Blind Fury (born on 10 October 1984) is a famous American hip-hop recording artist and MC battle rapper, his real name is Stephen Norris. He is well-known for his freestyle skills and stage presence.

He first rose to prominence after he appeared on MTV’s live Rocafella MC battle in 2003. Let’s read his biography to know his age, wiki, net worth, wife, where he is now, and a lot more things.

Who is Rapper Blind Fury?

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Blind Fury born Stephen Norris is a renowned American MC battle rapper and hip-hop recording artist. He came into the limelight after he appeared on the live Rocafella MC battle on MTV in 2003.

He couldn’t see since he was born and had some problems with his body when he was born. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in music. He worked really hard and became successful.

Now, Fury is a well-known rapper from South Carolina. People love him and eagerly wait for his music albums. This is a great example of what success is and how it can be achieved.

Let’s learn more about his life story in his biography.

Early Life of Blind Fury

Blind Fury was born on 10 October 1984 in Camden, South Carolina, United States to his mysterious parents. He has not revealed anything about his past life, including his parents and siblings.

It seems like Fury is a very secretive person and doesn’t like to disclose his personal life in front of the media. He had the most difficult life we have seen ever.

Blind Fury Age

Blind Fury is currently 39 years old as of the year 2023 as he was born in October 1984. Since his birth, he was blind and had other physical issues with him.

However, even though he is at this age, he looks like a charming man when he stands with his black glasses.

Blind Fury Health Issues

Fury was born with several defects, including Spina-Bifida, a spine defect which means he was not only blind but born without the eyeball. This meant that he had not even the chance of a transplant.

Additionally, he had clubbed feet, and therefore he had to undergo numerous surgeries for his afflictions growing up. In his childhood, it was said that he would become a burden on his mother, as he was not able to see anything.

Looking at this, his mother was considering giving him up because she wasn’t confident that she could handle him or not.

But a great thanks to Dr. Thomas Joseph who guided his mother nicely and made her believe that Fury would be treated specially by the doctor at every stage.

Blind Fury Initial Career

In the beginning, Blind Fury spent a lot of time in hospitals and with doctors. When he was only 2 months old, he had an operation on his back to fix a problem.

He had more surgeries later to remove tumors from his spine. He didn’t start walking until he was 3 years old.

His mom was a big support for him. She always told him to never say “I can’t,” but to try.

He faced more health issues as he got older because of his birth defects. Still, he didn’t let his problems bring him down. He tried to do all the things that other kids do.

Fury started learning music when he was very young. Since he couldn’t walk by himself, he focused on music. Even though it was really tough, he didn’t give up. He became incredibly successful despite the challenges he faced.

While growing up, both Fury and his single mother faced criticism from people around them because of his disability.

But his mom always supported him and motivated him with all her heart. Her encouragement gave him the strength to keep working hard for himself and his mom, who was going through a tough time.

Rise to Stardom

blind fury rapper

Blind Fury started liking music and made up rhymes in his head. He needed a guide, and he found some mentors who helped him.

He went to a local club in South California to show his talent. DJ Mellow (Travis Jiles) noticed him there.

Mellow told his friends DJ Spice and Darell Jones about Fury and his talent.

These three friends started a company called 3 Wisemen Entertaining. They brought Fury into their company and he practiced in the studio. He did really well and people loved his performances.

He released Mixtapes like Street Leaks, Vol. 1 & 2, Return of Fury Friday, and Do You See What I Hear.

Fury also released many tracks and became very successful. He was respected as a great Hip-Hop star who inspired millions.

Big artists like Ghostface Killah, Ludacris, Killer Mike, and Jadakiss praised him and showed him respect.

Blind Fury Wife

Blind Fury is currently unmarried and thus he has no wife as of 2023. Still, a lot of his fans are curious to know about his relationships and girlfriends.

But sad to inform you that Blind Fury is currently focused on his rapping career and avoiding being in a relationship.

He knows how hard it was for him to achieve this spot. And that’s why he will never do anything that can even divert his focus for a second.

Blind Fury is known for being very kind and truthful. He helps and meets everyone, whether they’re famous or regular people.

He’s active on social media with over 216 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 626 thousand followers on Facebook.

Blind Fury Net Worth

Blind Fury has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of the year 2023. He has made this huge wealth through his rapping career so far.

Aside from that, he has other earning sources, including brand promotions and sponsorships. Being a rapper, he has the potential to make a huge amount of money in a very short time.

In fact, he has collaborated with various song-producing companies.

Back in last year, his total wealth was somewhere around $1.5 million. But now, that same wealth has turned to $2 million this year and he is enjoying his life.

This means that the annual salary of Blind Fury is approximately $500,000 USD as of the year 2023.

Facts About Blind Fury

  • Blind Fury, born on Oct 10, 1984, is a famous American hip-hop artist and rapper.
  • He’s known for his freestyle skills and stage presence.
  • He gained fame from MTV’s Rocafella MC battle in 2003.
  • Born blind, he faced health issues but worked hard for success.
  • Blind Fury is a rapper from South Carolina with many fans.
  • He keeps his personal life private and mysterious.
  • As of 2023, he’s 39 years old and looks cool with black glasses.
  • He was born with Spina-Bifida and other physical challenges.
  • Despite surgeries and difficulties, he pursued music.
  • His net worth is around $2 million from rapping and collaborations.

Final Thought

Blind Fury is an incredible inspiration for everyone. He faced a tough childhood and many challenges, but he didn’t let his problems bring him down.

Instead, he used his determination and bravery to show the world his abilities.

Fury’s story is amazing and he’ll always be loved by his fans. I hope you found his biography inspiring and learned something from it.

Feel free to share your thoughts about him and his story.

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