Gen Z’ers have placed more emphasis on social media than ever before. Never has social media been so dominant as in the current era; after all, this interest is expanding the platforms to newer heights.

Many use social networks to create connections, share stories, consume multimedia, play games, and more.

One personality burst into the online scene by creatively using these venues to her advantage.

Ashley Lovelace had accumulated more than 400,000 Instagram followers with her charming personality. Unfortunately, the American social media star tragically passed away after committing suicide.

So, what really happened to Ashley Lovelace?

What really happened to Ashley Lovelace?

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The social media celebrity took her own life on 21st January 2019. She died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Lovelace had underlying mental health issues, which escalated when she experienced cyberbullying.

The Instagram star was born on 7th November 2002, in Abington, Pennsylvania, United States. She was 16 years old at the time of her tragic passing.

Ashley Lovelace death

Ashley Lovelace had the gift which allowed her to gain a massive following at a young age. The social media star’s ending was not what many people anticipated.

Instead, fans were left wondering what happened that pushed their favorite personality to take her life.

Who was Ashley Lovelace?

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Ashley Lovelace was a popular social media personality that amassed a massive following on her Instagram account of more than 400,000 followers.

She was born on November 7, 2002, at Abington Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania, to Terrence Lovelace and Stacey Pak.

The famous personality had four siblings, three older brothers and a sister who grew up with her in Vegas.

Ashley attended Sierra Vista High school, believed to be in Las Vegas.

Considering she grew up in Las Vegas, Ashley was heavily influenced by the showbiz world, and she was heavily interested in fashion and singing.

However, being born in the internet age, she chose to join various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and others.

Ashley started posting unique fashion-related Instagram posts of herself and even spoke about popular brands and products she liked.

In addition, the popular internet personality also posted short videos of herself singing showing her amazing vocals.

Such uploads made her gain numerous followers.

What really happened to Ashley Lovelace?

Ashley Lovelace
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Ashley was so famous online, which is why people were shocked when they heard of Ashley Lovelace’s funeral. She died on January 22, 2019.

Her mother, who has taken charge of her Instagram account, announced the sad news via a touching post featuring her photo.

So, how did Ashley Lovelace take her life? Ashley died from suicide, but details of how she took her life have not been made public.

However, rumors suggest that she murdered herself with a gun.

Ashley’s mother set up a GoFundMe account to honour Ashley’s legacy while raising awareness about the adverse effects of cyberbullying.

She is also working towards creating the Ashley Lovelace Foundation to expand her activities.

Why did Ashely kill herself?

Fans did not take the sad Ashley Lovelace news lightly. Everyone has wondered why such a high-spirited personality that posted lovely images of herself on Instagram would take her life.

Many have speculated that she committed suicide because of cyberbullying. However, her family has always stated that no one is to blame for her death.

It is clear from the Instagram caption that Ashley’s family does not blame any of her friends, classmates, or her boyfriend.

Instead, she thanked everyone for their support.

What did Tyler Edmonds say to Ashley Lovelace?

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According to Ashley’s online activity, Tyler Edmonds was one of her constant cyberbullies. So, of course, Ashley’s fans blamed him for pushing her to commit suicide.

However, Tyler Edmonds has never shown any signs of regret and appears to be proud of her actions.

When asked why he bullied Ashley, Tyler stated that he did it because he was bored.

And to add insult to injury, Edmonds altered his Instagram bio to read: Yo roaches mad about Ashley, get over it, and yes, I’m the reason why she was gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more.

Tyler Edmonds, who bullied Ashley Lovelace, still receives significant criticism for his stand and attitude towards Ashely’s death.

In addition, he is an unpopular character online because of his lack of remorse toward Ashley Lovelace’s case.

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Ashley Lovelace: Scandals & Controversies

Ashley’s account started receiving several hateful comments and jibes once she grew popular on Instagram.

In particular, Tyler Edmonds, who is also known as BarbiiDaBully, stood out as he constantly bullied her and even prided himself on it.

While many say that Edmonds was the indirect cause of Ashely’s death, her friends have stated that her existent depression and anxiety could also have triggered the fatal decision.

Despite the unfortunate event, Edmonds continues to take pride in his bullying and did not express any regret over Ashley’s death.

He went as far as to say that it didn’t matter that Ashley died as she was just another girl. Several friends and fans of Ashley have criticized Edmonds but to no avail.

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Rise to Fame

Born in the age of the internet, Ashley, like any other teenager, joined many social media channels.

However, she found her calling on Instagram, where endless strings of photographs could dictate an account’s popularity.

She started by posting fashion-related posts and images of herself. At the same time, she often spoke of various brands and products she was interested in.

Her short videos indicated her talent in singing as well.

Things were sailing smoothly for Ashley until she became a victim of excessive cyberbullying.

Things took a turn for the worse when she decided to take her own life in January 2019 after not being able to bear it any longer.

After her death, Ashley’s mother has taken over her Instagram account and regularly posts photos and tributes to her daughter. Her Instagram account currently has over 550,000 followers.

Since her death, many other social media celebrities have taken it upon themselves to openly talk about cyberbullying and its disastrous effects.

Despite having just a short stint as an influencer, Ashley is fondly remembered by her friends, family, and fans as an enthusiastic and talented girl who had a bright future ahead of her.

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