Victor Consunji (born in 1979) is a prominent figure known for his achievements across fields but most importantly in the real-estate sector of the Philippines.

He is a popular figure in the construction and real estate development industry of the Philippines, who has many achievements to his name.

Further, Victor is the founder and chief executive of Victor Consunji Development Corp. Follow us to read his biography and know some amazing things about him.

Who is Victor Consunji?

Victor Consunji

Victor Consunji is a third-generation real-estate entrepreneur from a family of construction and real estate development businessmen in the Philippines.

In Philippine real estate, few names are as well-known as that of DMCI – a mega construction company.

Its founder, the late David Consunji, is the grandfather of Victor Consunji, a third-generation entrepreneur with a unique and extraordinary approach to his business.

Through his company, Victor Consunji Development Corp., or VCDC, the younger Consunji has applied a lot of progressive ideas of his own.

Among those ideas is M Residences, a flexibility-first development concept and the flagship of VCDC.

Consunji is also a director at DMCI, and all his ventures are in and around his family business. His endeavors have helped him in taking the reins and leadership of his.

Early life of Victor Consunji

Victor Consunji was born in 1979 in the Philippines. His exact date of birth is not available in the media because he has not disclosed anything like this.

He hails from a popular family of businessmen in the Philippines. Victor’s father is Isidro Consunji, and his grandfather is David Consunji, who are both renowned businessmen.

His father is Isidro Consunji is the chairperson of DMCI Homes, which their business corporation. Victor is also the grandson of the late David Consunji, a renowned Filipino businessman and the founder of the DMCI corporation.

His great-grandparents are Gaudencio Tongco Consunji and Consuelo Mendoza. Victor’s family’s influence and legacy have played a significant role in the industry and have helped him in shaping his career.

But that is not all of it. Victor himself is a hardworking and creative businessman.

He pursued his higher education at Harvard Business School and the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Victor Consunji Age

Victor Consunji is 44 years old as of 2023 because he was born in 1979. He hardly looks his age with his tattoos and muscular frame.

Although 44 years is just his middle age and there is a long way to go, Victor seems to be making conscious efforts to maintain his physique.

Victor Consunji Career

Victor Consunji

Victor Consunji is a highly successful and popular real estate businessman based out of the Philippines. He hails from a millionaire business family, where his forefathers were great business personalities.

The Consunji family’s wealth and success stem from DMCI Holdings, a multiyear experienced, and established engineering conglomerate.

Victor Consunji’s upbringing within this influential family has provided him with valuable insights and opportunities to overcome challenges and be successful.

Victor Consunji has made use of his family background and combined it with his own progressive ideas to make a mark in the industry.

He has introduced innovative concepts such as M Residences, a flexibility-first development concept, and the flagship project of VCDC.

With a background in civil engineering and a degree from the University of the Philippines, he brings a strong technical foundation as well to his endeavors.

Victor Consunji is also known for his diverse interests and accomplishments, beyond his regular work.

He is an avid performer of adventure travels and athletic pursuits, including being the first Filipino to run the North Pole marathon.

His contributions to the construction and real estate sector, along with multiple talents and skills have made him very popular which has helped his businesses also.

Victor Consunji New Girlfriend

Victor Consunji

Victor Consunji is in a relationship with Rachel Carrasco. Not much is known about the progress of the relationship, in terms of details.

Rachel is a marketing guru and entrepreneur whose business is mainly based out of Singapore.

They are rumoured to having a baby together already in their relationship. Several photos of Victor and Rachel with a baby have popped up on social media and making rounds, arousing attention from many quarters.

Rachel has also posted a photo on social media, “Day out with Mama”, featuring herself and the newborn baby in a car with Victor next to them.

Victor Consunji Ex-Wife

Victor Consunji was earlier married to Maggie Wilson. Their marriage was once a prominent topic of discussion in the Philippines.

They were popular as a couple in the Philippines, with Maggie Wilson being a well-known beauty queen and model in the country.

But their marriage did not survive long and ultimately it faced challenges due to lack of compatibility. It unfortunately ended in a separation.

Victor Consunji and Maggie Wilson tied the knot in December 2010 in Albay, Philippines. Their marriage lasted a long 11 years, although they couldn’t take it till the grave.

During their 11 years old marriage, Maggie and Victor welcomed a son named Connor, which was a matter of great joy in their lives.

The couple initially portrayed their breakup as amicable, announcing their separation in September 2021.

However, the situation seemed to change, as Maggie Wilson later revealed that she faced difficulties and was denied access to photos from their son’s birthday.

Ex-Wife Reaction to Victor’s Girlfriend

Maggie Wilson, Victor Consunji’s ex-wife, has reacted to the photos of Victor with his rumored new partner and their baby. Her response has been implying of her emotions to the sudden around her.

What she did in her response was to post a screenshot of an article featuring the family photo of her and Victor with their son on her Instagram stories.

Maggie’s post said like this, “Still not annulled. Still no communication. Still have an

adultery charge”. These remarks were suggestive of the ongoing legal matters involved in their separation.

Victor Consunji Net Worth

Victor Consunji has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2023.  He is a prominent businessman from the Philippines and a rich business family.

A lot of his wealth has come from his family and the forefathers, as they were also successful businessmen.

He has also earned well through his business acumen and investments, which is evident in the manner he is leading his life.

He has brought forth visible changes in the construction and hospitality sector through his unique style in the Philippines.

Victor Consunji Height & Weight

Victor Consunji’s height is 5 feet 8 inches which is equal to 173 cm or 1.73 m. His weight is 68 kg which is equal to 150 lbs.

Victor is a hardcore athlete, and he has a muscular body. He is a handsome man and doesn’t look his age at all.

Recently he put an image of himself and his girlfriend Rachel on a beach on some exotic island on Instagram.

His picture was drool-worthy and as attractive as his girlfriend’s sun-kissed picture.

Facts About Victor Consunji

  1. Victor Consunji is a real estate mogul, adventure traveler, and seasoned athlete.
  2. He is the founder of Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) and the director at DMCI.
  3. Consunji was earlier married to Maggie Wilson, a Filipino-British beauty queen.
  4. He is the first Filipino to run and finish a full marathon at the North Pole.
  5. He is also the only Filipino to run on all seven continents. Victor completed the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco and a trail run in Iceland.
  6. Consunji is a runner who likes to challenge himself and isn’t afraid to leave his comfort zone.

The Bottom Line

Victor Consunji is a notable individual who has achieved recognition in almost every area of life he has tried. From his educational background to his relationships, he has made an impact.

He even makes you feel like you want to be like him. Thus, he is also inspiring to many youths out there.

Hope you enjoyed this. Share with us your honest feedback in the comments section below.

We will soon be back with a new and interesting personality.

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