Have you guys watched the Bureau of Magical Things series? Do you like the character Orla? It was played by actress Melanie Zanetti.

Melanie is a talented actress who has wowed a broad audience with her acting and voice.

Presently, her animated series “Bluey” is reaching the hearts of many people, and her popularity is increasing day by day. In this article, we are going to discuss her biography interestingly.

Who is Melanie Zanetti?

Melanie Zanetti-
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Melanie Zanetti is a famous Australian actress and a popular voiceover artist; recently, her performance in The Raven’s Hollow has received good feedback worldwide.

Moreover, Melanie is known for her acting skills in entertainment projects like Love & Monster, and Gabriel’s Rupture sequel movies.

Her performance in The Gabriels Rupture as Julia Mitchell has always had a remarkable fan base, even the Gabriels Rupture pair—Julia and Gabriel—is the most celebrated couple in the movie industry.

As a result, the Gabriel saga was released in six parts, with Melanie playing the heroine in each of them.

She had many projects lined up for her as a voiceover artist. The Bluey animated series has been airing since 2018 and is among the most popular.

Melanie is the voice artist for the “Mum” character.

Early Childhood Life of Melanie Zanetti

Melanie Zanetti was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 20, 1985. During her childhood, Melanie suffered from dyslexia (difficulty in reading letters).

But Zanetti’s family members stood by her as a pillar of support and encouraged her to finish her studies.

Melanie finished high school in her hometown and has had a strong interest in acting since childhood, which she decided to pursue as a career.

Thus, she completed her graduation from the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Southern Queensland.

There is no exact information about her parents’ details; Melanie is a private person. She does not like to enclose her personal details in media outlets, and we couldn’t see her family’s updates on her Instagram account.

But in 2020, Melanie celebrated Australian Father’s Day by posting her father’s image to Instagram, though she didn’t include his name in that post.

Melanie has a younger sister named Elisabetta. The sister pair has a close relationship.

Thus, Melanie’s early childhood days were filled with love and inspiration. Furthermore, she will update this section with her parents’ details shortly without fail.

Career of Melanie Zanetti

Melanie Zanetti
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Melanie Zanetti started her career as a stage artist. Melanie has had the opportunity to showcase her acting skills as a theatre artist since she completed her graduation in the arts.

She performed in prestigious institutions like the USQ Performance Center and played the famous plays The Lady’s Not for Buring, Macbeth, Emma, It’s Time, Black Box Shakespeare, and many more exciting plays.

In 2008, Melanie got the role in the television series “The Strip,” where she appeared in only one episode as “Zoe de Luca.”

Meanwhile, Melanie has become entangled in numerous theoretical performances. Even after entering the film industry, she continued to play in her theoretical programs.

In 2013, Melanie also started to shine as a movie star; she acted in the movies “Tracks” and “The Battle of the Damned.”

Then she acted in many short series, like Alpha, The Creeper, and Post Mortem Mary.

In 2017, the world recognized her as a voiceover artist because of her podcast series, “Six Cold Feet.”

After a year, Melanie got the lead role in the television series “The Bureau of Magical Things,” where she played the character of Carla and appeared for 12 episodes.

Melanie was cast as the lead actress alongside Giulio Berruti in the sequel film “Gabriel Rupture” in 2020, and the role was a watershed moment in Melanie’s life.

Her romance with the lead hero gathered a million followers for her. And the film was released in six parts.

Presently, Melanie acted in the movie Raven’s Hollow, the contents, etc.

Melanie Zanetti Movies and TV Shows

Here is the list of Melanie’s projects, from earlier to more recent ones.

  • The Strip
  • Fortune Faded
  • East of Everywhere
  • Ribbons
  • Mayhem And the Overlord of The Underground
  • Tracks
  • Battle of the Damned
  • Talking Back at Thunder
  • Rolling Stoned
  • The Leisure Class
  • The Family Law
  • The Bureau of Magical Things
  • Tideland
  • The End
  • Love And Monsters
  • Gabriel Inferno (Parts 1, 2, And 3).
  • Gabriel’s Rupture (Parts 1, 2, And 3).
  • Miss Underwater
  • Raven’s Hollow
  • The Contents

Melanie Zanetti Net Worth

Melanie Zanetti’s net worth is expected to be around $4 million in 2022, but if we look at her net worth in 2020, it was 100,000 USD.

In these two years, Melanie managed to earn lots of money. And presently, she is getting more recognition as an actress, a voiceover artist, and a social media influencer.

Melanie Zanetti’s Instagram ID is @melaniezanetti, and she has around 106K followers; moreover, she will get brand endorsements and collaborations, which in turn will help her earn more money.

Her yearly salary will range between 45,000 and 55,000 USD.

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Melanie Zanetti Personal Life

Melanie Zanetti is dating a businessman named Sacha Baronoff; they have been dating for more than six years.

Sacha is a great Austrian businessman, but there needs to be detailed information about their dating history.

Melanie was rumored to be the girlfriend of Gabriel Rupture co-star Giulio Berruti before dating Sacha Baronoff.

Their on-screen and off-screen chemistry made everyone speculate about their relationships. But for many years, those rumors remained just that.

Melanie has confirmed her relationship with Sacha, but no official updates on her wedding. We still have to wait for their wedding bells to ring.

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Melanie Zanetti Physical Appearance

Melanie Zanetti stands approximately 165 cm (1.65 m) tall, or 5.5 inches tall, and weighs approximately 50 kg (110 lbs).

She has a cute and charming appearance, thus capturing the hearts of many men.

Her black and brown hair color and black pupil help to enhance her facial beauty.

The Gabriel star discussion has come to an end.

Do you have any interesting Melanie facts to share? The comment section is all yours.

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