Every love story does not have a happy ending, and every romance does not end on a sweet note. Stories of people being murdered by their lovers have populated the airwaves.

Some draw huge social media attention. Laura Kucera’s murder story is a case in point. Her kidnapping and death story drew media attention.

So, what happened to Laura Kucera? Let us take a closer look into this article to find otherwise not-so-popular information on Laura Kucera.

What happened to Laura Kucera?

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 Laura Kucera was abducted at gunpoint in Wakefield, Nebraska, on October 1, 1994. She was shot twice in the back of her head and once in the shoulder.

Laura was left for dead by her ex-boyfriend Brian Anderson. Brian later had a change of mind and directed the authorities to the murder scene.

But how much do you know about Laura Kucera’s kidnapping?

What is Laura Kucera’s cause of death?

Laura Kucera was a lovely young woman who had to deal with a dreadful situation. People had never heard of such attacks until her tragic and fatal narrative came into the spotlight.

She had a restraining order on her ex-boyfriend Anderson after they had a misunderstanding in their relationship before he decided to abduct her.

Laura Kucera’s 1995 attacker Brian Anderson decided to kidnap, shoot and leave her to die in a ditch. She remained unconscious in a ditch for four days before Brian changed his heart and led police to her body.

Luckily, she survived the gunshots and recovered her ability to use her hands after spending 51 days in Hospital. Laura struggled through therapy to walk again.

Laura Kucera’s 1995 attacker Brian Anderson was arrested and presented to court in Ponca, Nebraska, in May 1995. Judge Maurice J Redmond found him guilty of committing the crime and sentenced him to 125 years in jail.

Laura Kucera’s story was converted into a film, Only Mine. The movie was added to Netflix’s list. In the movie, Jullie Dillon was cast to play the lead role of Laura.

Jullie Dillon’s story is based on the events surrounding the life, kidnapping, and death of Laura Kucera. The film started streaming on Netflix in 2019.

Is Laura Kucera alive?

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 Unfortunately, Laura Kucera is no more. She died one year after surviving the head and shoulder shots.

Laura died in a car accident on her way to visit her grandmother. Her car ran off a gravel road into a ditch and rolled.

She died prematurely in a car accident on her way to visit her grandmother. One year before the accident, she had survived an attempted murder incident after her boyfriend attempted to shoot her.

In 1995, Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head, and left to die. She lived. Her attacker remains in prison to this day.

Laura’s tormentor was not a cop – he was an ex-con who’d spent 30 days in jail for violating a no-contact order. Furthermore, the victim in the film, Julie, was shot in the leg and back.

Kucera was shot in the head and shoulder and left in a ditch. Julie’s injuries were severe but pale in comparison to Kucera’s injuries.

Laura was unconscious when police found her, but Julie roused herself and got revenge by killing her abuser.

Who is Laura Kucera?

Laura Jean Kucera was born in Columbus Platte County, Nebraska, United States. She was born on August 17, 1979.

She was the daughter of David Kucera and Mary Kucera.

Laura grew up alongside two sisters, Sabrina and Dorothy. She also had five brothers named Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick.

Who is ‘Only Mine’ based on?

Only Mine is very loosely inspired by the true story of Laura Kucera, a 20-year-old woman who was left for dead after being shot by an ex-boyfriend in 1994.

Brian Anderson pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to 55 years in prison, the Chicago Tribune reported in 1995.

The movie ends with everyone agreeing that Julie’s survival was miraculous, and that, really, she shouldn’t be alive.

The film has glaring inconsistencies that don’t fit with Laura Kucera’s story.

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Who was Laura Kucera kidnapper?

Brian Anderson, 22, had pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and use of a firearm to commit a felony in the October shooting of Laura Kucera.

In the mid-90s, Laura took out a protection order against her obsessive ex-boyfriend, Brian Anderson.

Discontent, Anderson kidnapped Laura, shot her twice in the back of the head and once in the shoulder, and left Laura for dead in a ditch.

Laura remained unconscious in a ditch for four days before Brian had a change of heart and led police to her body.

Brian Anderson pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to 55 years in prison, the Chicago Tribune reported in 1995.

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Quotes from the professionals that helped with Laura Kucera’s case

Doug Johnson was the lead investigator of the case. He is the one who found Laura alive.

Johnson has many memories of this case calling it a “miracle case; so unique in so many ways.”

He remembers Laura being able to testify in court saying, “She didn’t bat an eye, and told it like it was.” He became friends with Laura throughout this process and remembers her stopping by with friends just to check in with him.

Leland Miner was and continues to be the County Attorney of Dixon County.

He remembers that Brian Anderson
was charged in both Dixon County where the abduction occurred and in Thurston County where Laura was shot.

Miner remembers, “the odd thing about it was everyone was convinced she was dead and the case was approached from that perspective.”  He can still remember seeing her legs move in the lights that night and was astounded at her recovery.

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