Have you guys watched the “Child of Rage” documentary released in 1992? Do you guys get to remember the name behind “Child of Rage”?

We are talking about Beth Thomas, who tried to kill her parents and brother when she was six years old.

But there must be a reason for every child’s behavior; even in the case of Beth Thomas, there is a substantial reason for her worst and most psychotic behavior.

And in this article, we will talk about that child of rage, a girl who has abused and attempted to kill her brother, Jonathan.

Thus, we will be providing the answers to the questions of why Beth Thomas emerged as a child of rage and what happened to Jonathan Thomas, the brother of Beth Thomas.

Let us explore it.

Who is Beth Thomas?

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Beth Thomas was once a child with reactive attachment disorder, but Beth had more violent thoughts in her mind due to that disorder.

She loves to harm and abuse people. Beth is so abusive that even she often hits the newspaper headlines; thus, Beth Thomas is popularly known as “the child of rage.”

When she became the heinous child, she was only six years old because of her RAD disorder and childhood trauma.

What was Beth Thomas Childhood Trauma?

Beth Thomas’s biological mother died when she was just 19 months old, and at that time, Beth’s younger brother Jonathan was just one month old.

Thus, Beth and Jonathan were forced to live under the care of their biological father.

On the other hand, their father is a molester who sexually and physically abuses the 19-month-old child.

Yes, you heard it: Beth Thomas was sexually harassed by her father when she was just 19 months old.

Her father did the same thing to Jonathan.

Thus, Beth Thomas has had nightmares of being raped by her father, resulting in heavy bleeding in her private parts, etc.

Thankfully, someone complained to the police, and child welfare services saved Beth and Jonathan.

And the couple named Tim and Julie adopted both Beth and Jonathan.

What Happened to Beth Brother Jonathan Thomas?

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Beth Thomas’s reactive attachment disorder became so severe that she began stealing knives from houses to harm outdoor animals, including her pet dogs.

She used to attack them with pins and sticks, but her psychotic behaviour multiplied day by day.

As a result, Thomas shifted her focus to her brother. Beth started to harass Jonathan sexually. She used to beat him until he bled.

Beth smashed Jonathan’s head and rolled him down the stairs.

One time, Beth Thomas pushed Jonathan off the steps and smashed his head heavily on the floor.

Thankfully, Julie saved Jonathan; if not, he might have died that day.

Even Beth tried to kill her parents. In this way, Beth punishes everyone around her, and Jonathan is no exception.

What Happened to Beth Thomas and Her Brother Now?

Beth Thomas’ parents sought a psychiatric doctor, and later they found the RAD disorder. The hospital carefully admitted Beth Thomas to a special care unit, which is the place for RAD patients and where they will provide the treatment.

Beth went through those treatments and gradually recovered from her trauma and RAD.

Then she became a normal kid, thanks to the doctors, Connell Watkins and Ken Magid because they are doctors and therapists who saved Beth Thomas’ life.

Because these RAD people may also like to self-harm and, at some point, kill themselves. But the doctors prevented everything and turned Beth Thomas into a normal kid.

And that normal kid was adopted by a mother named Nancy. And Beth studied and became a successful nurse and also won Modern-Day Florence Nightingale Nursing Excellence Award.

Beth works as a nurse in Arizona, and in addition to that, she has also become an author, having written a book named “More than a Thread of Hope.”

The book is all about her struggles and the treatments she underwent.

Where is Beth Thomas Brother Now?

Jonathan Thomas’s current information is not available at this time.

Still, some online sources claim that he has developed some symptoms of RAD and may be referred to any psychiatric facility.

But there needs to be clear information about his present life.

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Beth Thomas is a living example that “there is always recovery in one life.” She has bravely handled all the treatments, and in 2016, she tied the knot with her love of life.

And the marriage was gracefully attended by her foster parents, Nancy and her husband.

We hope Beth’s brother Jonathan also leads a peaceful and everyday life like Beth.

Do you have any questions about Beth’s age? She was born in 1985, so her age is 38, and her brother is 36.

The end!

Muster up your courage to admit your sickness so that we can beat it. Don’t you think so? Comment on it.

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