Are you guys great fans of American idol shows? Do you know who won Season 20 of American Idol?

Yes, our best signer, Noah Thompson!

His songs will be pure bliss to our ears, but not because they are major hit songs or because of his family’s and Walker’s heartwarming story.

Everyone was more interested in Noah’s wife after hearing so much about his son. But the truth is, Noah Thompson hasn’t married yet!

Then who is the mother of Walker, and who is the partner of Noah Thompson? To see the answers the readers have, read the full article.

Who is Noah Thompson?

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source: Instagram

Noah Thompson is the winner of American Idol season 20, and his winning moment happened on May 22, 2022.

Noah’s victory is a much-celebrated one because he was a construction worker who has more passion for music, which helped him achieve more milestones.

His victory over Noah’s enemies spread throughout the world. but his son Walker is also trending on the internet along with him.

Walker was thus born to,

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon

Thus, Angel Dixon is Noah’s partner.

Who is Noah Thompson Wife?

Noah Thompson-
source: Instagram

Noah Thompson hasn’t married yet, but he has been dating an Angel Dixon since 2018, and Dixon was Noah’s childhood sweetheart.

And she has been Noah’s pillar of support.

Rumors are debunked by Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon.

While the American Idol shows were wrapping up, rumors circulated on the internet that Noah and Angel had broken up because they had unfollowed each other on Instagram at the time.

Unfollowing each other is the new way of announcing their breakup in the modern digital world.

Angel also described her dark life on Instagram with a cryptic caption: “flowers born from dark moments.”

What are the “dark moments” of her life referring to? For this answer, only the angels have to convey it to us.

The main focus of these rumours is Noah’s relationship with the American idol runner-hunter girl; they appear to be very close and used to share many pictures.

As a result, there has been speculation about their relationship, with rumours that Hunter and Noah Thompson are dating spreading.

But both of them explained that they were just good friends and that they were not dating.

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon will now dispel rumours because they lack absolute truth.

Angel Dixon used to share Noah’s pictures with Walker sometimes. So there are chances that they may reunite after some friction.

Age and Family Details of Angel Dixon

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source: Instagram

Angel Dixon was born in 2001 in Kentucky; thus, Noah Thompson’s girlfriend is 22 as of 2023.

Noah and Angel studied at the same school, Lawrence High School, in Louisiana.

And her father is a police officer, and there are no details about her mother.

After graduating from high school, Angel went to the university to pursue her college degree.

But Noah started working as a construction worker because he has a family to take care of.

because Walker was born during that time.

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Interesting Facts about Noah Thompson

  • Noah Thompson was born on April 18, 2002, in Huntington, West Virginia, USA.
  • Since childhood, Noah has had a great passion for music, so he opened a YouTube channel to expose his singing talents. He used to sing the cover songs of famous songs.
  • Noah Thompson has also released his original songs like “Make You Rich,” “Stay, One Day Tonight,” etc., and his song “One Day Tonight” is one of the famous songs that occupy the US peak chart position.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed Noah Thompson and his girlfriend, Angel Dixon. Many rumors are emerging about that couple, but we hope that love will reunite them.

And we may expect future marriage updates from them if everything goes well.

Thank you!

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