Have you guys ever loved to listen to American rap songs? Is YNW BSlime your favorite rapper?

If so, you’ll enjoy this article, but we’ll see some snippets about what happened to Ynw Bslime’s brother, Ynw Melly.

Yes, he was arrested on murder charges for killing his own YNW crew, but no one knows the real truth, and recently, YNW Bslime shared his brother’s statement on how he was mistreated in prison.

That post went viral, and the spotlight turned towards Bslime and Melly. However, in this article, we will only discuss the specifics of YNW Bslime

YNW BSlime Profile Summary
NameYNW BSlime
Birth Date10 April 2007
Birth PlaceGifford, Florida, USA
Age16 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'4''
Centimeter: 162cm
Meter: 1.62m
WeightKilograms: 55kg
Pounds: 121Lbs
Net Worth300,000 USD
Marital StatusSingle

Who is YNW Bslime?

YNW Bslime-image
source: Instagram

YNW Bslime is an American rapper who sings hip hop, trap, and R&B songs. He rose to prominence after releasing his songs Hot Sauce, Baby Goat, and Valenslime.

And YNW Bslime’s real name is Brandon Hunter King.

He began his journey at 12, but everyone knew Brandon was given the opportunity because of his brother’s YNW Melly influence.

But to some extent, even that is true because his brother helped him reach the musical world easily.

But no one can decide the people by mere nepotism; thus, our YNW boy proved that he is a skilled rapper, just like his brother.

And within a few song releases, people understood that YNW Bslime is a talented rapper.

YNW Bslime Age

YNW BSlime, the talented rapper, is 16 years old as of 2023, born on April 10, 2007. Hailing from Florida, he gained recognition in the music industry at a remarkably young age.

Early Childhood Life of YNW Bslime

YNW Bslime was born on April 10, 2007, in Gifford, Florida, USA, making him only 16 years old in 2023. He belongs to the American ethnicity. He was born under the zodiac sign of Aries.

He didn’t know anything about his father, and his mother raised him as a single mother.

However, it seems like her mother might have had a bitter relationship with Brandon’s father; thus, she might have decided to hide the information about their father.

Slime’s mother had his brother Melly when she was only 14 years old. She was just an eighth-grade student, but she welcomed her son.

Melly was the first son, then YNW Bslime was born, and next comes to the youngest sister. Bslime and his family have faced severe financial difficulties since childhood because she is the family’s sole breadwinner and must care for her three children.

Thus, YNW Bslime’s childhood was indeed not a fruitful one.

How did YNW Bslime Get Interested in Music?

Slime is from a low-income family, so he knows the value of each penny, and he is an avid lover of video games, so he has to pay for the gaming center to play Fortnite.

But Slime doesn’t have the money, so he asks his brother kindly. Melly would offer him the money, but only if Billy assisted him in recording the song; Slime would say a big yes before being dragged to the recording studio to record his songs.

Since then, the recording studio has become one of his homes, and he has learned every nuance of rapping from his brother.

YNW Bslime Career

YNW Bslime
source: Instagram

YNW Bslime began his career in the year 2019, Bslime attended the Rolling Loud Miami Festival, where the young rapper Yung Bans asked him to sing his brother’s song “Murder on My Mind.”

Everyone liked his performance, and that energy boosted him to pursue a career in the singing industry. Then, in the same year, YNW Bslime released his debut song, “Hot Sauce,” produced by DJ Choose, and nearly reached a million views.

Then he released his baby slime freestyle audio, which had low beats. Then he released “Slime Emotions,” which became a smash hit. That song helped him prove his talents to the people.

In 2019, he released many songs, including Stop Play, Melly Tribute, Homework, Wipe Your Eyes, Anti, Halo, Wait a Minute, and Like That.

Gucci Belt and I Just Want You were two of the decade’s biggest hits. Then the brother duo decided to release a song, and YNW Melly and YNW Bslime combined for the song “Dying for You.”

As two rockstars combined, it was a visual treat for their fans.

YNW Bslime Songs

  • Going through some things
  • Keep trying
  • Free Melly
  • Don’t kill my vibe.
  • Cocoa puffs
  • Pocket watchin
  • No Kizzy
  • Fair enough
  • The mob
  • Valenslime
  • Call back
  • Citi trends
  • OTW
  • need you
  • Nightmares
  • One step
  • Just wait
  • Love you
  • Freestyle
  • Wait a minute

The remaining songs were released in 2019; we discussed them in the previous section.

YNW Bslime Brother and his Murder Charges

YNW Bslime-images
source: Instagram

YNW Bslime’s brother, YNW Melly, is one of the best American rappers, and he is way more popular than Bslime, but presently he is in jail for premeditated first-degree murder for murdering his crew member.

Everyone is developing their own stories, but here is what happened.

Melly was arrested on October 18, 2018, for his involvement in the shooting deaths of two YNW associates described as his close friends, rappers YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It seems like they just joined hands with Corten Henry, but no one knows the real motive behind the killing of two YNW members.

Melly, too, expressed his sorrow over their deaths. He initially fought the murder charge, claiming that police officers were mistreating and assaulting him, but later turned himself in.

Some people believe Melly is not a real murderer, while others believe he is. Only God knows for sure, but Melly is currently not receiving capital punishment.

What is YNW Bslime’s Net Worth?

YNW Bslime’s net worth is estimated at about $2 million USD. He is an emerging star; he has around 981 K subscribers on his YouTube channel and 1.2 million followers on his Instagram profile.

Thus, he will get a monthly salary from these social media platforms.

And he will also get his pay from the audio streaming services.

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YNW Bslime Personal Life

YNW Bslime is currently single at the age of 15, and it is the time of year when dopamine levels are at their peak, so we must wait for relationship updates.

However, his entire family is suffering due to Melly’s murder charges; in the beginning, some legal experts predicted that Melly would face the death penalty, but this has not occurred.

Still, we hope YNW isn’t in the mood to fall in love with a girl.

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YNW Bslime Age and Height

YNW is 16 years old, and he is very thin. However, he has been working hard on his fitness. Thus, we will see his large, muscular body in a few months.

His height measurements are 5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm or 1.62 meters, and he weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs. And YNW Slime is growing his hair like his brother, and he has black pupils in his eyes.

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