Ana Carolina Chaves is a “Tik Toker,” an Instagram star, and a successful YouTuber, Her skills and Brazilian face helped her reach a wider audience.

On this page, we will read Carol Chaves’s biography, wiki, age, height, weight, boyfriend, parents, videos, education, and net worth.

Carol Chaves Profile Summary
NameCarol Chaves
Birth Date16 August 1999
Birth PlaceMinas Gerais, Brazil
Age24 Years Old
Net Worth$0.25 Million
ProfessionTik Toker, You Tuber
MotherAna Luiza Lanna Chaves
SiblingRyan Chaves
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Carol Chaves?

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source: Instagram

Ana Carolina Chaves is the “Tik Toker,” an Instagram star, and a successful YouTuber. Her hard work and innovative thinking helped her acquire more than 2 million followers through the TikTok application.

In TikTok, she used to do lip-syncing videos, comedic videos, and dancing videos. Her skills and Brazilian face helped her reach a wider audience.

Carol is more consistent with her work, and her sincerity toward her fans is highly appreciated.

Then she slowly laid out her efforts, increasing her horizons to include Instagram and YouTube.

Even on YouTube, she used to post trending videos like pranks, confessions to friends, etc., which naturally piqued the viewers’ curiosity.

Thus, she is also a successful YouTuber.

Now Carol has become part of the social media family called “Schnacky Farm,” which is a group exclusively for the most popular and successful social media influencers.

Our Carol has got the opportunity to enter that group.

Early Life of Carol Chaves

Carol Chaves was born on August 16, 1999, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Her parents’ names are Reginaldo and Ana Luiza Lanna Chaves.

Carol was the pampered child in the Chaves family. At the age of 13, her parents relocated to Orlando, Florida.

She was born under the astrological sign of Leo, and the personal traits of Leo people are generosity, kindness, creativity, and ambition.

We can see her ambitious and creative sides in her artistic works. But we are not support any zodiac theories, but it feels good when the universe sets some personality traits, for we live by its virtues and findings.

Carol Chaves’ ethnic roots are in Brazil and Poland, and she learned many languages like English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

And Carol has a sibling named Ryan Chaves. Carol Chaves is an ardent believer in Christianity, as we can see in her Instagram bio, and she describes herself as “a child of God.”

We don’t have any details about her educational qualifications or her parents’ business details.

We are sorry for not disclosing such essential details. In due time, this section will be updated with the required information.

Carol Chaves Career

carol chaves
source: Instagram

Carol Chaves started her career in the TikTok application, and she posts videos in many genres like dancing, comedy, POV, and lip-synching.

She gained nearly 2.3 million followers and received 86 million “likes” in the TikTok application alone.

Then she opened her YouTube channel in 2013, but Carol has been active for the past two years, and within two years, she managed to get her account verified.

Her prank videos, flirting with her crush and best friend, challenges, and truth-or-dare videos reached a global audience and received millions of views.

Carol Chaves’ videos are more engaging and fun to watch, and all of her videos are a powerful package of entertainment.

The way she connects with her audience and presents her videos shows her skills in developing her social media image.

Carol Chaves Social Media Accounts

Here in this section, we have the list of the social media accounts of Carol and her followers details up to August 7, 2023.

  • Instagram: She has around 292K Followers. Carol’s Instagram ID is @itscarolchaves, and Carol has posted 245 posts till now.
  • YouTube: Her channel is Carol Chaves, and it has 552K subscribers.
  • Twitter: Carol has around 4052 followers, and her Twitter handle is @itscarolchaves. The name of her account is unique. Want to know? That is the care and a teddy bear!
  • Amazon:  Carol has created an account on Amazon to create her wish list of products for her fans.

Carol Chaves Net Worth

Carol Chaves’ estimated net worth is around $0.25 million. She actively promotes brands like Romwe, Discovery Cove, Beginning Boutique, etc.

Along with these brand promotions, she used to sell her apparel like her fellow social media influencers.

In her YouTube videos, she will reveal some discount codes for some emerging small businesses. All her efforts get added up to produce a wholesome net worth value.

Carol Chaves Surgery

According to legit online sources, Carol Chaves suffered from insecurities about her body. Thus, Carol wasn’t confident about her body.

Especially she had big breasts, so she decided to have breast reduction surgery on October 20, 2021. We weren’t able to retrieve many details about the surgery.

But after the completion of the surgery, Carol shared that she was feeling very confident with her body.

Carol faced some trolls and critics for her surgery, but that was her decision, and others can’t understand the pain one is going through.

But she bravely handled all the circumstances and continued to shine in her life. Isn’t character more important than one’s body?

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Carol Chaves Personal Life

Carol Chaves is not dating anyone currently, but she has a crush on a member of the Schnacky Farm, Mr. Colby Schnacky.

Colby and Carol are very famous among their fans, and Colby is also a famous social media influencer.

We can see many videos on the Carol channel where Colby is featured. From the videos, Colby seems to be an excellent friend of Carol, and he knows lots of things about her.

Thus, Colby is emerging as the perfect crush material for many girls, including our Carol Chaves.

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Carol Chaves Physical Appearance

Carol Chaves has the most alluring body. She doesn’t have a skeleton-skinny body structure moreover she is a physically fit person with a weight of around 56 kg and a height of 164 cm.

She does maintain a healthy body by doing regular exercise. Her brown hair matches her brown eyes, which makes her look more attractive and charming.

Facts About Carol Chaves

  • Carol Chaves is a TikToker, Instagram star, and YouTuber known for her entertaining and engaging content.
  • She has gained over 2 million followers on TikTok, where she creates various types of videos, including dancing, comedy, POV, and lip-synching.
  • Carol Chaves was born on August 16, 1999, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and her parents are named Reginaldo and Ana Luiza Lanna Chaves.
  • She comes from a diverse ethnic background with roots in Brazil and Poland and is multilingual, speaking English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Carol Chaves started her YouTube channel in 2013 but gained significant popularity in the past two years with prank videos, challenges, and truth-or-dare content.
  • She is part of the social media influencer group called “Schnacky Farm.”
  • Carol Chaves’ net worth is estimated to be around $0.25 million, and she promotes various brands and sells her apparel.
  • Carol underwent breast reduction surgery in October 2021 to address her body insecurities, which she openly discussed on her social media.
  • She has a crush on Colby Schnacky, a fellow member of Schnacky Farm, but is not currently dating anyone.
  • Carol Chaves maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and has a height of 164 cm and a weight of approximately 56 kg.

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