Kortney and Dave Wilson, renowned for their captivating transformations on “Masters of Flip,” parted ways in 2019. Beyond the cameras and renovations, let’s delve into the individual chapters of their lives post-divorce.

In addition, they explore the uncharted territories of their careers and personal narratives in the aftermath of their shared television success.

Who are Kortney and Dave Wilson?

Kortney and Dave Wilson are a Canadian couple known for their involvement in the home renovation and real estate industry.

They gained widespread recognition as the stars of the television show “Masters of Flip,” which aired on HGTV.

In addition, The series showcased the couple’s talent for purchasing dilapidated homes, renovating them, and then selling them for a profit.

The dynamic between Kortney’s design expertise and Dave’s construction skills made them a popular duo among viewers.

What Happened to Kortney and Dave?

Kortney and Dave Wilson celebrated for their real estate prowess and captivating on-screen chemistry, stunned fans in December 2019 with news of their divorce after nearly 18 years of marriage.

Following this unexpected split, their professional trajectories diverged. The show that propelled them into the limelight, “Masters of Flip,” faced an abrupt end in 2018 after its fourth season.

Undeterred, Kortney and Dave embarked on a new venture “Making it Home with Kortney and Dave,” but alas, this series concluded in tandem with their marital separation.

Furthermore, Post-divorce, Kortney found love anew, revealing her engagement to Ryan Velling in March 2022, culminating in their marriage in 2023.

Moreover, As the curtain fell on one chapter, the couple’s individual journeys unfolded, navigating the complexities of both personal and professional landscapes.

Are Kortney and Dave Wilson Back Together in 2023?

Kortney and Dave Image

Kortney and Dave Wilson have reconciled or reunited, As of 2023 there have been no reports indicating their reunion.

Also, the information available suggests that they have indeed separated and are each pursuing separate paths in their personal lives.

Moreover, Kortney announced her engagement to Ryan Velling in March 2022 and subsequently got married in 2023.

In contrast, Dave has maintained a private stance regarding his romantic life on social media, focusing on sharing content related to his home improvement projects.

Why did Kortney and Dave Divorce?

Kortney and Dave Wilson announced their official separation and took divorce in December 2019 but the exact reason behind their divorce remains undisclosed.

Moreover, the couple opted not to detail the intricacies in their public statement.

Their journey, documented through TV shows and public statements, witnessed significant evolution.

Meeting during pursuits of music careers, they transitioned to life in Nashville, where despite music aspirations not materializing, real estate success and TV fame unfolded through “Masters of Flip.”

However, The shift to a newfound professional trajectory, coupled with the pressures of public life and potential personal differences, likely contributed to marital challenges.

While the couple chose not to delve into specifics, their separation announcement emphasized enduring love and mutual respect, signifying a shared commitment to navigating a new path forward amidst life’s complexities.

Kortney Wilson’s New Boyfriend

kortney Wilson New Boyfriend Image

Kortney Wilson delighted her fans On 18 August 18 2021, with the revelation of her romance with non-celebrity boyfriend Ryan Vella on Instagram.

Moreover, The couple’s summer escapades beneath the Ohio sky painted a picture of newfound happiness.

Despite Ryan’s lack of Instagram presence, Kortney shared their blissful moments online.

While some sources peg Ryan as a race car driver, his connection to the automobile industry remains unconfirmed. Their love story unfolded on Match.com.

Thus, where Kortney, using a pseudonym, discovered Ryan among 200 messages.

Their initial online connection blossomed into real-life adventures, including a trip during the challenges of the Covid era.

Kortney and Dave Wilson Kids?

Dave and Kortney Kids Image

Kortney and Dave, who married in 2001, expanded their family with the birth of two sons, Jett and Sullivan “Sully.”

After experiencing the joys of raising their biological children, the couple chose to grow their family through adoption, welcoming their daughter, Lennox, in 2009, completing their heartfelt journey of parenthood.

Is Dave Wilson in a Relationship?

Dave Wilson is potentially single post-divorce from Kortney as of 2023.

He appears to prioritize his role as a parent and focuses on managing his professional life, showing no apparent interest in pursuing new relationships.

While details about his personal life remain private, Dave seems dedicated to caring for his children and navigating his journey as a solo entity, balancing family and career responsibilities.

Kortney and Dave Wilson Now

Kortney and Dave Wilson embarked on divergent paths within the realm of real estate and home improvement after their divorce.

In addition, Kortney, navigating life after “Masters of Flip,” embraced a new chapter in her personal life.

Moreover, In December 2021, she candidly revealed her foray into the dating world through Match.com, leading her to Ryan Velling.

However, Their connection deepened, resulting in an engagement in March 2022 and a joyous wedding in 2023.

Active on social media, Kortney generously shares snapshots and updates, offering glimpses into the happiness that marks this fresh journey alongside her newfound partner, Ryan.

Final Thought

In the aftermath of “Masters of Flip” stars Kortney and Dave Wilson’s 2019 divorce, their lives took separate turns.

Kortney found love and wed Ryan Velling, while Dave maintains a private life focused on parenting and home improvement projects.

As we reflect on their journeys, share your thoughts and queries in the comments below. Wishing everyone a thoughtful Thanksgiving!

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