Have you guys heard the news about the political commentator Dana Perino? Do you have the habit of watching her shows?

You might also truly love to read this interesting article of Dana’s. In this article, we are going to expose the romantic side of Dana Perino, which no one was aware of.

Thus, this article is all about Dana Perino’s husband and their mind-blowing romantic life story.

Let us get started with our discussion.

Who is Dana Perino Husband?

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Dana Perino’s husband is Peter McMahon who is a businessman and runs many successful companies, which we will look at in detail one by one.

His wife, Dana Perino is a well-known political commentator who served as President George W. Bush’s 26th White House Press Secretary from September 14, 2007, to January 20, 2009.

She rose to prominence while working for Fox News, where she co-hosted “The Five” talk show and co-hosted The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino.

Then she worked on America’s Newsroom programme with Bill Hemmer.

As a result, Dana Perino is the most well-known media celebrity.

Her career, however, shines brightly, as does her personal life.

Peter McMahon Age and Educational Background

Peter McMahon was born on July 6, 1964; thus, the age of Dana Perino’s husband is 59 as of 2023.

He was also born under the sign of Gemini.

Because he was born in London, England, he has British nationality. There wasn’t much information about his parents.

But since childhood, Peter has had a strong interest in running the business, which is why he picked a graduation degree in business administration.

Peter McMahon Career Details

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Peter McMahon Peter started her career as a supply chain director at Sainsbury’s. And he worked in northern England, Scotland, and Ireland for 8 years under this company.

Peter then joined Tesco in 2022 and, later, Walmart. In the Walmart company, Peter was the director of the supply chain in Walmart’s German office.

Then, in 2006, Peter became the chief executive officer of the food firm Loblaw Companies. Presently, he is the director, CEO, and president of the retail store Shopko in the USA.

Thus, his career is indeed a successful one. Now let’s see about his personal life.

Peter McMahon and Dana Perino Love Story

Peter and Dana first met on a jet plane in 1997, where they were seated next to each other.

And this was Peter’s first reaction to Dana.

“I was walking down the jetway behind this cute little blonde with her ponytail swinging, and I thought, I hope I sit beside her.”

And the universe heard his prayers, and, correctly, Dana sat next to him. And even Dana had some spark after seeing Peter.

Because Peter has a sexy British accent, Dana’s thoughts were, “OOh, he’s cute, he’s not wearing a wedding ring, and he has a British accent.”

Thus, Peter and Dana talked for hours on the plane, and Dana gave her contact information to Peter after they arrived at their destination.

But Dana is a professional woman, so she gave her a card with all her details, which contain her home number, office number, fax number, and email address. (So, everything!)

After ten days, Peter messaged Dana about how he felt about her and their feelings towards her.

Then started their love story—they spent lots and lots of money on international calls. because it is 1997!

There was no WhatsApp and no Instagram video calls, and nothing but their love kept them going while Dana was in the United States and Peter was in the United Kingdom.

Then, a few months later, Peter decided to meet Dana in New Orleans.

“I got to New Orleans on Friday evening, rushed to the hotel to freshen up, then went back to the airport and walked around like a teenager on his first date, waiting for Dana’s flight to arrive.”

Isn’t Peter putting forth his greatest efforts to see his girlfriend?

Then months rolled on, and the couple finally “said yes to each other.”

Peter McMahon and Dana Perino Marriage

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Dana Perino and Peter McMahon got married in 1998. The marriage happened in England, but years later, Peter shifted his business and family to the United States.

Peter McMahon has previously been married twice, and Dana Perino was his third wife. When they got married, Peter was 34 years old, and Dana was 26 years old.

And currently, there is no information about his previous wives.

How many Kids do Peter McMahon and Dana Perino have?

No, they don’t have any biological kids, but Peter has two kids from his previous relationships.

But both of them were ardent lovers of dogs, so they brought up a dog for many years and even named it “Jasper.”

But recently the dog died, and Dana Perino posted a RIP message for Jasper on her social media pages.

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What is the Net Worth of Peter McMahon?

Peter McMahon is a great businessman; thus, he earned a wholesome amount of 10 million dollars as of 2023.

Bottom Line

Dana used to share that Peter has always stood as a backbone for her successful career, and vice versa. Thus, their love and care for each other grew tremendously.

Peter McMahon is indeed the gifted husband of Dana Perino.

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