Do you guys remember which company this tagline belongs to? Yes, the Fuccillo Automotive Group tagline

Fuccillo is one of the biggest car dealers in the United States of America.

Billy Fuccillo is the person behind this vast Fuccillo empire, but unfortunately, that great car dealer died on June 17, 2021, at his home.

Billy Fuccillo’s wife Cindy and son Billy Fuccillo Jr. survive him.

And this article is all about Billy’s wife, Cindy, with lots of new information for our readers; let’s get started.

Who is Billy Fuccillo?

billy fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo is the most prominent car dealership owner, with 28 New York and Florida dealer shops selling nearly 15 brands.

He has won many awards, like the “best dealer” and the “best US car retailer” awards.

Billy had a great vision for his company, and his actions and marketing strategies helped him become a great car dealer. In addition, Fuccillo is the largest Kia dealer in the world.

And a woman has supported him through all his achievements: his wife, Cindy. Her support for her man is always an admirable one.

Who is Billy Fuccillo Wife?

Billy Fuccillo’s wife’s name is Cindy Fuccillo, and Cindy was from the Skaneateles region. She is more private, so there is no information about her.

As a result, we have estimated her age: she was born between 1956 and 1960. Thus, her age might be in the range of 67 to 62.

And currently, we don’t have any exclusive details about her.

But Cindy used to do many charitable works along with Billy. She contributed to the Domestic Violence Organization, Harry Chapin Food Bank, Assumption Food Pantry, Center for Disability, and many other charitable organizations.

How did Billy Fuccillo die, and what was his Cause of Death?

billy fuccillo-

Billy Fuccillo died due to a prolonged illness on June 17, 2021. He died at his Florida home.

Still, he received many medical treatments to cure his illness, but unfortunately, his treatments didn’t work this time.

What was the age of Billy Fuccillo at the time of his death?

Billy Fuccillo was born on January 9, 1956, in Greenport, Suffolk County, New York. As a result, he died at the age of 65.

Billy would be 67 years old if he were still alive today. But unfortunately, he is not with us.

Who owns the Fuccillo dealerships after the death of Billy?

Following the death of Fuccillo, the Fuccillo company has been selling its dealership to various companies. And they sold 10 dealerships to Wally Auto Group, led by Wally Darwish,

And then, they sold two dealerships to Matthews Auto Group, based in Broome County.

And Billy Fuccillo Junior is taking care of business in a significant manner.

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Interesting Facts about Billy Fuccillo

  • Billy Fuccillo was born in New York City on January 9, 1956.
  • He was a marketing graduate from Syracuse University and completed the course in 1978.
  • His marketing graduation courses immensely helped his business because Fuccuillo Company’s trademark tagline, “It’s HUGE!” has impacted its sales.
  • After graduation, he worked in many car dealership shops, where he gained all his experience. And his experience helped him open his first showroom in 1989.
  • Within a few years, that one dealership became 25 dealerships, and they emerged as top car dealers with various brands.
  • He has put lots and lots of effort into his company and witnessed its growth, achievements, and milestones. Finally, Billy Fuccillo has reached the heavens.

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Bottom Line

We want to express our apology because we couldn’t share more details about Cindy. Cindy is Billy’s supportive wife, and his loss might have undoubtedly affected Cindy.

But death is a natural occurrence, and it has no regard for his net worth or properties.

Thank you for reading this article thus far.

Do you have any vehicles from Fuccillo dealers? Could you share your thoughts on it?

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