Do you remember Al Roker, the Weather Forecasting meteorologist, and television personality? Do you also wait for his weather forecast program to know about the daily weather and plan your trips accordingly?

If yes, those were the “golden old days,” right? Nowadays, we get all the weather forecasts on our smartphones.

Technology has evolved, but not the human generation and their medical diseases. Wondering what we’re talking about? It is all about AL Roker’s son Nicholas!

AL Roker’s one and only son has a disability, and he is winning hearts on the internet because of his kind nature.

But what happened to him? To know the answer, please read the whole article.

Al Roker Son Disability

Roker son
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Al Roker is one of the most influential people in the United States. He is a weather forecaster, television personality, journalist, and book author.

He used to do live commentaries, host game shows, food shows, etc.

In 2018, AL Roker openly shared one of the most personal things with his viewers.

And that is,

Roker’s son Nicholas Albert Roker is somewhere on the spectrum and may be obsessive-compulsive, which means he has autism.

The whole family started pouring all their affection and care into curing Nick.

They started the treatments for Nick when he was just 3 years old.

Because his OCD disorder deteriorated his health, he had trouble walking, talking, and moving.

All thanks to Al Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts, Nick has battled all his medical issues and become a successful and confident man.

He still has autism, but his parents have made him a stronger man.

Nicholas has now started taking chess classes for kids and is a great taekwondo competitor. Isn’t it an amazing improvement?

We want to share the emotions and feelings of Al Roker regarding his son Nick’s disability.

“On Sundays, when I was feeling really down about Nick, I wondered where our son would find his place in this world.”

This is the most common reaction from a father. Dad can be a very influential person who has even met the American president a dozen times.

But down the line, Al Roker will be the father of a 21-year-old autistic kid.

Who is Al Roker’s Autistic Son?

Roker son
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AI Roker’s Autistic son is Nicholas Albert Roker.

In an interview, Roker shared that Nick has changed his personality because autistic kids need a patient person to handle them.

As a result, Al Roker has matured into a more patient individual.

Furthermore, we would like to express the exact feelings of a father with an autistic child.

“Do I get frustrated with my son sometimes?” You bet. But then I remembered my dad and how understanding he was.

And Deborah reminds me that I must show my son that I love him and that I like him as well. “More than that, I admire him.”

These are just a few examples of how Al Roker is a wonderful father to his son Nick. And we should also appreciate his honest answers because sometimes it is hard for parents to take care of their autistic kids.

And even Al Roker experienced it. Thus, it shows the true reality rather than sugarcoating the parenting style.

What Happened to Al Roker Son?

Al Roker’s son, Nick, is doing great; he has grown up as a tall, confident teenager.

And this year, Nick will attend university, leaving his family home.

Yes, Nick has learned to do these things independently.

How Tall is Al Rokers Son?

Nicholas Albert Roker has grown up healthy and is now taller than his father.

He is tall, about 5 feet 9 inches.

How many of Al Roker’s Children are Adopted?

Roker son-
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To reveal the answer, readers must know about the family details of AL Rokers.

In 1984, Al Roker married WNBC producer Alice Bell. And the couple decided to adopt a baby girl in 1987. And the adopted daughter’s name is Courtney.

But later, Roker and Alice got divorced. Then, in 1995, Al Roker married TV journalist Deborah Roberts.

Then they welcomed their first biological daughter, Leila, in 1998, and their second son, Nicholas, in 2002.

Most people assumed Nicholas was Al Roker’s adopted child, but this is not true.

Roker’s biological child is Nicholas.

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Bottom Line

We have reached the end of our article; Nick will be 21 years old as of 2023, and he is ready to study at the university independently.

Roker wants to thank Nick’s therapist, Lori Rothman, for helping him develop himself.

Now it is all over, but there is a happy ending for Nick and his father, Roker.

And we would like to share one parenting tip from Al Roker with all the parents out there.

“When given the opportunity, encouragement, and support, so many of us can exceed our wildest dreams.”

By the proud father of an autistic kid, Nick

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