Do you guys have the habit of watching the title cards of movies and series? Sometimes they will pay their tribute to the crew member, and sometimes they will convey their heartfelt thanks to their crew members.

Here in this article, we will see the person who has put all her efforts into creating the popular series NCIS: New Orleans, and now we can see her name on the title card for her death.

But what happened to that person who worked behind the scenes of that NCIS series? To know about her details, kindly read the whole article.

Who is Marta Goldstein?

Marta Goldstein

Marta Goldstein has been a script supervisor in the entertainment industry since the 1990s.

The script supervisor is not only about verifying the scripts of the scenes; they are the ones who are responsible for every single thing in that script, like costumes, hairstyles, makeup, camera angles, etc.

It needs strong knowledge and talent, and Marta possesses both, which is why she has successfully worked in the Hollywood industry for nearly 25 years.

And NCIS: New Orleans is the most highlighted work of Marta Goldstein.

Some of Marta’s popular projects include NCIS: New Orleans, Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Life, etc.

Marta’s long-term project is the NCIS series, which she worked on for 6 years!

What Happened to Marta Goldstein?

In 2020, in the NCIS series, season 7, episode three, “One of Our Own,” the team paid tribute to Marta Goldstein.

For that title card alone, people know Marta is no longer in this world. And according to online sources, Marta Goldstein died on November 2020.

But the exact date of death is not known.

Marta Goldstein Cause of Death

Marta Goldstein’s sudden death shocked every one of the “NCIS: New Orleans” crew because her death happened suddenly. Thus, there is no assumption for her death as well.

If it was an accident or anything like that, then the news media will surely publish that news. Thus, there are chances that Marta Goldstein may have died of some medical issues.

It has been three years since Marta Goldstein’s family didn’t officially announce the cause of her death.

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What is the age of Marta Goldstein?

Marta Goldstein was born on October 20, 1963, in the United States; thus, the age of the script supervisor is 60 as of 2023.

What is the nationality and ethnicity of Marta Goldstein?

Marta Goldstein is an American by birth and descent.

What are the projects done by Marta Goldstein?

Marta began her career in 1996 with “Unlikely Angel,” After two years, she was offered a role in a larger project, “The Practise,” on which she worked for 26 episodes.

In 2003, she got to work as a script supervisor on series like Joan of Arcadia and then the Scrubs series.

Then the film production crew knows the value of Marta, and thus each year, she gets many movies, and television series offers like “Ugly Betty,” “Lie to Me, “The Client List, “The Goodwin Games,” “Surviving Jack, GCB, etc.

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Is Marta Goldstein still alive?

No, she is not alive; Marta Goldstein is dead. She died in 2020, and there are many rumors that she died due to COVID.

No one can forget the loss of lives due to COVID, but the claim that Marta’s death was due to COVID is not proven.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the “behind the scenes” heroine Marta Goldstein. There are so many production crew people working tirelessly to give us fame.

Most of the time, we couldn’t recognize their real hard work. But all we see on the scene are their inputs, and our actors are the outputs.

We are proud to share the details of behind-the-scenes artist Marta Goldstein.

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