with her interaction on social media.

She is one of the people ruling over the short video format of TikTok. Which did contribute a lot to this Venezuelan hottie becoming a social media star.

In this article, we will read everything about Valleria Carruyo, age, height, weight, parents, boyfriend, nationality, ethnicity, and net worth.

Valleria Carruyo Profile Summary
NameValleria Carruyo
Birth Date26 January 2003
Birth PlaceMaracaibo, Venezuela
Age20 Years Old
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionSocial Media Star, Tik Toker
Marital StatusSingle
Residence Maracaibo, Venezuela

Who is Valleria Carruyo?

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source: Instagram

Valleria carruyo is a venezulean social media star. She currently lives in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Valeria is seen daily posting small skits, lip sync videos, and dances on daily trends of platforms like TikTok and reels. She also often interacts with her fans through comments and live videos on TikTok and Instagram live

Valeria Carruyo is one of the most beautiful and fittest fitness freaks on Social Media influencers and her cute looks are so so attractive that anyone would get crazy for her.

As an influencer, she has accumulated more than 8.3 M fans on her TikTok account.

She is also pretty active on her Instagram account which has accumulated more than 1.4 M followers on that platform. Which when combined with a large clout base and her fame has just started.

Valleria Carruyo Age

Valleria Carruyo is 20 years old as of 2023, she was born on January 26, 2003, in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Early Life Of Valleria Carruyo

Valeria Carruyo was born in a decent family in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela, on January 26, 2003. She is 20 years old and currently lives with her family in Maracaibo, Venezuela which is her homeland.

She has a very small and happy family which has her sweet mother, a hardworking father, and a sister.

Much is not known about what her parents did for a living or what their names are but it seems most likely like most Venezuelan families her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

There’s no question her parents raised her with proper care and love.

They stood by her with every step of her life. They also tried their best to fulfill their daughter Valeria’s every wish and desire since she was born.

She also hasn’t opened up much about her educational life. We did some research and found out Valleria,s education till high school level was done in her hometown  Maracaibo only and for now, she has only passed out of high school.

Throughout high school, Valleria was interested in singing, drawing, and dance and has had many accomplishments in those her school life.

She was the most popular girl in her school. Like other girls, she was also interested in small girly hobbies like fashion, etc and she was the popular girl in her school.

Valleria Carruyo Career

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source: Instagram

Valleria carruyo started her social media accounts casually like every teen around the age of 14-16.

First, she made her Instagram account which had a slow and gradual growth but things started changing in 2021 when both of her TikTok and Instagram accounts started gaining traction in a gain of followers.

Valeria’s TikTok account gained around 4-5 million followers just in a span of a year and her Instagram also bloomed with the addition of nearly a million new followers in the span of a year.

She also has a Twitter account with the handle @valleriacarruyo8 which stands strong with 1.35k followers, given that its one of the hardest platforms to gain followers.

She  also has a youtube with the name Valeria carruyo which grosses around 5k subscribers

Valleria carruyo’s only fans isn’t available and she doesn’t plan to make one.

More or less to her beauty, she has become a sensation on the short video platform TikTok with her small slits, lip syncs, and dance videos.

Valleria Carruyo Personal Life

Valleria carruyo personal life isn’t known much to the public as she loves being a private person.

Her boyfriend is a big question among her fans. She is cute and attractive so it’s a question among her followers if she is with someone or not. 

For now, we don’t know much about her dating life but it seems like Valleria Carruyo is single as of now and isn’t dating anyone. She seemingly wants to focus more on her social media empire than on dating life.

But it can be like that too that Valleria has a boyfriend and wants to keep him away from the public eye.

Valeria also haves hobbies of art and photography and traveling. Making videos seems like her top hobby as it is what led to her success today.

She also has a keen interest in makeup and fashion which can be seen in her Instagram posts and TikTok.

Her sister and parents appear a lot on her social platforms but much is also known about their names or what they do as a profession.

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Valleria Carruyo Net worth

It is one of the most asked questions among her fans, what’s her net worth?

After a lot of research and collecting data, we concluded her net worth. We calculated her net worth by taking the average engagement of her posts on TikTok and Instagram.

Her Biggest source of earnings are sponsorships, brand endorsements, and advertisements.

Given ger growth and average engagement of all social platforms Valeria’s net worth is assumingly around $2 million USD as of 2023 which grew from around $1.5 million USD in 2022.

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Valleria Carruyo Height & Weight

Valleria Carruyo stands around a cute height of 5’4 or 1.6 m and weighs around 50kg or 100 lbs.

Valeria is hot cute and a total package of the beauty of a Venezuelan girl. She haves cute eyes, attractive lips a hot body, and shiny attractive hair.

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