Noah Schnapp, an American actor renowned for his role as Will Byers in the popular series “Stranger Things,” gained fame. His portrayal of Will has earned widespread acclaim from film critics.

In this article, we will read about Noah Schnapp, age, height, weight, nationality, ethnicity, zodiac sign, parents, girlfriend, net worth, salary, and facts.

Who is Noah Schnapp?

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Noah Schnapp is an American actor who became famous by acting in everyone’s favorite movie, “Stranger Things.” His character, Will Buyers, has attracted more positive reviews from film critics.

And he is such a versatile actor who has won the hearts of many people. He started his career at the age of 11 by acting in the movie Bridge of Spies.

Then, the next year, he got the golden opportunity to act in the Stranger Things series.

In addition, Noah is a very talented voice artist, and he has been dubbed for two movies, The Peanuts Movie and The Legend of Hallowe’en.

Noah Schnapp has acted in independent films like Hubie Halloween, Waiting for Anya, etc.

As we have conveyed earlier, Noah collected the love of fans and a series of movie awards like the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Teen Choice Awards.

Enough of his career achievements!

Let us return to something more interesting, even if it can make some people sleepless nights.

Who is Noah Schnapp dating?

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Noah Schnapp is currently not dating anyone. We know it will be very hard for all the Millie Brown and Noah shippers.

But, guys, the truth is that they are very good friends who are only in platonic relationships.

Even Millie Brown’s boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, said in an interview that he thought of Millie and Noah in a relationship.

That was Millie and Noah’s level of intimacy. But the reality is that they were just good friends.

Noah Schnapp Girlfriend

Noah Schnapp has no girlfriend, but he did have some rumored girlfriends.

We will see about them in this section.

Noah and Gigi, a popular fashion and magazine model, were rumored to be dating after Noah posted a photo of Gigi on his Instagram account.

His fans speculated about the photo and started believing that rumor because, at that time, only Gigi had separated from her ex-boyfriend Zayn.

So, everyone confirmed their relationships. But there was a very big age gap between them.

Still, rumors spread, and Gigi previously stated that she was a huge fan of strange things.

Finally, their relationship was revealed to be a rumor.

Noah Schnapp and Zendaya

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Noah Schnapp’s crush is the global star, Zendaya. But who doesn’t have a crush on Zendaya? Isn’t Zendaya a universal crush?

Noah did as well, but there are no romantic connections between Noah and Zendaya.

Noah Schapp Sexuality

It is critical to understand Noah’s true sexuality because only then can we relate to his relationship status.

“When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years, all they said was, “We know.” The viral audio played in the background, saying, “It was never that serious.”

Yes, you heard it right: Noah is gay!

If you noticed, Will Buyers is also portrayed as gay near the end of the season.

Will buyers appear to be romantically interested in Mike Wheeler? Have you guys noticed it?

As a result, it is clear that our strange star is gay, and it is admirable that he came out so bravely.

Even the Empire State Building congratulated him for coming out boldly in his tweet.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have shared Noah Schnapp’s dating details, and it is high time for people to give Noah Schnapp some personal space to figure things out rather than spreading dating rumors.

Because Noah is still a teen with a million dreams besides finding his true love!

The end!

What sweet message will you send to Noah Schnapp? Comment on it.

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