Most of us have heard the phrase, “behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

This is the scenario, the man we are talking about is Cameron Smith, the world-renowned Australian golf player.

And some people may express their support by standing on the audience side and cheering on their sports buddy. Of course, they might have caught the media’s attention, but they are still rooting for their boyfriends.

Here our concern is: who is that person who cheered our sports star? Cameron’s wife? or girlfriend?

Who is Cameron Smith?

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Cameron Smith is the Australian Gulfstream player who won many PGA Championship titles and is the title holder of the 2022 Open Championship and the 2022 Players Championship.

He is an international star who has been working and playing golf matches since Cameron was just 2 years old.

Thus, his success rates are always high, just like his goals.

In addition to that, Cameron has a handsome face, so he has gained lots of female fans as well. So, his love scandals and controversies are always popular among them; thus, we have picked them up as a topic.

And here it is for our readers.

Who is Cameron Smith Wife?

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Cameron Smith hasn’t married yet but is in a serious relationship with Shanel Naoum.

Shanel Naoum is the girlfriend of the 150th British Open golf championship winner, Cameron Smith.

She was seen in the audience cheering Smith on after he won the title.

Shanel congratulated Cameron Smith by hugging him. Everything has been reported in the media. And according to the monthly golf website, Cameron and Shanel Naoum met in Florida City.

And love blossomed between them. However, neither side has issued an official confirmation, but they used to upload their couple images on their respective social media pages.

Shanel Naoum’s fame was raised to the highest level for being the rumoured girlfriend of the famous golf player.

Cameron Smith Girlfriend

Shanel Naoum is a chiropractic practitioner and a healthcare professional who treats neuromuscular disorders by adjusting and manipulating the spine.

It is an alternative way of treating neuromuscular disorders.

She has worked as a client specialist in the FYZICAL therapy and balance centres since 2018.

She is a hardworking girl who has dedicated all her efforts to becoming a great chiropractor.

Shanel also obtained certifications in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators.

She is listed on the dean’s list for the summer 2020 quarter.

All her achievements show her sincerity towards her career growth and her goals of rendering services to people.

Shanel is a person who also strives for the safety of girls.

In this world, girls’ safety is a huge question mark, even though they are not safer in their homes.

Some children are being abused by their fathers and grandparents. In this case, many organisations have emerged to fight against child abuse.

Our Shanel has also collaborated with girl scouts, which helps prevent child abuse.

Cameron Smith Girlfriend Biography Details

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Shanel Naoum Age

Shanel Rita Naoum was born on October 29, 1996, in Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America. Thus, the age of Cameron Smith’s girlfriend is 27 as of 2023.

Shanel Naoum Nationality and Ethnicity

She belongs to the American nationality, but her ethnic roots are spread across Arab countries.

Shanel Naoum Parents

Shanel’s parents’ names are Thair Naoum and Leen Naoum. And she has one sibling named Ronaldo Naoum.

Cameron Smith Ex-Girlfriends

Before dating Shanel, Smith had a sincere relationship with her fellow golf player, Jordan Ontiveros.

Smith and Jordan started dating in 2016. Since both were golfers, they emerged as a celebrity golf couple because even Jordan Ontiveros is a professional golf player.

However, years after their relationship became strained, they were separated by their respective paths.

What is the net worth of Cameron Smith Girlfriend?

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Shanel Naoum estimated it to be around $1 million as of 2023. And she solely earned this money through her career.

Usually, healthcare professionals will be millionaires because they will get good pay from each patient.

However, some criticise doctors and practitioners for charging higher fees.

But they sacrifice their personal lives while attending to patients, even during special or festival days. So, everything has a cost in this world!

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How does Cameron Smith Girlfriend Look?

Shanel Naoum has such a beautiful and calming face. She has that perfect professional face and looks so elegant. Her elegant, confident, and empathic looks will boost the patient’s vibe.

Shanel stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, 173 cm, or 1.73 meters, and weighs approximately 55 kg, or 121 lbs. Her beautiful Arab features include a sharp nose, thick brows, and black hair.

The end!

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