Are you guys great fans of the full Custom Garage television series? Have you ever been fascinated by the talent of Ian Roussel?

Who wouldn’t be captivated by this? We were led to believe that Ian is the car’s superman due to the way he transforms them.

Fortunately, MAVTV, a motorsports channel, recognized his talent and created a television series about customizing cars and testing the drive of that customized car.

That show was a major hit, and it has been airing since 2014 and has surpassed seven seasons and nine years of a wonderful journey.

But in this article, we’ll be talking about the lady who is behind the life of the superman of all cars, Ian Roussel’s wife, Jamie Roussel.

Well, without further delay, let us get started with it.

Who is Ian Roussel?

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Ina Roussel is a television personality who rose to fame for his extraordinary car customization techniques. In addition to appearing in television series, Ian has also appeared in documentaries like Back from the Dead II: Kustom Cars, Back from the Dead: Hot Rod Documentary, and Car Warriors.

The most important thing is that his customized cars can run like regular cars as well as show off his skills, demonstrating the beauty of his talent.

Ian’s customized cars have been seen everywhere, like the Netherlands, Japan, the United States, etc.

Thus, his talent and hard work toward creating cars are appreciable. And even his partner is an ardent car lover.

Want to know more details about her? Please proceed to the following paragraph.

Who is Ian Roussel Wife?

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Ian Roussel’s wife’s name is Jamie Roussel; she is also a great fan of cars and their customization.

Thus, Ian and Jamie were made for each other, but Jamie is not from the mobile field; she is from the opposite.

Jamie is a health and holistic coach; currently, she shares her health coaching via her website and YouTube channel.

Jamie is a holistic health coach who helps people transform their mental and physical lives.

And there is an entire website that provides complete details about her work, and the website’s name is “Jamie Rousselrn Holistic”

Jamie is also a health coach who specializes in integrative nutrition. A trained cordon blue chef and a registered nurse.

And she was also a United States veteran.

Age and Educational Details of Jamie Roussel

Jamie Roussel’s age details are not currently available with us, but she seemed to be a little younger than Ian. Ian’s age is 53 as of 2023; thus, Jamie’s age will be around 45 to 47.

We could see her mother’s photos on her personal Instagram account, but we couldn’t find their names. 

Jamie Educational Details

Since childhood, Jamie has had a great interest in serving people, so she chose the nursing degree as a tool to unleash her dreams.

In 2006, she became a registered nurse, and in 2015, she graduated with a bachelor of science and nursing degree from Chamberlain College of Nursing.

And Jamie has graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program. 

When did Ian Roussel and Jamie Roussel get married?

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Ian and Jamie got married in 2019 in the Mojave Desert. But they had been dating for more than 15 years!

Their similar tastes in cars and fantasies may have contributed to them becoming a great couple.

Do Ian Roussel and Jamie Roussel have kids?

Yes, Ina welcomed his first son in 2003, and his name is Jayce Roussel. Ava Roussel, their second daughter, was born four years later, in 2007.

In addition, Ian and Jamie are ardent dog lovers, so they take care of their pets as if they were their children.

Let us see some of the trending searches about Ian Roussel.

Trending Searches

Ian Roussel and Victor

We can see the name Victor everywhere on the full custom garage show. And Victor is Ian’s richest customer, and he used to assign Ian more difficult customization work.

For example, Victor once asked Ian to tear apart the full Porsche 911 car! To make it a super cool car!

Isn’t it amazing how this Victor and Ian have become a popular personality?

How do I contact Ian Roussel?

Ian Roussel provides car customization to everyone. Readers have to make use of this mail ID: [email protected].

By contacting this email address, people can get their cars customized as per their wishes.

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Is Full Custom Garage still on the air?

Yes, Full Custom Garage is still running successfully and capturing people’s hearts.

What is the age of a full-custom garage, Ian Roussel?

Ian Roussel was born in the United States on November 19, 1970, and will be 53 years old in 2023.

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Thus, the article has discussed the full details of Ian Roussel and his wife. Ina is mostly known as the car customizer, but he is indeed great husband material too.

The end!

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